Typical Interference with Forum Posting Attempts

I say, ‘typical,’ but in Ed’s case it’s probably in another category, considering his personal history and progress. I posted this in a thread that he started, as requested, but I think it warrants a separate report in the sabotage section:

It looks like the Old Parasite agrees with my assessment of the quality of Ed’s postings because he’s been trying and failing to get this report past the NSA gate keepers: Cool

Hello EW. I am having to write this post on my tablet and then copy and paste it to a forum post. I have made 7 attempts to post this information in the last 4-5 days, and have been unsuccessful. Every attempt to post has been thwarted. I have about 6 hours wrapped up in these attempts to post so far.

Every time the virtual keyboard on the tablet would keep disappearing every few characters i typed, and take as long as 10 minutes to come back on. Either that or entire sentences i typed would disappear. It kept going haywire everytime. Then the couple of times i thought i would get it posted the browser closed before i could finish.

And that is what kept happening when i tried to copy and paste.

So anyway here we go again. Around the thanksgiving holiday my aunt told me she had the Epstein Barr virus, and has had it for several years, and the doctors had recently told her it was getting worse. I convinced her to wear my zapper. It was the stronger one Don makes with the pentagon shaped contacts.

She has been wearing it for about the last 7 weeks or so, and last week at a check up the doctor told her she no longer had the virus. They said it was probably still in her body somewhere, but for some reason it’s not showing up on the tests. So Don’s zapper cured Epstein Barr virus!!!

I have never had so much trouble trying to post something on the internet.

And if this gets posted Don probably did it. I cant post it no matter what i try."

If you can get it posted Don, i would be grateful.