UFOs and Orgone Energy

Hi guys,
I’ve recently read an article about Wilhelm Reich’s book “Contact with Space” https://www.rense.com/general27/reichs.htm
I was always eager to see the UFOs but we only managed to see them on the internet. Until a night when we pointed our CB into the Moon. Few minutes passed and a glowing light appeared flighing from the west to the east directly over our house. We have some pictures.

Since then for over a week we did the same thing and also we were pointing our CB into the satellites. The ball of light appeared again and on one occassion it spat out 4 small balls that were whirling around the big one.

I have many questions as I can’t get any information on it. In other words to shoot them as Reich did or not? If anyone can answer and point us in the right direction, as we don’t want to start some sort of galactic war, we would be grateful…


I’m glad to have been able to record my experiences with this subject on this forum. It’s been a wonderful resource and I often wish the older forum was available. Just post your experiences and it will all come out in the wash. Years ago we did an experiment where we all put pipe extensions on our CB’s and pointed them at the moon, I’m not sure how many participants we had but I would guess 25-50. I would not worry about “starting” anything, your not the first to have these experiences.


Thanks a lot for posting this, Michal! The folks who pretend to represent Dr Reich never seem to mention that he originally developed his cloudbuster because spaceships were loading up his laboratory location with deadly orgone radiation, which was literally killing everything and everyone there and turning it into a desert. His orgone accumulators on teh property were also absorbing, concentrating and radiating the DOR, making things even worse. He evacuated the people and remained there to fight back. It was a genuine war and his cloudbuster turned the tide, then he eventually noticed that it could also be used to restore the health of the atmosphere.

Brent’s been with us just about from the start in 2001 and so has Gare, who is also a Canadian. A bunch of us around the continent were regularly aiming our extended CBs at the moon in the early days and after that the moon’s orbit became erratic and no longer even close to the plane of the ecliptic, where it ‘belongs.’ The earth’s rotational axis also started to noticeably shift within a couple of years. I can’t say how or if these things are related but I’m content to wait and see.

Until very recently, when a Scandinavian film-maker interviewed some Eskimos about the new challenge they’re facing on account of the shifted rotational axis, the only other site besides this one where the polar shift was even mentioned was a high-profile disinformation website. According to my simple math calculations, based on sunrise/sunset times in cities around the globe at corresponding north and south latitudes, the rotational axis has shifted several hundred miles in our direction (Idaho) Confused but the seasons, here, have also been getting progressively milder, too, so it looks like we’re in a natural cycle of melting ice caps, now, and perhaps hotter sun. Some of earth’s cycles are many thousands of years long. Some credible people suggest that the earth, as a living entity, has biorythms just like our bodies to. I like Al Bielek’s approach because he doesn’t use theosophy as a crutch to explain these wonders. I think that Reich and Rife proved that everything is alive and I doubt there’s any need to mystify it, as the Rockefeller-funded greenboots are trying to force everyone to do right now. The crusty and intolerant (mostly young) greenboots remind me of fundamentalist religionists, who are said to have ‘traded eternity for a bad infinity.’ I think the hordes of young, also corporate-sponsored acolytes who swept Hitler and Mussolini into power were also like that. Some of these environmentalist goose steppers are closet gifters, now.

The wonderful thing about orgonite tech is that it’s absolutely harmless in every application, unless it’s thrown with force at one’s head, so aiming our orgonite devices and Succor Punches at spaceships will either neutralize their power sources and terrify the occupants or will make the occupants feel really good and not affect the ships in a negative way. I think that nuclear fission or fusion power sources, which perhaps need DOR to operate, are the most vulnerable and that the free energy power sources are probably assisted by our thrown orgone energy.

