Two Mary Magdalene Sites Linked

(below the edited version of previous post)

(edited version of previous post)
Line from the Church of Crevenna, in Erba. Church of Santa Maria Maddalen. In North Italy near Como Lake. To Lady of Montserrat in Barcelona.

This is how I came up with this line. I simply looked the direction the church is pointing from the entrance, I drew as far as possible and reached Montserrat Monastery in Barcellona spain. This site is an important mountain top pilgrimage dedicated to Our Lady of Montserrat, specifically identified with the wooden statue of a Black Madonna, and where the founder of the Jesuits, Ignatius Loyola went on pilgrimage and offered his sword to the Madonna for the cause.

Another black Madonna is in Portugal in the Nazare’ fisherman village, apparently take the nake from a tribe arrived from Nazareth in Palestine

Here is an higlight of four targets on a segment of the line from Erba to Cavour. By the way I also find Cavour to be interesting to be highlighted since is crossing perpendicularly with another line that can be traced from Florence, than via Genoa at ST. George Metro, and trough outskirt village called Gallinea and then be extend further trough Cavour until Mongenevre in France.

Turbigo (just North of Novara city) : a city with passage on the river Ticinum, with a big important national grid electricity power plant .
Castel Merlino – Castell’Apertole: the first nuclear production plant in Italy .
Cavour: the Rocca of Cavour is a isolated mount in the plane below Turin. It gave the birth to Count Benso of Cavour the man that planned and unified Italy in mid 18thcentury (with Mazzini and Garibaldi).

Silvio, you’re very fortunate to be doing this work in Northern Italy because of the abundance of guidance in the form of symbology, especially in the architecure.

Carol’s quite anxious to go there for that reason and she’s pretty bummed out that we couldn’t afford her intended trip to Rome for this year’s winter solstice.

The Magdalene sites abound in Italy, France, Spain and Portugal and some believe this is because she travelled extensively in those countries during her career.

Our readers who are interested in such things might be happy to know that whenever a ‘Madonna’ in a painting or sculpture has any red clothing it’s Mary Magdalene who is being partrayed and not Jesus’ mother, who is characterized by only blue and white clothing. If I’m not mistaken, ‘Black Madonna’ is always Magdalene, too.

Ignatius Loyola (founder of the Jesuits) may have been a complete scoundrel, by the way. The Jesuits typically try to own all ideologies the way that Theosophy and masonry do and some feel that these are all teh same organization, after all. So it’s not surprising if the Jesuits pretended to honor the peaceful Cathars, who were Mary Magdalene’s legacy and may have been the only truly Christian church, as opposed to the pagan/gnostic regurgitations that have come to be popularly known as Christianity since AD300 or so. The occulted (hidden) influence of the Cathars is still felt throughout Roman Christendom and perhaps in the old Eastern Empire, too. Carol saw some signs of the latter during her brief visit to Hellas last year.

I don’t know, for certain, what to believe about all of this and I don’t think I ever will until I go to France, learn French and get to know some Cathars, though maybe I can get that done in Louisiana, where a lot of them also live. Carol finally met some Cathars in Rennes le Chateaux the year before last and that fired her resolve. The Cathars risk their lives talking to strangers, as you may know, so they obviously trusted my wife. The Roman church still carries out its Inquisition and the Jesuits are still part of that.

Thanks again for posting these progress reports, Silvio! I hope you can manage to post more of those photos, too. These are very useful and they’re the sort of symbols and imagery that are never published.


I found an article about the Rocca (mount) of Cavour which I mention above, it seems there are shamans rock paintings of initiations. Here’s the Mountain of Cavour. Weirdos.


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