Typical 'Hit the Ground Running' Report of New Gifter

As is often the case, Nick wanted to get busy but couldn’t afford to buy resin. I had told him that anyone who wants to get into this gets a lot of assistance from The Operators and the new opportunities sometimes take odd forms. This guy’s a gem, as you’ll see. I used the word, ‘typical,’ in the header with the assumpiton that genuine empowerment is the rule in this grassroot movement, not the exception. ~Don


My friend came through today, His girlfriend won 50 dollars on a scratch
ticket. So they bought the resin at her work with her employee discount. So
he came over and we made the first batch.

I don’t think I even need to tell you that we all loved them immediatly and
my almost 3 yr old son was kissing them.

I’ll spare you the common experience details and I’ll only email you if we
get in over our heads. Or if something truly remarkable happens. (oh it
rained almost immediatly after just making our little TB’s.)

We’re already planning the means to make more and start gifting in Omaha Ne,
Do you know if there are any CB’s in Omaha. I don’t get the feeling that
there are. and I think Western Nebraska needs some to. Let me know if you
know if there are any in my state. I’m right on the border of Ne and Iowa.
so we’ll hit two states very easily.

Well I’ll keep in touch. and thank you for your work in the gulf. I think it
means alot to us all. (gifters and non gifters alike.