Carol and I never took photos, unfortunately. We had a lot of close encounters, too, as Michal and his mate perhaps soon will. About half of the ships we saw were good ones, several were ‘indifferent’ and a few were hostile. Most of the hostile ones were from the air force, evidently. The sewer rat air force (evil twin of the CIA) mostly has little flying saucers, like the Germans developed a long time ago, and bigger, more menacing-looking triangle craft. I assume the Russians also have flying saucers because they also got a whole lot of the SS scientists after the Germans were defeated in 1945. The Nazis weren’t defeated, of course–they just found new and greatly expanded employment, still within the corporate world order. Jim Marrs has written most extensively about that but other credible authors I’ve read have more info, too.

I love this topic but I don’t get many excuses to write about it Cool. Brent: Captain Azti has been with us for over a week, improving our business websites and planning a glorious joint adventure with me, and we’ve discussed getting the old substantive reports, which disappeared with previous NSA destructions of this forum, together in convenient packages so thanks for mentioning the old stuff!

The good guys’ ships are marvelous and I want everyone to see them. Carol and I get the same feeling, watching them, as we do when we see Sylphs overhead. Most of the people who talk about UFOs, especially online, are scaremongers and disinformants, unfortunately. Al Bielek has stated that the Galactic Federation, by the way, is just a trade organization and that the ‘nicer’ alien species don’t bother with it but that the draconians, various reptile offworlders and the humanoid B-Sirians, who are probably best represented as consultants, new underground populations and facility managers for the corporate world order, do belong to it. Channeling, as a source of information (even merely battlefield intel) is inferior and unreliable, compared to the work of balanced and reputable psychics who work together as a team, as this forum’s psychics routinely do together.

I’m guessing that the ship you saw that separated into several were Andromedans. We’ve seen those clusters, too. Carol feels sure that the Andromedans are the ones who provided the idea of orgonite to humanity as an instrument to regain our freedom from the ancient rule of parasites. I love the way orgonite’s energy typically overpowers two-legged parasites. These corporate parasites thrive on stealing energy and with orgonite we simply drown them with it.

The only time we aimed an orgonite cloudbuster at a good ship and had an unpleasant experience was in Utah, the afternoon of the day when I hid towerbusters all around the main Mormon Temple in the wee hours. That was in May, 2001. In an otherwise cloudless sky a little, low cumulus was traveling parallel with us, south along the highway for several hours so I stopped the Zapporium (our camper/home), got out and aimed the CB at it. The cloud quickly disappeaered, then reappeared nearby. By then, Carol, who was following in the car, stopped, got out and excitedly told me to stop. She said I was really making them mad. I had briefly seen a shiny, cigar-shaped spaceship rise up nearby in the middle of Salt Lake City, right before I got to the temple to do the deed and this was apparently the one that was following us.

She said they were Venusian humans from the same society as the ones who were telepathically feeding Tesla some of his inventions. I quit ‘shooting’ them and the cloud remained after that. We got in our vehicles to resume the trip but my truck’s motor wouldn’t start. It usually started without any trouble and it occurred to me that the fellows in the ship exacted a small, harmless reprisal to teach me a lesson so I aimed the CB at the motor from behind and it started in a few seconds. A black cloud of DOR drifted up from the front of the truck and was carried away in the breeze and the motor ran fine. I mentally apologized to the visitors and soon after that I started hearing a collection of harmonic tones in my right ear–very lovely. Carol said they were trying to dowload info to me. I still hear the tones but only when there’s no ambient noise so maybe I eventually started assimilating some of that info Cool

In the 2003 lecture of Al Bielek’s (his last recorded one?) that Captain Azti is about to add to EW as a link he mentioned a couple of Venusians who participated in the Philadelphia experiment and that one of them (he named the guy) is now the head of a presumably benign corporation.

The risk of talking about this stuff on the forum is that too much attention will be devoted to it but as long as the discussions take the form of reports of personal experiences and observations I don’t think we’ll risk ruining our good collective reputation as a substantive forum. After 14 years with a public profile in this effort not many are calling me a flake, though I did manage to earn a place in the pharmaceutical cartel’s Quack Encylopedia on account of our zapper business a couple of years ago. Excellent advertisement for us! I don’t know if they kept me in there.

