Trip to Reunion Island

hi all

i’d like to thanks publicly laozu who sent me some metal shavings ( a lot of metal shaving for a really low price). laozu, i’ll pay you in the beginning of april.

i’m now in reunion island, even if i don’t have money, my girlfriend has been able to find a job and some money to get there (just enough).

i’m going to gift some areas here and i’ve seen some lenticular clouds, not a lot of them.

i’d like to thanks don too because he sent me a zapper and a sp freely, because financially it’s hard (even if i ve been able to get to reunion island, it’s a lucky thing).

here giftin is necessary because i’ve localized some towers and the weather is not fully natural.

i’ve so much things to do but the life make me unable to connect to the net. i can only connect once a month just to send some messages and post some stuff on this board.

i’ve taken 40 tbs with me and will gift them mainly in the sea because i’m here only for 10 days and i must keep my little baby (the youngest gifter on earth, isn’t he? [Image Can Not Be Found] ) i’ve seen some lenticular clouds in the east of the island while going on one of my aunt’s house.

love to you all, will keep you informed. reunion island need gifting. these last weeks there were a kind of hurrican (cyclon in us?). when the last cyclon (gamede) were here and i were in france then i took a map on which the cyclon was represented and i put a tb on it for some weeks and i do not know if this was the cause but the cyclon got away from reunion island (even if it was red alert).

well… i’ll let you know. again love to you all and may god keep us on the good way to freedom of the world.


there are a lot of huge antennas, military ones which are red and white. near Duparc in Sainte Marie there is a naval military area with a huge antenna which seems to be a small haarp antenna and i will try to take it in photo. i gifted it with 2 tbs. in the technopole near the Rivière Des Pluies there are a lot of companies that works in satellite technologies, and TV companies (Antenne Réunion, Canal Plus Satellite…) and I gifted there with 4 or 5 tbs and the day following the gifting there were 2 cars that came to search something or to measure the frequencies or things like that. they had an hardware thing and on the box I saw something written like “Rayon”. the antenna got a lot of microwave emitters and after gifting it with 2 tbs there were a huge blue hole over it !!! Incredible because the blue hole (the biggest I’ve ever seen so there may have been a lot of DOR around) formed in less that 1 minute. when i put the first tb, the dark clouds were still here then i put a second one and in less that one minute the blue hole formed!! i saw lenticular clouds only near Sainte Suzanne in the first days, then I saw a lot of ones (far away, mostly over the sea in front of Sainte Marie) after gifting the naval military base and the Technopole… I’ve thrown one tb in the sea while on the “Route du Litoral” in the north of the Island… Well… I must go now and will let you know what’s going on… I love gifting under the sun!!! and gifting is needed here and also around Mauritius, Madagascar, Rodrigues, Seychelles etc…

Will keep you informed. I can post a little more until monday, thanks to my family who are here…

As I often do, I have made a lucid dream this last night (a dream in which I know that I’m dreaming!). These last days I’ve had a lot of dreams that could have afraid me but I’m never afraid… Orgonite protects me and us ? Surely [Image Can Not Be Found]

Love to all. Again I’ve had a lot of confirmations.

Hi all

I’m very happy to be able to post. I’d like once again to thank you all for your reading.

Yesterday I went to gift the “Ilet Quinquinnat” in the highs of Sainte Marie and I Gifted the river there and a blue hole formed just over us… It’s the proof that there were a lot of DOR. I did not believe that there is so much DOR in Reunion Island. Yesterday I gifted the ocean in front of the Barachois in Saint Denis and again a blue hole formed just over us. This morning a giant lenticular cloud is far over the sea in the north of the island. I’ve taken it in photo with my cam and I hope I’ll be able to transfer the images to a computer once back to Paris. Yesterday a lot of rain has fallen in the middle of the day in Saint Denis and around. After gifting the Barachois with 2 tbs we clearly saw a layer of DOR (gray) and the real natural sky just over it. Really impressing!!! I saw that many times but to me it is really always impressing me [Image Can Not Be Found]

Once again I want to thanks Laozu for having sent me the metal shavings and Don for the zapper and SP. Laozu I’ll very soon pay you, don’t worry (I know you don’t) and Don I’ll send you something too I think, because I know both of you work hardly. Really, we are fighting the devil! With some resin+metal+crystal! A so little thing that change the world!

