Tree Resin for Orgonite

This is something I don’t ordinarily discuss but since Neo in Croatia is now selling orgonite devices that are made with tree resin you might enjoy comparing the energy of this with orgonite made with fiberglas resin:……A/pu9sgfs3

My sister-in-law made some orgonite with pine resin about ten years ago and Carol really enjoyed the energy of it.

Here is Neo’s vendor link:……rgonit.htm

I suggested to the fellow who has set up a forum to discuss this sort of thing that it might be useful for him to read Dr Reich’s CONTACT WITH SPACE, since it provides a good framework for how to pursue these topics with both feet on the ground so hat egoists and irrational mystics won’t take and hold center stage.
Neo is neither of those, which is one reason I’m promoting his work [Image Can Not Be Found]


I will second this, having been given a piece of natural resin orgonite some time ago.

The energy of the natural resin is much smoother than polyester resin, feeling warmer and more subtle. The disadvantages as previously discussed are mainly related to the integrity of the device (i.e. it can break apart more easily) and the higher costs of sourcing the natural material.

While probably not suitable (or necessary) for gifting, this type of orgonite initially appears more suitable for domestic applications and therefore deserves research in it’s own right. Maybe the new forum can accomplish this, and it would be happy to have Neo join as a contributor.

I’ll do my best ;
thx to You both…