The UFO movement is chock-full of CIA/air-force disinformants, Chicken Littles, theosophy mystics (theosophy, combined with communism–both are products of the City of London–is the failed corporate world religion Wink) and herds of Monarch-programmed, grinning but unbalanced mouth breathers who we hope to never personally meet so we need to keep our distance from all that. In his diary, Reich expressed that sycophants, mystics and corporate types ought to be shot.

When Carol and I were in Namibia in 2001 we observed that aiming a Succor Punch at a nasty UFO had the same effect and in the same amount of time as aiming an orgonite cloudbuster at it. I think anyone can see UFOs in the sky on most nights. Remember that satellites can’t reflect light when the sun’s on the opposite side of the world, so don’t explain the moving ‘stars’ away as satellites, okay? We don’t need to play devil’s advocate. The devil (parasitic order) has plenty of their own advocates and in fact they’re just about chocking the internet right now.

I don’t know if a SP will disappear rotten spaceships all across the planet because the ambient etheric energy field is a lot stronger in Africa than anywhere else we’ve been so one can do more with less, there. I assume that when we aim our tools at a UFO and it doesn’t fade out then it’s a good-guy ship. Maybe the Venusians need to tool up and abandon DOR-based tech. Maybe they have. Tesla invented at least one free energy device, evidently–a box with nothing but glowing vacuum tubes in it which provided abundant power to an early electric automobile.

Pretty soon, we think, the sewer rat agencies’ assassins will no longer be able to extort the small crowd of free-energy device inventors from finally marketing their wares but it helps to mention the reality of it from time to time. It’s real to me, at least, because I was one of the many confidants of Wilhelm Muller’s for many years, before he was murdered in 2004 on the eve of mass producing his powerful, magnet-powered engine inexpensively in Vancouver. The price for one of his engines would have dropped from $20,000 to under $2,000, then. The only moving part is the axle and the more resistance to the rotation the greater the power output. When I got my hands on that it was kind of like what personally meeting Jesus might have felt like Cool but of course I’m one of the few people who actually loves the real religions, these days.

Thanks again, Michal and Brent! I think it’s always useful to aim an orgonite cloudbuster at the moon if someone feels the urge. Carol determined in 2001, when we were doing it with our first CB, that 3’ extentions to the pipes does the job. Soon after that we were in the Florida Keys, where we introduced orgonite to dolphins for the first time and we also stationed our extended CB to point at the permanent thunderhead over the underground base that used to be called Homestead Air Force Base, south of Miami. It took a couple of days to shrink and eliminate that thunerhead but a few weeks later, as we were leaving for our trip across the US, we were buzzed at treetop level by an air force flying saucer. I say ‘air force’ because it had halogen lights on the bottom. I think we were supposed to be frightened but we were rather happy and excited.

I hope this helps. it’s an important topic and the CIA/air-force has been too successful suppressing it since 1947, which is also the year of their horrific birth. Here’s something funny: the CIA does a lot of their mind control experiments at the air force academy. A few years ago they hired a charismatic evangelist and his smiling entourage to come to the campus to train all of the cadets to be fundamentalist Christians and it was mainly successful. We gather that the intention was to produce a new generation of bomber pilots who had no qualms about erasing millions of non-Christians with nuclear weaponry. A couple of Jewish cadets and a team of journalists put an end to that horror pretty fast.


Michal, Brent, Don, thanks immensely for this.

Don, you had said “A bunch of us around the continent were regularly aiming our extended CBs at the moon in the early days and after that the moon’s orbit became erratic and no longer even close to the plane of the ecliptic, where it ‘belongs.’ The earth’s rotational axis also started to noticeably shift within a couple of years.”

A good friend of mine’s son, at age 5, was told that the Moon, merely by happenstance, appears to be the exact same size as the Sun when observed from the Earth, and that is what causes total solar eclipses. And the boy said basically ‘no way that’s a coincidence!’ At age 5.