I’ve talked about the zapper to one of my many cousins who had got the Chikungunya and he seems interested. Here, there are a lot of military operations. Why on this little french island ??? I think there may be underground military bases. In the beginning of the week there has been a little seism in Saint Denis. It seems that the military here have planned a aviary influenza… A local source told me that. Also, Chikungunya may be a military illness!

Really, there is so much DOR around that tower busters are visibly effective…

Love to all.

many many many sylphs in northern Reunion Island (Ile De La Réunion 974) today. Hope that my posts do not annoy you [Image Can Not Be Found]

today i gifted Sainte Suzanne (highs), and many panels in Sainte Marie… where there is a naval military base that works in reception of satellite frequencies and there are a lot of antennas (circular, haarp-like etc…) Also i gifted the “Vierge Noire”, the sea at Boucan Canot and L’Hermitage. Blue holes formed over us. Cool air. Will come back on the island very soon to go on the gifting. I will get back to france to pour orgonite and sell some to get money to get back… I never saw any chemtrails here. But a lot of DOR. If any could dowse to know exactly what’s going on here…

In the last days we were still in Reunion Island (french region numbered 974), there were a volcanoe eruption… Maybe a coincidence…

More infos available at :
(In french)

More gifting will be done since middle-june 2007, also thanks to Laozu who sent me a lot of metal shavings. I hope that all the towerbusters that I’ll take there won’t be stolen (the last time I went there, they were not).

I’d like to know if all that (the lasts hurricanes such as the one who’s named “Gamède”, the recent volcano eruptions, and these huge swells, chikungunya…) is natural. I personnally think not because I felt some surveillance (lenticular clouds after some days gifting on the island, the last time I went there) when I was there, so there may be entities that work on all that… Some (psychic) confirmations would be great.


Love Is The Only Solution

Didier–very, very impressive thread and thanks for getting this all into the record!

‘Sour grapes’ reprisal by the world odor is a common feature of gifting, unfortunately, but perhaps Reunion Island’s proximity to Africa ensures that orgonite does a great deal more good work, there, than it might do in Europe or North America, where we have to toss a lot more to get the same level of confirmations that you’re reporting.

Volcanic eruptions can generally be prevented with orgonite, we’ve found, as long as one is willing to take it to where it’s needed. In fact, Kelly’s done more of that than anyone else.

I think that island gifting, in general, tends to produce more dramatic confirmations simply because they’re surrounded by water. I’m glad to know that you’ve been tossing orgonite into the sea, by the way. and I hope it will develop into a relationship with our cetacean associates for you.

Another common HAARP feature is their apparent ability to rough up a sea location temporarily. That’s why Carol and I bought our rugged little French boat (Zodiac Pro) Cool

Please keep those fine reports coming and the more details, the better! Let us know if you get in a bind, too, and we’ll go to work for you, okay?


Hi Don, and Hello everyone reading this. [Image Can Not Be Found] I love the new funky logo [Image Can Not Be Found]

Well. Our french board is not alive anymore. I’ll see what I can do to make it available again, but this is not a priority for me. Things that happen are really crazy here on Reunion Island (Ile de La Reunion). 3 or 4 days ago I was in the Technopole area in Sainte-Clotilde and at approximatively 10 in the morning there was a military helicopter that was surrounding me in the air. Until here this had never happened (Since 4 years I see a lot of helicopter flying over us, either in France or in Reunion Island, but this time!!! WOW). This really impressed me, but this did not frighten me. This seems so unreal. On Quebecorgone, someone says that we create what we see. I’m not agreeing with that. I did not create what I saw there, I did not create this helicopter flying in a round circle just over my head. 3 other guys were smoking a cigarette and saw the scene and they were wondering if one of them was being searched by the FBI hehe [Image Can Not Be Found] [Image Can Not Be Found] [Image Can Not Be Found] Very funny !

