Tower Cluster Buster

Don’t know if anyone used the term already, but Tower Cluster Buster (TCB) is what I’m calling this gem.

On the left is the TCB it weighs in at about 5oz. (140gr.) as opposed to the 3oz. (84gr.) typical TB shown on right.

A friend suggested using this fruitcup for a mold
It worked out really great as they pop right out of the cup and easily re-usable. Also, this cup gives the TCB the enlarged shape of a 45ACP hollowpoint which I’m rather fond of.

This turned out to be a good way to use some of the oversized crystal points I had. I generally use the smaller ones in TBs. … 070901.jpg

And so the TCB was born.

I’ve wanted something maybe a little stronger to deal with multi-tower sites because it feels like they need a little extra love being all in a cluster and such.

An interesting side-note was that I had stacked up the cups on top of the CB and it seemed to draw in some rain clouds. If under the cloud you got wet.

Good job Al! I thought I was the only one that used lathe cuttings. Most of the time there so long and a tangled mess that one has to spend time cutting them up with diagnol cutters.


Oh you recognize the stuff eh? Yep, the local trade school is a great source. Just bring safety glasses and introduce yourself…

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