I have read on whale.to that the dark energy, the energy of the Black Sun, so crucial to the closeted ruling establishment, comes through to Earth most clearly during Solar eclipses. And that human sacrifices, performed during Solar eclipses in key spots on the Earth’s energy grid, are a huge part of their dark programme and have been for thousands of years.

Earth is the only planet that has seasons, is tilted on its axis as it is. Our moon is precisely the same size as the Sun when viewed from Earth. And no planet other than Earth has such a huge satellite in relation to its own size.

I bring all this up to ask, is it possible that pointing the (POR-generating) CB’s at the moon and the moon’s subsequent movement out of the ecliptic, ‘where it’s supposed to be’, and the shifting of the Earth’s rotational axis, are movements away from/disruptions of a dark, intentionally-architected, DOR-based ‘setup’ that’s been in place for a very, very long time? That is my intuition.

By the way, looking at the spectrum of colors in the photos of the UFO that Michal provided–they are absolutely consistent with scores of other photos taken by the (apparently) reputable professional photographer and UFO researcher, Wilber Allen.

Look at this one, for example:

This spectrum of colors is practically identical. Moreover, these colors are, absolutely, not found in any natural phenomenon on earth or through any (released) human technology. The information on the site for the photo above: https://ufodc.com is very interesting. Wilber Allen’s analysis of the photographs he has taken above, and around, Washington DC, for years, is remarkable in that he substantiates that these anomalies cannot be explained away through the typical strategies of misdirection and ridicule that is typical of “official” skeptics…

Be warned, however, that this site is very poorly implemented from a Web technology perspective, its excellent content not withstanding… The site suffers a HUGE scroll to see it… and the load time is almost intolerable unless you have a lot of bandwidth. I have just contacted the author, Wilber Allen, and have proposed to re-create the site in Wordpress… lets see if he is interested… I could use the work :-)

Thanks everyone, this is a fantastic thread.

Michal, those are great photos! About the orbs, I’m not sure this is the place for speculation but my impression is that there are a lot more “orbs” and other phenomena out there than we realize. I think it’s possible you are being watched but I don’t think it’s anything to worry about.

Please keep up the great work Smile


If it’s obvious to a five year old then I wonder why adults are so eager to explain it away as coincidental or not significant, Jeff Cool but on the other hand, it takes many years, beginning perhaps in the womb, to influence people to finally think that way. This mainly happens in the West and industrialized Asia, I think, which is why it’s so refreshing to visit third world places and see how people view reality without those blinders.

Meanwhile, pointing out the obvious has become an artform in the affected cultures.

Exploring some of the alien stuff, again, is refreshing to me and when it’s done outside of the disinformation format there doesn’t seem to be a lot of risk of the enquiry turning into a non-productive circle-^&#k. I think that’s because genuine information is hard to digest; challenging. That’s why I asked Capt. Azti to post a 2003 lecture by Al Bielek in a link. It was one of his last, I think, and there’s a whole lot of data in that talk that was entirely new to me. Al Bielek and Phil Schneider are the only two people I’m aware of who seem to offer authoritative data on some fo these subjects and Schneider’s main endorsement is that he was murdered for it–took an entire year to kill him, during which he lectured almost constantly and a lot of that is now on YouTube. They were close friends. Al told us that the $#!+rats are apparently not allowed to murder him on account of his role in the present timeline alteration that was evidently initiated in 1943.

When Carol and I were the only two people doing this stuff we spent a month aiming our extended CB at the moon each night. She felt quite alarmed, then, because she perceived that a vast army of draconians had arrived in the moon and were using it as a staging base for an overt invasion of our planet. I’m personally convinced that Hale-Bopp was their failed attempt to guide a planet-sized satellite to hit the earth in 1998. In the chats, the psychics have been seeing fewer and fewer draconians among the parasitic world order since 2004, when they feel that the corporate world order was bought out by Peking. The main enemy in the etheric realm that they’re seeing, these days, are Triads and the better-known sewer rat agencies (NSA, CIA, FBI, MI6, Mossadomites, KGB-spinoffs) are just non-enthusiastic enforcers for Peking, now.