While the helicopter was flying over me (3 or 4 round circles) a guy was in a black car just behind me. I knocked at his door for him to see the helicopter with me but he did not want to open his door and wanted to stay hidded behind his black glasses, with something in his ear for him to speak (phone?) [Image Can Not Be Found] After the helicopter was away, I did not see the black car anymore [Image Can Not Be Found] Maybe he got away while I was asking the 3 cigarette smokers if they saw the same thing as me.

Well. Before the heli was over me, he followed me in the air since 5 kilometers far from here, while I was in the car between the Chaudron Area in Sainte-Clotilde and the Technopole Area.

One or two days after that I was running near the sea in the “Front de Mer” of Saint-Denis de La Réunion and when back to my car I saw a car at the other side of the road (a white car Citroen Berlingo, plate xxx BSS 974, the xxx are ommited because I dont know if I can legally write it here). I saw only one guy with black glasses in it, he seems to be from the “POLICE NATIONALE” but not sure. Anyway he was from the POLICE. There was a girl at his right and another man at the backseat. I stayed here and walked around to get the plate and then I got into my car and drove on the road in a loop to see them again and to be sure this was not a “road radar” (don’t know the english term).

At the 3rd loop I saw them behind me and I could escape them on the left of the road, between Sainte-Clotile in direction of Saint-Denis, juste after the “fuel station” (don’t know the term too, sorry).

We have a lot of attacks, either in my girlfriend’s work, and myself in my business. Things are hard but I keep protecting us with the few towerbusters that are left to me. I’ve given a zapper to my family in Sainte-Marie because they were very ill these last days but I may get it back in some days for using it on me again.

I lose my towerbusters one by one. I have a little of metal shavings that have been taken here by my sister-in-law, and I must find crystals and resin. I’ll go to some centers near the sea to inform about where to find resin.

I’ll connect in the following days and write a little more, because I’m in a cybercafe and no minutes left.

Some boost is needed, but be sure that I’m prepared mentally, as usual, and this is not the first time I’m in the orgonite mental business [Image Can Not Be Found] [Image Can Not Be Found]

Hope that you understand what I write [Image Can Not Be Found] I have observation to write down too… Soon [Image Can Not Be Found]

Love to you all.


It’s great to hear that you have become active on Reunion in the Indian Ocean. The exaggertaed attention by types with dark glasses is a badge of honour that you should wear proudly.
Knocking at their windows is good. I’m sure it makes them uncomfortable.
I’ll send you some TBs so you can continue

Hi Didier, you should talk to fishermen or other people that have boats about where to get fiber-glass resin. Any place that has boats has a source for resin, they use it to make and repair the fiberglass on some of the boats. There must be someone who works with metal too, so you can find some shavings, the last resort would be to use steel wool or bronze or copper scrubbies which is more expensive of course. If there is no natural quartz veins around the island where you can extract some stones, I can send you some quartz for free, except for the shipping costs, sending metal so far would be inpractical I think. PM me if you’re interested.

Help! I shipped a lot of orgonite tools to Reunion for a gentleman named Rene, on the 21st of August, via USPS Priority Air Mail.

It hasn’t arrived yet!

Please boost the Reunion Customs Office and the US Postal Service! And boost Rene!!

There’s a Powerwand involved so I hope Customs didn’t blow it up, after reading the post about Germany exploiding a Powerwand in another thread.

Boosting Customs, the USPS and Rene!!!

I’ll ask for a boost in the Sunday Morning Chatblast session, as well.



Hello all [Image Can Not Be Found]

And thank you for your kind words and you actions (boosting, orgonite, quartz…).

I’ve thought of going to ask for resin sellers at harbours. I’ll do it in the next days, as I planned to do, but always things that makes life harder that it is [Image Can Not Be Found]

I’ll let you know how things goes.


Hello everyone !

I’ve tried to pour orgonite with sugar and a stone that I don’t remember the name… The following days (yesterday) a plane spraying a chemtrail passed over our home… And the sky was full of POR ! yeah ! I think this is due to my new orgonite [Image Can Not Be Found] But it has not cured yet… I think I must put less water in the sugar for it to streighten quicker.

A guy told me that there were underground alien bases in the areas names TAKAMAKA and PITON HYACINTE (some psychic confirmations needed).

