Don Croft
22 Sep 2008 20:33
Subject: Uboslav.com
My name is Nick Hayek and I am emailing on behalf of my dad, Herb Hayek and I. We are from a small town called Youbou on Vancouver Island, Canada.

We have completely fell in love with orgonite and it has no doubt changed our lives for the better. I just want to thank you for all the hard work and dedication that you have spawned into the orgonite community. Without you, our lives would have been much different.

So many of our friends were interested in this, we decided that it might be a good idea to start a website. http://uboslav.com
We have just recently launched it and have been making basic pieces ready for the public.

As a token of our appreciation we would like to send you a piece of orgonite if you are interested. Let me know your shipping address and we will gladly send something your way Smile

Also I wanted to mention that we don’t have Carol’s gift to be able to see subtle energies yet, but instead have been using a pendulum to measure the power of these devices. It has ended up being quite effective.

Again we really appreciate all the time and effort you guys have put into this. If the world was full of people like yourselves we would not be in this boat.

Thanks for your time.

Nick Hayek


Good to hear from you, Nick, and we thank you for the sentiment!

Sure, send me a sample and I’ll send you something in return:

Don Croft
P.O. Box 782
ID 83801

I’m posting this in hope that it will generate some traffic for your site.

STan Cayer of Vancouver has done a huge amount of gifting on your big island, focusing mainly on mountain top death ray arrays and he’s been an inspiration to me, since he’s in his 70s and walks up mountains as casutally as I climb my stairs at home. He’s psychic, too, so really knows how to find targets.

When he first got started, years ago, the Canadian Gov’t had closed off Queen Elizabeth Park in the city and were apparently building an underground base, there, with surface infrastructure. He went in there, commando style, and dug down to plant an HHg. His trowel hit an HHg that Carol, Steve and I had buried a year before, when the park was still a park Wink

He’s also the first one, as far as I know, to get Big Results from arranging simple towerbusters in a geometric pattern–he did it while sitting on the roof of his RV, contemplating whether he might somehow get rid of the very persistent HAARP whiteout over the city, which had been thorougly gifted, mainly by him and by our mutual friend, Vancouver Steve. Steve is also a sort of pioneer–he conceived to drop earthpipe plugs in scores of steel stop sign poles around the city, using his bicycle, carrying a short step ladder.

I put Stan’s claim about getting rid of the whiteout in the ‘wait and see’ file until Carol and I saw Kelly’s and Cesco’s massive, persistent bright blue, Sylph-populated hole in a dark storm that the HAARpies had apparently sent at them, last spring. The hole was a week old when we witnessed it and was apparently generated by their experimental 108, made with ordinary towerbusters. Steve Baron and crew in Toronto also had to deal with HAARP whiteout for a long time after they’d busted all the death towers and weather weaponry in their region and it apparently took some effort by Rebecca in Newfoundland to bust a lot of coastal HAARP weapons in order to make it impossible for the HAARPies to molest Toronto that way, any more. DB had suggested that approach.

There are other gifters on Vancouver Island, including a busy fellow up in Campbell River who tosses into the sea from a commercial fishing boat. There are lots of cloudbusters on Vancouver Island, too.

I like to mention stuff like this from time to time to ‘freshen up’ the record, since more new people are coming along all the time. There are a lot more good stories than I can recount or am aware of by now and you and your pop will no doubt have some to share, if you don’t yet. I think that this work and enquiry will still be new to all of us for a very, very long time. All we’ve gotten, so far, is a peek Wink but it’s amazing how it keeps us going.


Don Croft
24 Sep 2008 19:23
Subject: Re: Uboslav.com
Hello Don Smile
Thank you so much for your response and the post on Etheric Warriors. Its great to get the scoop on the Island. Very funny story about Queen Elizabeth park, I actually used to live quite close to there. I was very unaware of the base there in New Westminster. I am very happy to be back on the island where I am from. We are preparing a mass gifting in the local Cowichan Valley. There are some definite bad energies in some of the local towns here that must be dealt with. We are going to have to maybe try some of these geometric patterns with the TB’s. That does make some good sense.
This totally pumps me up to get out there and get gifting! We will make a piece for you and would love to get one back from the legendary Crofts Smile
I was also wondering what scoop you had on disinfo sites. I knew that you would be the guy to talk to on this one. Someone just posted on our blog about little mountain smudge and how its showing designs for disharmonious pieces. I would love to hear your take on this one if at all possible.