She also feels sure, even after all this time, that before long we’re all going to see what she sees around us: aliens of many species, earthly sentient reptiles and all of them representing the entire spectrum of good, bad and indifferent. I think that Al Bielek’s firsthand material is the best introduction to all of these considerations.

I’ve come to use the ‘hard to swallow’ standard when evaluating, for myself, whether a source is legitimate or a liar. Liars make this stuff easier to believe, generally. Phil Schneider’s material is extremely hard to assimilate and I think it’s a good idea to revisit all of it from time to time to see what has become believable Cool


Here is my contribution to the thread. The credit actually goes to my sister, who has a talent for taking shots of invisible stuff. This photos were taken in 2010, when she was travelling inside a bus late night. When she took the photo it’s was completely dark, no moon or stars were visible. By instinct she took two pictures of the dark without nothing apparently there.

This “UFO” was apparently etheric, as it was not visible by bare eye, but only after the shot was taken. I once posted the pics in a disinfo forum for my disappointment, because it was clear that even if a UFO hit them in the head they would dismiss it as street light, the moon, stars, swamp gas. It was obvious that there was an “unwillingness” to intelligently discus it there.

I wonder what will be once the “earth” reptilians become visible in their true garb. I like to entertain a peaceful resolution after the shock and after their disempowerment. Something like what happened when the Kenyan night runners lost their evil juju and decided to humbly come forward and pretend that it was their traditional sport to run the countryside naked during late night. I imagine the toids humbly coming forward, telling some Darwinian lie like “We came from the dinosaurs”, them turning around a hiding under the rocks until divinity decides what to do with them.

I encouraged Michal to post about this after we corresponded about it and I got the impression that he’s at least as sober and grounded as I am. There’s a lot of slander against me on the web but almost none of it is directed at my firsthand reports about things like this so I think we’re safe to talk about it in a balanced way, here. The trick is to avoid mystifying this subject, I think. Just because the CIA and US air force made this topic verboten and then filled the UFO field with cultish theosophy flakes it doesn’t mean we ought to avoid discussing it.

A pretty good biobraphy of Dr Reich was written by another, younger shrink many years later who obviously thought Reich was nuts about ‘spacemen’ and such. That young man may have already been conditioned by the psychological warfare against the subject because that started with a bang in 1947. I want to read the biography written by Dr Baker (?) because I think he knew what Reich knew about this stuff. I empathize with the younger shrink because there was nothing in his life experience to corroborate Reich’s claims. I don’t want anyone to believe my statements about anything but it’s a good habit for us to always consider things, stated by reputable people, which are contrary to our worldly assumptions, then wait for evidence to corroborate it, just in case it has merit.

When I was painting signs for a living in the mid-1980s I occasionally did some work for an interesting old sign painter in St Louis. He and his son, during the 1950s, used to often look at planets and such through a telescope on the roof of their house. He was also interested in UFOs and belonged to a group of observers, including an engineer from McDonnell Douglas, a big corporation that manufactured military jet aircraft in that city. The engineer started sharing technical evidence that at least some of the UFOs were manmade. About that time a big flying saucer hovered over the sign painter and his son outside by the telescope one night for several minutes and the UFO group sort of blew apart because some of the more vocal members were defaming the engineer and insisting that all of the UFOs were from outer space. The engineer was transferred to another city at the time and my sign painter friend stopped going to the meetings. Notice how much this resembles how legitimate forums on the internet are blown apart, along with just about every other progressive social gathering in the countries where the sewer rat agencies and their vast herds of programmed sociopaths and cultists have had free reign since WWII.

Those of us like Michal who have simply seen a lot of these things ought to be able to discuss it without causing such a reaction. I don’t think this will get out of hand here, don’t worry Carlos. Any of us who habitually watch the night sky will see orbs moving across it and pointing merely a Succor Punch at them can, in my mind, quickly tell us whether they’re good guys are sewer rats. It’s a fun and empowering exercise. If the lights dim and change color in a short time we can probably assume we’ve disrupted their decay-powered generators with projected life force. Note that I didn’t say DOR and POR. There are lots of ways to express those concepts without giving anyone the impression that we’re a cult Embarassed.