A rastaman showed me a big crystal (pink quartz crystal) and he may get some for me in the following weeks.

But I don’t think I will be able to make a lot of tbs, just some for now… So feel free to send me some [Image Can Not Be Found]


Okay, here we go…

Since some months I’ve not been able to gift anymore, but as I have some towerbusters with me (6 among which one that i made these last days but cannot cure completely, and 5 that are left from the ones I took from France some months ago) so I take them with me everywhere I go and it is kind of temporary gifting when I get somewhere… They don’t like these moving towerbusters on Reunion Island (Ile de La Reunion)… You want to know why I know they don’t like our towerbusters ??? hehe… Read the following, amazing things has happenned to me this last night.

As you may know, I make lucid dreams since I was a kid. I could write “astral travel” or “astral dream” or… Does a word really exist to describe these types of experiences ???

Yesterday evening I went to bed. I made a lot of nightmares in which I saw my bed (in the “astral world”) and my wife and my son in it with me (as in the real world here). Outside I saw a guy that had a “pruning shears” (is it the good word ?). He came next to me but once next to me, he became cool and gave it to me (wow ! maybe that when he came next to our bed, surrounded by orgonite, he changed from bad to good !). I saw another guy that made me see a big truck with an helicopter on it… These scenes were between a lot of other scenes… I saw a friend of mine that was in France but he could not help me and told me that he wanted to go to sleep, so I got away from him. I saw him some months or years ago in other “dreams” in the “low astral”. He has a lot of problems, mental problems. Well. I made a lot of nightmares this last night, and my wife made me wake up many times (she hears when I’m in a nightmare and she makes me wake up when this happens). Then I told myself (in my nightmares!) that I should be lucid in the next scenes and then I was lucid and was flying in the darkness (not like superman but with my hands along my body). I cannot describe exactly what happenned but it was very dark (not like in my lucid dreams in the “upper astral level” where there is a lot of light). Something was sending bad energy to me. In the middle of all these scenes where I was sometimes lucid and sometimes not, I wanted to know where this energy came from and I had a “flash” showing me a big red and white huge antenna. I think this is the one that is not far from my home but that I have not gifted yet (I thought that having towerbusters in my home would protect me from this one). Then sometimes I came back in my body but I wanted to stay there to fight them. I tried to create a big white bubble around me, my wife and my son to protect us. I sent energy to my wife and my son too. At a moment I tried to send energy to the source, through the attacks they was sending to me. I had an heart pain (in the “astral” world) and sent them energy through this pain. At a moment I saw my wife that was on the bed (in this other world, not in this “real” world) and I asked her to help me by sending energy to our enemies, but at this moment I came back into my body but “in the middle”, in a kind of “paralysis of sleep” that lasted some minutes or seconds, I don’t really know. Then after all that we woke up for one hour and then got back into bed and I took a towerbuster on my body to sleep. I was then in a very lightened world and I had a bicycle and I was not lucid. I saw an african man and a helicopter was over our heads and I told him “they watch me !” or in french creole “ILS ME SURVEILLENT”. After that I got away on the road and I saw police cars and then I woke up… And guess what… I heard an helicopter over our house and then it got away…

Thank you for your reading. This board is a blessing, really, and I thank all the ones who post on this board.

I think I have forgotten some scenes that happenned to me this last night but I think this is enough for you to understand approximatively what happened to me. Don’t pay attention to my bad english and to my way of explaining things in not very good english… Anyway, thank you all for your reading.

Love to you and your family.


My stuff finally got through customs in Reunion!~

Thanks for the blasts!


Yes Andy, Reunion needs orgonite ! Cool that the package arrived [Image Can Not Be Found] [Image Can Not Be Found]

Also I’ve just received the orgonite towerbusters from Georg. This is very cool and I’ll gift around the island. My main targets are in the North/North East, from Saint-Gilles-Les-Bains (and further if possible) to Saint-André. The best would be that we get a lot of fuel to gift all around the island. I’ve also localized a small HAARP-Like array and I wanted to gift it since months !

