UK Gifting South East Coast

30 plus tbs gifted in to the sea, **Compliments of Paddy, ** off the coast of Hastings, East Sussex, UK.

Over the weekend we had heavy winds and rain during the night. This gifting was done Sunday. We had another night of wet and blustery night, followed by two days of fairly constant rain.

[Image Can Not Be Found]

4 gifts tossed from this point

[Image Can Not Be Found]


[Image Can Not Be Found]

Barely visible here is a small river that runs down into the sea, which received a gift too.

[Image Can Not Be Found]

The remaining gifts were launched from the highest point on the cliff edge.

The tide was out and I’m not sure whether enough tbs got far enough, being armed only with my throwing arm ~ spud-gun envy ;(

Plans are afoot for follow-up runs further east along the coast.


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