Again, thanks Don and Carol
Nick Hayek


Nick, you guys are going to have a ball undoing all the sewer rats’ energy piracy along that valley! Let me know how it goes, okay?

The tricky part about specifically telling about disinfo providers is that it puts them in the lapwing position, which they crave. The reason they crave it is becuase ‘conflict with the Crofts’ looks like genuine drama to the less discerning, who happen to be noisier, online, than the more discerning people are. That’s why I only mention a few of them who are most obvious, like Rense, Demeo, Carnicom, etc., and only one or two who had mounted sabotage campaigns against us then left the field after their failure. Stuart Jackson is one of those. Most of the people whom Stuart hosted who assaulted our characters relentlessly are still in the field, mostly on the Yahoo cloudbuster forum. I won’t mention any of those names–sorry!

I will tell you that if you’re aware of anyone selling disharmonious orgonite it’s a good idea to share that info so that others won’t be cheated. It takes talent and skill to make orgonite that feels like crap but the nice part of that is that these crappy orgonite devices can still bust towers. The reason for that is the disharmonious elements’ inability to interact with people’s personal energy fields from a distance beyond very close proximity. One might argue that the elementals are disgusted with this stuff, too, but when my wife looked at towers busted by the crappy orgonite devices what she saw supported my assumption about even that orgonite’s value for this task.

Whenever I hear from someone who bought crappy orgonite I ask them where they got it, then I advise them that we only promote reputable vendors on EW. Most of the other vendors, whom we don’t personally know, are making good stuff. I’ve only heard of two people making intentionally disharmonious stuff.

I also advise folks that if disinfo doesn’t stink to them, then they ought to work on their etheric smelling sense some more. Titillation by programmed endorphin squirts is the stock in trade of all the CIA and MI6 disinformants and when you see one of their sites, notice that it’s a professional team effort. Years ago, one of the more prominent disinformants was a self-inflated pothead in Canada, ‘on the dole,’ but his site was full of expensive-looking, technical diagrams for his debilitating ‘inventions,’ a book’s worth of newly-regurgitated Theosophy designed to look informative, relative to this new work we’re doing, and the site is one of the slickest websites I’ve ever seen. Hard to fathom how a pothead slacker could come up with something like that Wink and, by the way, he was or is closely associated with the fellow who claims that he’s the sole mouthpiece for the Sylphs. I don’t know if he still is becuase I haven’t seen the latter’s name in email in a couple of years. He had quite a podium before he started posting pictures of creepy, fake clouds and calling them Sylphs Cool some years ago. Disinformation about orgonite and the Crofts has been a real side show and the bizarre humor of it isn’t lost on me.

Reputation counts an awful lot in this movement–good reputations and bad reputations, all of which are earned. I’m sure the sewer rat agencies are frustrated that their constant slander of Carol, DB and I is not taking root in this network. I hate to think of how bad things would be for us if it weren’t for the folks who post on EW. We’re really demonstrating some practical, attainable standards, here.

I also won’t mention the most aggressive of our detractors, by the way, but it’s been obvious to a lot of people that this person is misrepresenting this unorganization, also that the forum efforts sponsored by this one and associates are declining while EW is gaining ground on account of having relatively more substantive and usable content. I’ll mention all of these folks (there are a score or so of the more incessant and persistent detractors) as history footnotes after their employers/programmers (mainly CIA, MI6 and KGB) are finally thrown down. Maybe, then, these poor souls will finally get a life and add something worthwhile to the mix. They’ll be welcomed back, if so. Most of them had our confidence at some point.

It seems that the more we gift, the sharper our discernment gets because paying attention to one’s heart promptings also tends to sharpen one’s etheric sense of smell Cool