The package has been opend many times before it arrived at home because I know (it’s written on it) that it landed on Reunion Island (Ile de la Réunion) on the
16th of october and it has been opened and closed with glue many times… Anyway it’s here! And MANY THANKS GEORG !

I’ve made a small SP with an zapper that Don sent me and a meobius coil around a quartz crystal. I hope it works correctly. I had already made some in France and they seemed to work very effectively (I had blasted a lot some months ago when I was there, also planes, helicopters, and invisible enemies…).

My business is actually not working a lot but I feel that the arrival of orgonite at home unblocked some energies… Maybe our busines was blocked. They try to make us afraid by asking a lot of money. It’s harder and harder but we are feeling well, are in good health and this is the priority [Image Can Not Be Found] [Image Can Not Be Found] I think that everything is going to unblock slowly. I must speed up things by blasting our enemies [Image Can Not Be Found]

Well I thank you all for your reading, and I send a big boost of LOVE to you all !

Ninja Mcode

On 13th November I was with a friend and we went next to the Aéroport Gillot (Gillot Airport) in Sainte-Marie, because I wanted to see this small “haarp-like” antennas that are there and that are visible from the road next to La Mare (just at the entrance of Sainte-Marie when you come from Saint-Denis). This small haarp-like antennas are orange and white and are situated on the airport aera (to protect them from civilian I think). At 300/500m far from it there are the bureaus of Meteo France, the french organism that study meteo in France (in theory, but they are working for our “enemies”).

We went between the airport and the Port of Sainte-Marie, because there is a road there where we can stay a little. Also there is a lot of wind, and as the weather is really hot actually it’s good to be there to feel the wind.

As soon as we arrived there, a bomber landed off. It stayed at a low altitude and took the direction of Saint-Denis (viewed from Sainte-Marie) over the sea. It stayed at a very low altitude and that impressed me.

Then we took the car in direction of Saint-Denis and on the road around Sainte-Clotilde (just before to arrive at the level of the bridge of Sainte-Clotilde Front-de-Mer) we the the bomber cross our road from left to right at low altitude (really impressing) and then when it was at our right it turned back as if it was very light. The law of aerodynamics are really impressing, because I did not know that a bomber could drastically make a quasi-180° turn at a so low altitude ! Then it flew in our direction and then, as we arrived next to the bridge of Ste-Clotilde (when there is lesser and lesser wood on the right of the road) then it disappeared, it got away.

Then you know what is needed in this case, don’t you ? Gift !

And as usually, a lot of helicopters… They waste their time and money, but they like to fly over us hehe… So let them fly, and some blasting from time to time…

[Image Can Not Be Found]

Love to you all ! Let’s get back our freedom !

(This topic is named “trip to…” but this is better a “LIFE IN REUNION ISLAND”, because I live there for now…).

Greetings to all,

Just for the record :

3 days ago, in Bagatelle (Highs of Sainte-Suzanne in Reunion Island) we woke up and as soon as my woman was gone for her job one bomber (big green aircraft from the army) passed over our home. Then, some minutes later another white airplane passed around our home during approximatively 2 hours. This latter was white and had 2 french military signs under it (blue/white/red circles). On one side it was written “ASECNA” in big blue letters. My woman made a search about it and it seems to be an aircraft from the french militaries that makes measures about meteorology in South Africa and Madagacascar.

Here is a pic of it I found on their website :
[Image Can Not Be Found]

Also many helicopters passed over our house.

Thanks to Georg Ritschl I’ve been able to gift around Saint-Denis and I also gifted a small haarp-like array on the Gillot Airport. I’ve also gifted around Bagatelle (Postal Code 97441) in the highs of Sainte-Suzanne near our home where there are some huge antennas (and the one I saw while the astral attacks I was “victim” some weeks ago).

I think that they did not like the arrival of the towerbusters that Georg sent me. They showed themselves before the arrival of the tbs, but they show themselves more oftenly since the arrival…

For those who are curious, here’s the website of ASECNA :


here we rarely see chemtrails, very rarely
this morning around 8:48 am i saw a big chemtrail sprayed by an aircraft.
the aircraft was coming from La Montagne in the highs of Saint-Denis in direction of the east of the island.
some sylphs in the sky of saint-denis.

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