Tropical Storm Fay

louis onder
19 Aug 2008 20:06
Subject: Tropical Storm Fay
It’s great to see how Florida is now hurricane proof, since the Croft’s and Jeff Mckinley gifted the heck out of the coast as well as a good bit of the state a year or so ago. Last year Ernesto made believers out of many doubters as they watched in awe while ‘lil’ Ernest failed to provide a rise for all the curmudgeons affixed to the weather channel! Now I know it’s early in the game, but I expect Fay to provide an equally lackluster performance like Ernesto as it winds down into oblivion and infamy. You know the sewer rats really need to take a powder, retire or do something else altogether! Just plain, get over it because orgonite and gifting is here to stay!

Great work !!!


louis onder
20 Aug 2008 22:50
Subject: Re: Tropical Storm Fay
Now I do not profess to be an expert, but the fact this storm is now stationary and has been for several hours speaks volumes to me. Mother earth is constantly spinning and the waterways continuously circulate similar to the way blood pumps through the human body. Storms develop quickly and for the most part dissapate in short periods of time. Storms seem to stay alive as long as they are moving. If you take a look at the radar, the rain in Mississippi seems to have been stagnated too. This leads me to believe it is also being held back in order to KEEP IT FROM INTERFERING WITH LITTLE FAY-FAY!
The point I am trying to make is artificial technological manipulation seems to be holding it in place in an effort to strengthen it while the controllers decide where they want it to go next. (They are always trying to locate the areas with the least orgonite). If this storm was moving of it’s own accord one would expect it to act somewhat like a person throwing a “bowling ball” down a lane at the bowling alley and hitting whatever is in it’s way. It’s trajectory is quick, swift and inevitable with no pauses or hiccups not unlike firing a gun. But stopping, thinking, and moving again? No way Jose!


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