When Carol and I built the first orgonite cloudbuster in early 2001 we anxiously traveled up the US east coast to put orgonite in the major vortices because she felt quite anxious that they were being used to energize portals for the entry of a very large alien (she felt they were mainly draconians) military force. We found some similar places in Southern California a few months later and did them. Carol found the worst one by looking for the energy of the sickened vortex from a distance. Some hikers had disappeared in that 'state park, recently. That was one of the few times she clearly saw a lot of aliens in a portal. They sure didn’t want to give that one up. The confirmation, that time, was a swarm of secret police around us with very anxious and frustrated looks on their faces.

After 2004 I started hearing from a lot of people who observed that the world no longer seems like it’s heading to chaos and destruction. That’s about when many of us, here, started to feel confident about the future for the first time in our lives. We worked every week in the chatroom for another five years to ‘discourage’ the oligarchy from attempting to start world war three and we became aware of other informal groups, usually including psychics, who had also spontaneously been mounting similar campaigns against the parasitic oligarchy.

One such group, made up of Tibetan monks in a monastery in Northern California, regularly targeted the males of the Bush family, specifically. Those monks really like orgonite, by the way. Those pedophile aristocrats and their Skull and Bones cronies regularly showed up on the psychics’ target roster in our case, too. We stopped in 2009 because it didn’t seem necessary, any more; the corporate order had become so weakened that they were missing all their targets. Note their failure to attack Persia as Obama had promised he would do in the beginning of his puppet reign, for instance, and their defeat in Iraq and the US Marines’ imminent failure to keep the opium poppy fields in Afghanistan on behalf of the CIA. I always wonder how such sincere, competent and self-sacrificing people like the Marines can be so ignorant of whom they’re really serving and protecting. Retired Marine General Smedley Butler, who wrote War is a Racket , certainly knew and told.

The Russian material on UFOs is only slightly cleaner than the American and British stuff, I think. I’ve never been able to look at anything in Russian media without wondering where the hook is so I generally avoid all official presentations to save time and effort. Real info seems to fall in our laps in a timely way and the only challenge for us may be to have confidence in the process so that we won’t be frightened away by new material that challenges our personal paradigms. It’s never necessary to prove or disprove anything, except to satisfy our own personal evaluation, because it doesn’t matter whether you’re the only one you know who believes something is true. It’s stupid to ever give up rational thought, too. Theosophy was sold for a long time as ‘irrationalism,’ a hundred years ago, when people were generally more stupid and gullible than now.


Was doing some search to try and figure out this orgone radiation puzzle. It’s a puzzle for me because i never thought of orgone, chi, prana as radiation. Anyway i found the same article as the one linked in the original post.

Don’t know if this site is any less of a spook operation than rense, but it has the same article.


Here is a quote from the article: “The arrival of denatured Radium (ORUR), from the Oranur experiment at Rangeley dramatically increased the effectiveness of the cloudbusting operations.”

Anyone know more about this ORUR?

Last May we had some lights in the sky that pulsed. The fishermen said that they started as a straight line, presumably from a missile. The trails got all squiggly and circles of light were pulsing. here are a few shots.


Don’t have much to contribute except that this thread could be the most important one active right now! Reason I say that is no natter how many times I tried, to view it from home, could not where as every other thread I was eventually able to view and even post to a few…

using a WIFI down the block now with no problems at all…

Don’t have any pics stored on-line to show Y’all but have been involved in MOON busting for years … those pics we’re blown up with several hard drives not much to see though cept for strange colored lights ??

I feel that the MOON is just a hollow SPACESHIP of sorts…

looking forward to the day when the LIZARDS can’t hide anymore ;-)

Re: the Moon as hollow spaceship, I recall reading that the Moon ‘rang like a bell’ when struck.

I know that there are quite a few old wolfs out there but for the ones still unconvinced or new to this - is the below.

