UK, Nordsea Gifting

16 Dec 2008 21:27
Subject: UK, Nordsea Gifting

I crossed the channel (Nordsea) between Dover-Dunkerque from UK to France on the sunday 14th of December and used that opportunity to drop about 240 TB’s in the channel. This was a funny drop, as it was during the day I could not hide from anyone and as smoking is forbidden inside the ship people always come on the deck to smoke.

So I just opened my back in a corner and started throwing Tower Busters in the water and people looked puzzled. Especially 3 polish people (I think they were polish) who asked me what I was doing… I told them I was throwing these objects for the dolphins. Then they helped me throw them and we had fun at seeing who could throw the furthest, or make it fly the highest etc. And then as I was finishing two of them asked me if they could have one orgonite each, because they thought it looked nice Smile
I gave them the nicest I had there. And just told them that these were called ‘orgonites’.

They were looking to see if dolphins showed up… but we didn’t see any. I guess the surface water is too cold.?

I also gifted about 60 TB along the south-west end of the london orbital motorway (M25) and on the M4 form reading to london M25/M4 junction.

Here is a short video about the trip on the sea and the after effect when driving in France to go back home.

And I have contact to someone else in belgium who just started making orgonites and told me they would drop some orgonites in the channel as well when going to UK Smile Nice to know I’m not the only one!


17 Dec 2008 06:46
Subject: Re: UK, Nordsea Gifting
You’re the man! Cool

17 Dec 2008 15:21
Subject: Re: UK, Nordsea Gifting
Wow ! I’m so grateful that you gifted the sea and with so many pieces of orgonite !

What a great day to be you ! SuperCharged

Don Croft
17 Dec 2008 16:12
Subject: Re: UK, Nordsea Gifting
Fabien, it’s possible or likely that the British Navy has deployed so much weaponry against the dolphins and whales in that area of the sea that they’re not yet able to approach it without risking death.

The more orgonite one will throw in the sea where seabed death transmitters are located, the better chance that dolphins and whales will be able to approach, though, and I won’t be surprised if you see a whole lot of them near the ferry at some point. The psychics can track that orgonite. I’ll ask Carol to do that and will post her observations, or she will.

We encountered dolphins on nearly all of our seagifting sorties around Florida, even in areas where nobody had seen them in years. We also encountered ‘non-local’ species (‘species’ might not be acccurate, since cetaceans can mate outside their kind and produce offspring) This seems to be a rule, not an exception, so let’s see if the seabed deathtowers are a factor in your case.

When Carol last tracked some sea-tossed orgonite, farther east from the ferry route, she saw most of it being taken east and north, following the English coastline. We believe there may be more death towers on the seabed than on land and that water is a ‘friendlier’ medium than air for deadly orgone radiation as well as for healthy orgone. Earth seems to exceed water.

The corporate world order have been obsessed with massacreing cetaceans for centuries and when enough orgonite is in the sea, it will no longer be possible for them to do it. Public outrcry against whaling essentially stopped that horrid enterprise, which is a clear sign of human progress. Now, at least two navies (USA and UK) are apparently mandated to keep slaughtering our cetacean partners but their success rate has been steadily deteriorating in the past few years since people began tossing orgonite in the sea and we initiated our timely reprisals against the murderers.


Don Croft
Yesterday at 13:16
Subject: Re: UK, Nordsea Gifting
Carol didn’t see much weaponry on the seabed in the English Channel but she’s curious about why most of the orgonite tossed in that region moves north, toward Scandinavia or the Arctic Ocean. She saw a few of Fabien’s TBs taken to the French/Belgian coastal area, this time.

To clarify, when we get reports of dolphin and whale massacres around the world the psychics almost always find submarines and surface vessels of the US and British navies doing the roundups and killings. Apparently, if someone has already put orgonite in an area like that it’s much harder, if impossible, for these navies to achieve the massacres. Also, some of these massacres occured in areas that are close to where a lot of sea gifting had been done. The best example of that was when the navies drove hundreds of dolphins onto the beach in Zanzibar, not far south of where the East Africans had just tossed buckets full of towerbusters from a chartered fishing boat to waiting dolphins offshore near Mombasa, Kenya.

The pod of dolphins who may still be hanging out in the well-gifted estuary in New Jersey, apparently waiting for the US Navy to stop their murderous sonar seige offshore, are apparently safe in the shallow water and not being forced up onto the shore by the Navy’s constant sonar blitz. We haven’t gotten to this problem because of some other issues in the chat sessions but we will. I think that if the dolphins were in trouble we’d have done something about it before now. We like to go after these naval predators before they achieve their specific massacre aims; prevention is much better than reprisals.

When someone with suffiicient capital and a conscience finally gets behind this global gifting effort, there will soon be enough orgonite in all the seas to force the US and British navies to stop their massacre agenda. The dolphins, too, will probably take a towerbuster to every single seabed death tower and there might be more of them on the seabed than on land.

