Train Gifting, Brussels

04 Aug 2008 13:30
Subject: Train Gifting, Brussels
Hi all,

Last day of my three-day gifting campaign. I had to pick up my son and girlfriend at the station in Brussels, and had planned on doing the NATO-HQ, but that will have to wait till another time, as I needed a bit of sleep, and they arrived earlier than I had expected. Nevertheless, lots of towers got gifted along the railway on the way there, head out of the window looking for the next one, and then swinging it into the bushes or on the tracks to invisibly mingle with the stones that lines the tracks. It felt a bit like a buffalo hunter in the Wild West, without the killing Smile

The train was empty in my compartment, which came in handy when I needed a bigger arm swing. Highlights were Antwerp center railroad tracks, and the local airport ‘Deurne’, which was particularly rewarding to gift. I then sat back, as I had to keep a few TB’s for ‘Brussels North’, one of the three main railway stations. This part of Brussels has been ‘upgraded’ with lots of new prestigious skyscrapers, forming an important landmark. The amount of symbolic statues, ‘art’ there is impressive, underlining its importance in free-masonic circles probably as well. On the rooftops, one big antenna, and lots more hidden behind artificial ‘upper floor screens’.


Given that Brussels is such an important city, it was very rewarding to see this ‘business’ area bathed in POR on the way back.
Thousands of people go to work there every day, and even more pass through, and they will now graciously be guided into ‘the light’ Smile

bye for now


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