So to avoid the mystification of the subject below you’ll find a link to an interview by Sophie Shevardnadze with Paul Hellyer, former Canadian minister of Defense in 1960s. He’s the first cabinet level politician that publicly stated that we are not alone in the universe, and some guests from outer space actually live here, on planet Earth. I think the title of this interview refers to traditional weapons and not the orgonite ;) You can watch the interview here: Interview

Jose Escamilia produced 2 good documentaries on the subject: “UFO - the Greatest Story Ever Denied” and “The Moon Rising”. Where a group of ex employees of many government agencies (astronauts, etc.) swear to testimony under oath before Congress that the UFOs do exist.

The phenomena is very real and effectively some of them are transmuting into DOR. So I’m thinking can we do even more with Orgonite (like you guys did with pointing CBs into the Moon) or ‘methodical’ gifting is enough?

David, I’ve never heard from anyone who has experimented with radioactive material and orgonite but Carol and I are covinced from our own field experience and observations, that orgonite easily neurtalizes/transmutes the poisonous aspects of this material and very fast. I ought to get a radiation counter but the problem is, as Reich noted, that radiation counters won’t distinguish between positive and negative radiation so orgonite would likely indicate powerful radiation Cool

I hope more people will read Reich’s Contact With Space because there’s a fascinating account of what transpired when a it of radium was transported in a container at the end of a long tether, towed by a small airplane from Maine to Arizona in 1954. It’s just an informative and inspiring book, otherwise. In our case, it’s how we found and gifted the ridge in the Sierras which Reich identified as the focal area of the ancient rain barrier, set up very long ago to create the American Desert.

I could speculate that his use of radium in a cloudbuster might have been to more effectively attract deadly energy in the atmosphere to the CB. When he put some in an orgone accumulator, earlier, the accumulator built up an increasingly strong concentration of this nasty energy and put everyone in danger. I bet he would have really exploited the potential of orgonite. He was masterful at exploiting the potential of new tech.

My main hope for this thread is that more of us will just pay attention to the sky in order to get 3D confirmation of the flying population there. Having had these experiences I don’t feel a need to look at other people’s proof but I do like to see new data like Azti’s comments about spectral analysis.

I started hearing about chemtrails in 1990 or so and wanted to believe the reports but simply didn’t see any in the sky. In fact I never saw definitive evidence of chemtrails until it became a full time agenda in early 1999 and started filling the hospitals throughout all of the industrial countries to overflowing with people in respiratory distress. ‘When it rains, it pours.’

Now, the Chicken Little websites direct people’s attention to the chemtrail-seeded clouds (which hang in the sky and drift horizontally until they dissipate, as clouds naturally do) but are careful not to suggest that the terrorized subscribers do more than glance at them. Back when chemtrails were still harming people, between 98 and 2003, one had to notice chemtrails quickly when they were first spewed out because they quickly spread out and whited the sky on the way down and also destroyed the lower cumulus clouds.

I’d like to contribute more to this subject. The below videos are made by Crrow777 with a telescope and shows planes, chemtrails and ufos. Since 2012 he also filmed 5 few times a “hologram” wave on the Moon. There’s many more videos on his youtube channel. All the videos are quite recent (2014).

**Multiple UFOs, Chemtrails and a warning to chemplanes

**Object Dropped From Chemplane - Originally Titled “Chembomb” (unfortunatly)

**Shooting orb ([link]

**13 UFO’s In Chemtrail Clouds ([link]

As a sidenote I think it’s interesting how the UK’s “UFO Desk”, a kind of X-Files department, got closed in 2009, after a year in which increasing sightings were provoking a public interest in the disclosure of information regarding UFOs. There is a website dedicated to the last 2 years of its operation https://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/ufos/ though I would guess, as it is information coming from the government, that it is all very sanitised (irrespective of potentially good phenomena documentation). nationalarchives.gov.uk is a pay site

Officially the department got closed because “it served no Defense purpose” but it’s more likely that the proliferation of digital cameras and phones with cameras was making it increasingly harder to “explain away” this reality. The closing of the UFO Desk got mentioned recently in a rt.com article [https://rt.com/uk/174916-police…ports-foi/]


You hit a bullseye, Carlos.