Meanwhile, we’re in the enviable posiiton of being pioneers, which is why I try so hard to get our readers to be persistent enough with tossing orgonite in the sea that they’ll get the requisite confirmations from dolphins and whales, as many have done by now. Going to the same area, again and again, probably increases the chances of contact. The psychics are happy to track your sea gifts and this helps us in teh chatrooms, too, becuase tracking the movement of orgonite in the sea will probably lead us to important, secret targets.



Didn’t get my resin on time to make 250 TB again so…
I dropped the 70 Tb’s I had in the channel on my way back to the UK, it’s funny to see how I was welcomed on my arriving in Cardiff…
This is all I could see for more than 2 hours, I believe where the chemtrails managed to stick was about 50-100 miles north of Cardiff

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Ouah great work!!

That must have enormous effects!!

[Image Can Not Be Found] [Image Can Not Be Found] [Image Can Not Be Found] [Image Can Not Be Found] [Image Can Not Be Found]

Hi Frode

When did you take the ferry to Denmark ?

I took the boat from Sandefjord to Sweden 3 years ago, but only dropped a few into the Oslofjord to conserve on gifting towers. Your gifting reminds me of the Little Mermaid, her story and statue to her in Copenhagen.

[Image Can Not Be Found]


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Little update

I dropped 305 TB’s in the channel early in the morning of the 27th of march, if I counted right.

And two dozen between Dunkerke and Lille along the motorway antennas.

We crossed very early and on the sunset we were followed by Sylphs for about hundred kilometers

The only chemtrail planes I saw that day? Not even sure it was chemtrails… I believe they were, anyway it wasn’t a good day for them [Image Can Not Be Found]

I wonder where the Tb’s will be moved to this time [Image Can Not Be Found] Iceland? that was my wish. If our sea friends have better targets, I’m glad to help them [Image Can Not Be Found]

B I E N J O U E B R A I K A R! ! ! [Image Can Not Be Found] [Image Can Not Be Found] [Image Can Not Be Found]

Great stuff Braikar & Frode.

At the moment I can’t afford any big runs like this, as I’m getting married later this year, so it is very inspiring to hear that other folks in the UK/Europe are ripping up the DORmongers.

Thanks to you both.


Best wishes for your wedding [Image Can Not Be Found]

I’ll keep doing these drops until I see no more EM waves above the sky in UK!
I hope our cetacean friends are moving them around to good targets [Image Can Not Be Found]

I’ll keep doing that until I see our friends dolphins too along the boat [Image Can Not Be Found]

Here’s the last batch, I went back to UK during the night of sunday to monday 19-20 april and dropped exactly 247 TB more into the channel.

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Hi Frode,

Well I don’t find my work very important compared to Je or south africa gifting and other such big projects [Image Can Not Be Found] I just happen to be obliged to cross the channel every 3/4 months so I use that opportunity to drop orgonites at the same time [Image Can Not Be Found]
I feel honored that you think it is inspiring [Image Can Not Be Found]

When I read your post I directly thought of the mediteranean sea gifting I did in end of december. I don’t think that dump of snow on norway was a coincidence, after all orgonite attracts water and any glass of water in a freezer with enough orgonite on top can prove it [Image Can Not Be Found]
I remeber the same happened not far from where we dropped all the orgonites in the mediteranean sea, except that it happened 2 weeks afterwards on the 6-7th of january 2009 (the gifting was done between the 20-22 of december), Marseille was covered with 30cm of snow in less than 24 hours, a feat that didn’t happen since 30 years if I remember correctly what they said in the news that day.
Well the south of france is surely not equipped to handle so much snow, it was chaos on the roads for 2-3 days and everyone complained about the lack of response of the people supposed to handle the snow and clear the roads.
But as with you in Norway I noticed the snow seemed simply to be dumped from the sky and it wasn’t the fault of the authorities that they couldn’t handle it, it was just too much in very little time [Image Can Not Be Found]

On that picture of that day the snow looks clearly very heavy and is falling in mass!

[quote user=“Frode” post=“4783”]Maybe the orgonite caused a rebalancing of the atmosphere, in addition to the already forecasted snowfall?
From your description, in my opinion it’s an evidence that some enhancement/reenergising of the atmosphere was caused by your orgonites [Image Can Not Be Found]

Just a small update

I had forgotten about it, I dropped 160 TB’s and 2 HHG at the end of June when crossing the channel to go back to france.

And 5 days ago (the 29/08) when going to the UK for the weekend to collect resin and visit friends I took that opportunity to drop the rest of the orgonites I had, about 100 TB’s

A nice moment to drop TBs [Image Can Not Be Found]

This is a bit late, now. Just for the record.

I dropped again about 200TBs in the channel at end of March and gifted the M4 motorway in UK between Cardiff/London with more than 1 TB every kilometer [Image Can Not Be Found]
And about 2000TBs shipped to different places in france
and 2 CBs [Image Can Not Be Found]

From time to time, Braikar has emailed to ask me to ask Carol to look at where the orgonite may be moving and, each time he gifted from the ferry in the English Channel she saw dolphins moving it to the north and east, into the North Sea. She said that many or most of the ones he tossed at the end of March had moved up to vicinity of Iceland.

