Two Gray Whales Murdered in Puget Sound

I got the following from Boris, who gifts in Bellingham, WA:
The US Navy slaughtered 30 orcas in the Sound last year, so the death toll is mounting. Our attempt to earthpipe the Navy submarine base was foiled in January, so my frustration is also mounting. We won’t have a chance to get over there with a boat, again, until late June so I’m hoping the psychics will agree to help us kick some Navy predator butt in the meantime & perhaps stop the slaughter until we can get enough orgonite over there to neutralize their underwater weaponry. ~Don


hey don;

haven’t heard you mention anything about it so maybe you don’t already know:

a couple of grey whales found dead on the beaches near here last week, one near camano island (south of me), one near birch bay (to the north, right at canadian border)

haven’t looked for news links or anything, just happened to hear something about it on the news one day, no mention again after that but they said they had no idea what killed them

that’s about all i know


More from Boris:

a friend of mine told me about going out into the harbor here with some kind of fish-finding radar; his boat wandered into some kind of ‘restricted space’ & they were intercepted by……navy seals? i forget the details……but not before they spotted some kind of huge, pyramidal structure under the water

cant vouch for his story but dunno why he’d lie about it; haven’t yet been able to coordinate with him to actually get out there but maybe when the weather gets better


Side viewing sonar gives 3D images of objects underwater. Most pros use that, now. Jeff’s friend in Florida who works on a research vessel (and gifted all around the Dry Tortugas) often saw death towers on the seabed in quite deep water at sea and around the Florida coast so I don’t doubt your friend’s report. The US Coast Guard arrested us in the Bahamas, evidently to prevent us from gifting the huge underwater base there, though we were already on our way home, having thoroughly gifted another target area.

Boris, we’re going to gift the [email protected] out of the bay when we do the rest of the Sound next month. Let’s see if the US Navy Schmucks bother us, then [Image Can Not Be Found] and we’ll have plenty of safety equipment so the Coast Guard can’t arrest us, again. You’re welcome to tag along & well likely focus on the San Juans, all around Lummi Island and then Bellingham Bay, that day. I used to sail in those waters and miss it a lot.


This is from Sharon in Oregon:

There have been at least 2 whales found beached just north of Florence along the Oregon coast in the past couple months. I think there may have been one down around Gold Beach as well, same time frame.


Thanks, Sharon–very helpful! If you live near the coast do you think it’s possible for you to go toss some orgonite in the sea? The US Navy is campaigning to kill dolphins and whales in that region and some more orgonite will reallyy help. We can’t get over to gift those Navy facilities in Puget Sound (where their declared war on cetaceans in the region is being waged from) until next month.


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