'Trapwire' Have you heard of this?

Have you heard of this?

Carol and I watch DVDs while we do our assembly work and one of the series we buy each year is ‘Person of Interest,’ which is about a gov’t artificial intelligence computer that’s used to surveile literally everyone, using those ubiquitous cameras we’re seeing just about everywhere. The alleged purpose of the system is to ‘find terrorists’ before they commit crimes so that the feds can round them up. The show’s writers stop just short of saying, explicitly, that the gov’t itself is the only terrorist organization, of course.

We got a ROKU setup a couple of years ago, so now we can watch our series and more on Netflix, Amazon, etc., and it costs less than buying the DVDs. We never liked BluRay–it just seems creepy for some reason. I see that it’s failing to ‘take the market’ the way DVDs replaced videotapes, years ago. Maybe the ‘interactive’ element of BluRay is just a deeper level of NSA/corporate surveillance. Carol and I put tape over our computers’ cameras Cool

This morning, while stripping wire, I watched the documentary, ‘The Hacker Wars,’ which is about the imprisonment of non-criminal hackers. That’s how I learned about Trapwire, which is an NSA program (run by a corporation; ‘subcontractor,’ just like in Person of Interest) that surveiles EVERYONE in public through millions of cameras and runs it all from a nationally (read: ‘internationally’) based central location. I naturally assume this is another corporate/occult, artificial intelligence golem. Notice that the hackers who were railroaded into prison have gotten long-term, brutal treatment just like Aleksandr Sozhenitzn described in his book, The Gulag Archipelago. Aren’t federal prisons supposed to be like country clubs for white collar criminals? ;-) One of the innocents was released after a year, following a successful appeal (read: sufficient public outrage).

Right after the FBI agent, ‘Sabu,’ succeeded in inciting thousands of activists to ‘occupy Wall Street’ a nascent organized effort of skilled, anti-corporate/nazi hackers fell apart because Sabu ratted them all out. He had already been an FBI informant when he was making a name for himself but the good news is that, now, hackers of conscience seem to be more aware of the importance of not allowing centralized organization. When my daughter in New York first told me about Occupy in 2011 it didn’t smell right to me, so I didn’t promote it. So it was gratifying, today, to see that the FBI were behind the organization of that failed effort. Sabu tried to incite violence, by the way, and he failed. The Occupy protestors were brutalized by the New York Police Department, though. The media whores neglected to mention that.

Do you remember when the media started hyping ‘identity theft’ as a major public threat? If memory serves, it was right after the failure of Occupy Wall Street and the propaganda against hacktivists has been increasing since then. Since ‘identity theft’ was a minor problem before 2011 we can probably assume that a large crowd of Monarch-programmed hackers are being given access to people’s bank accounts, credit cards, etc., and encouraged to steal with impunity. I don’t recall ever hearing of anyone being prosecuted for identity theft, even though most of us, by now, have had to replace our ‘stolen’ credit cards and debit cards by now. It’s happened to me twice in the past year, both times while I was traveling and relying on the credit card. When a ‘thief’ steals your card and makes physical purchases several hundreds of miles apart in the same hour (in my case, Florida and Oklahoma), you can assume that one of the sewer rat agencies (FBI/NSA/CIA or any other face of the world’s largest criminal syndicate) is doing it.

Hacktivists have my full support and encouragement. It’s time to remove the parasite from the body politic that presumes to be the US/UK/Israel gov’t. Peking’s still-murderous regime is hopefully next in line. Then we’ll finally have world peace and world prosperity and, after that, I don’t think the Pajama People will even give a thought to the present police-state conditions in the world, sort of like how 99.9999% of the people in Los Angeles never noticed the almost complete absence of smog since 2002.

I should say that Monarch sociopathic drones are ‘allegedly’ being given personal financial access to millions of people because it’s impossible to document that claim, of course. Profiling works both ways, though Cool and this presumed NSA operation certainly fits the profile of a coordinated effort.

One of EW’s contributors is a corporate internet security contractor in my counry whose job is to keep the NSA out of the records of some high profile corporations. He’s the most aggressively hacked person I know but he hasn’t been harmed. If Americans weren’t an armed populace he’d the dead or in a Gulag, as would nearly all of us, including everyone who reads this forum’s postings. The ‘legislation’ that was generated on the eve of the federal destruction of the World Trade Center is the envy of dictators, everywhere. According to those laws, most of us, here, are felons.

'Homeland Security’s motto could be, ‘If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear.’ Joseph Goebbels coined that phrase. The Homeland Security logo is the SS eagle, by the way. After 1920, though, everyone who is born in America is ‘legally’ an enemy of the state so there isn’t anyone who doesn’t have something to hide. Privacy is illegal, for instance, so if you want privacy you’re ‘trying to hide.’

The only reason that the nazis in power can’t enforce all of this horrific ‘legislation’ is that the criminal syndicate are afraid of the armed populace, even though 99.999% of us are Pajama People, eager to remain unaccountable. Ironic.

Meanwhile, judging by how the NSA and other corporate whores created the massive ‘identity theft’ scam on account of the near-success of a few hacktivists in 2011 to expose these agencies’ criminality it obiously doesn’t take a lot of people to bring this horror to account.

Carlos pointed out to me in email that the NSA/CIA are probably encouraging hacktivists and giving them a long leash in order to justify more oppressive measures and I stand corrected. I got a little carried away, sorry Cool

Maybe all we need to focus on is exposing the criminal syndicate that presume to govern us. Frode in Norway suggested (also in email) that focusing on the massive-scale crimes against children that this corporate/occult syndicate commit every day might be the most productive route to exposing them. It’s also one of their most closely guarded secrets, of course. The copious material about that on whale.to seems legitimate to me, assuming one isn’t willing to dig into the history of this organization. Slaughtering children has got to be the ultimate crime, after all, and that activity seems to be the foundation of this ancient oligarchy–perhaps all the way back to Babylon.

Meanwhile, true whistleblowers have the power to expose these criminals most effectively and I believe it’s getting safer for them to do it. Phil Schneider’s material is priceless and he was murdered in 97 for telling about the underground bases. Julian Assange remains out of reach of the sewer rats but gave up his freedom. I enjoyed the photo of him and Ai Wei Wei, taken at the Ecuadorian embassy in London, not long ago. Carlos pointed out that Aaron Swartz was murdered during the course of his trial. To me, that means that the NSA are no longer easily able to railroad innocents into the Gulag, any more.

The disintegration of the worn-out ‘terrorist’ meme might also be a fast track to freedom and prosperity for our species. Maybe there are lots of paths to that goal. I imagine we’ll find out before long Wink

I thought those early posts were informative too, though. Like the story of the Occupy movement being detonated from within by the FBI spook ‘Sabu’ (and there were likely more). That’s exactly the type of game they try to play: co-opt genuine grassroots movements who can challenge them and then eventually destroy them. That’s why informal efforts like the orgonite movement thrive. There’s no power structure, all the tech is open and anyone can make it, anywhere ;-)