One of the seminal events in my life was hearing and meeting Danion Brinkley in 2001. He’s the fellow who died several times and came back to talk about it. At the time he was employed as an advisor for one of the last of the patriotic US admirals, who has since been destroyed along with all the rest of the top officers with consciences, I’m sure. As a psychic he was able to keep tabs for the admiral on the sewer rats who run the CIA and NSA.

Danion felt that cellphones and the internet are intermediary steps toward species-wide telepathy and in the context of this UFO subject they’re no doubt also a vehicle for growing human awareness and accountability. Anyone can see UFOs these days and a whole lot of us have encountered aliens directly, often personally. I’m a little puzzled by the assumption that the government needs to be involved in any way. Their alien friends are people we probably never want to meet, anyway.

I get a lot of UFO phone photos from people in email, by the way.


Al Bielek’s and Phil Schneider’s lectures are, to me, authoritative about the subject, including the real Star Wars weaponry (used against uninvited alien ships) and the interface between invited alien predators and underground bases.

Their presentations are also hard to swallow and I think this is a common feature of genuine information, as opposed to disinformation which us utterly fantastic and irrational but ‘believable.’

My theory is that unless enough of us fully explore and publicly discuss the deepest, darkest and most horrific secrets of the ancient corporate order we’re not going to dislodge it completely. This is also why I mention their popular mind control dogmas so often. A fresh way of seeing and thinking is essential right now.

Even though this international forum is quite obscure it’s still international and extremely worrisome to the corporate world order, which is why their search engines bury us under a steaming heap of their own stinking disinformation sites. So each of us matter and each voice needs to be heard, here. This might represent the only real form of voting left in the world at the moment and the internet might be the only legitimate public venue left for it until we make more progress against the parasites.

Over the years I’ve had to revisit some of this material several times in order to absorb it because my own credulity gets strained to the breaking point by a lot of it.

I class this sort of thing as ‘battlefield intel’ and that’s only useful to one who is committed to waging war back against the parasite who has ruled this world too long and is dedicated to the eventual destruction of its host (our species).

Another terrific and neglected source of battlefield intel are the books of Gregg Hallett, who might have recently been murdered.


During STS missions there was a lot of ufo appearances that were broadcasted live to general public. Here a quite good video about it. At approx. 7.30 the narrator mentions Wilhelm Reich and Orgone.


Back in September I’ve photographed a cloud. On the internet they refer to these sort of clouds as cloud ships as they look like space mother ships. Upon a closer inspection I’ve found multiple objects in it. I’ve enlarged the objects and put them on the side of the original picture. Very interesting and slightly puzzling as this picture was shot from the balcony of my house;) The last picture is inverted and looks like there’s a hole in the sky, but it’s just a sun ;)

Excuse me all, I’ve got no photos again and no video, but an interesting story about what happened yesterday in south-west Germany.

Do you remember the “meteorit” falling on Tscheljabinsk, a big russian city with lots of industry? It was shot down, as can be seen on many videos.

Well, there was a “meteorit” crossing my region or a bit west, unfortunately I haven’t seen it but it was in the radio and on social networks. People think it might have been an ufo, others say it was a rocket, officially it was a meteorit crossing Freiburg, Radolfzell and prbably crashing into the lake Konstanz or northern swizzerland, as a witness said. At least it was very bright.

Everybody who read my report about lake Konstanz/north-eastern swizzerland must lift an eyebrow. There might be a connection or not, but this seems a bit odd to me and my guess is it was a waepon like in Tscheljabinsk, but not sure!

I’m very glad that I have done all work in this region in many years work. And that I’ve improved the protection +/- 15 km around our house a lot. Never forget personal and family protection, because thats the basis of our work.

I’ve got the impression that again, some attemts to bring horror upon us humans and the earth have failed.