A lot of us seem to know what to do with orgonite, even when it makes no apparent sense. When we were gifting the sea around South Florida we saw early evidence that much of the orgonite was being taken rather far away. The easiest way to track that is to watch the smog disappear off the coastline. I doubt there’s any more smog off the coasts in the North Sea, assuming there was before, because of the thousands of towerbusters these fellows and others have tossed in teh sea, there but in the beginning it may have been easy to keep track of that. A lot of confirmations will go un-noticed simply becasuse we don’t always know what to watch for but I think our readers get a sense that we’re all sensible people (well, perhaps most of us) and it’s obvious that we find gifting rewarding on several levels. I get feedback from readers about that–some are puzzled but all seem to be fascinated and even inspired by our reports.

The new way of seeing and experiencing reality that is demonstrated in so many of the reports on EW is very unlike the traditional way in the West, but not unusual to indigenous people in Africa, the Americas, parts of Asia, etc. I’m gratified that so many Europeans are demonstrating this faithful and productive approach. I half-jokingly call us all (the paler ones) Europoids but in terms of the species, we are indeed the little brothers and sisters; the late comers.

I used to hammer people to focus on reporting the confirmations but simply acting the intuitive promptings seem to be ultimately more important. I think it also encourages our readers to try their hand at following through on their hunches. We all get them, after all. At first they might seem outlandish or too imaginitive but committing to following through will soon show us that they make sense if we’re fairly balanced people.

Most who regularly read these reports seem to be pretty balanced; otherwise they’d be spending their time on titillating disinformation websites [Image Can Not Be Found] and, as some have said, ‘If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.’ People come here to get some encouragement to be more and more effective and independent., also to grab some positive energy, after all.

Sea gifting might be the most important activity, ultimately. There might be more weaponry on the sea bottom than on land, in fact, and the sea takes up three quarters of the earth’s surface. This is a fertile., nearly untouched area for examination and consideration. Maybe this need is what’s driving Braikar, Frode and others to make so much of our orgonite for simply tossing in the water.


Personally, what you said last is almost what motivates me for making most of my gifting in the waters now. Because who knows how much weaponery is hidden in the seas and oceans!
But/also water, in my opinion, is the best natural conductor of orgone, since all living things are made of water…
But it is the best conductor of orgone both ways, DOR or POR, so I want it to be filled of POR worldwide [Image Can Not Be Found]

Water has called to me, as well. Of late, I find it most compelling to hit every creek and stream and river I cross while driving, tossing it sideways out the window of my car as I cross bridges. I imagine that I am strengthening and hopping-up the already-most-potent good-energy-producing grid in the region – water is life, after all. Waterfront real estate the most valuable, the most desired, because it FEELS the best – it’s where the ‘life’ is. I hit towers too, of course, of all sorts – but water feels like ‘the first thing to do.’

I also think to myself ‘the ill-intended are NEVER going to find this one’ as it goes ‘plunk’ into the water.

My earliest gifting ‘runs’ were when I went surfing on Oahu, I’d put TBs in the pockets of my shorts and surreptitiously drop them when out beyond the break. Those couple three TB’s seeming pale, now, in comparison with HUNDREDS dumped in the channel by our serious European friends! It’s merry, merry work, these are great times. I can’t wait to log on to EW each day, because it’s the only place where the GOOD NEWS is studiously reported.

Another 25-30kg dropped in the channel two days ago [Image Can Not Be Found]
And a nice picture of the full moon that night on the ferry [Image Can Not Be Found]

Fabien, I’ve gotten in the habit of asking Carol where your orgonite goes when you toss it from the England/France ferry [Image Can Not Be Found] . Dolphins and whales absolutely love to receive orgonite to distribute.

She sees most of what you tossed, this time, being taken to an active faultline or deep crevasse under the sea near Iceland. I’ll ask the psychics to peek at this area to see if the corporate sewer rats wish to detonate another hydrogen bomb, there, or otherwise cause un-natural mayhem soon.

Good work! I agree with you fellas that water gifting always pays off in a big way. When we’re flinging orgonite from a moving vehicle through deserts or dry areas we always aim for a creek, pond, river or lake when we can. A slingshot proves useful for this sort of work, by the way, because you can usually get a towerbuster into the woods beyond the mowed area along highways.

We sometimes use a spudgun but at night it produces a big, blue flame, which draws too much attention for our own comfort. In the daytime you can’s see the muzzle flash [Image Can Not Be Found] and dark objects flung or shot from a moving vehicle are essentially invisible, even when police are tailing you (we found that out in Georgia in 2003). Ben once tossed a TB and hit a cop car but it didn’t get the cop’s attention, fortunately.


Cool thanks Don, I wonder where the orgonites went this time, I asked the dolphins to please distribute half of them in the channel, as the brown layer on the sea I saw during yesterdays crossing was really strange… France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany are under a big dry season and I still can’t figure out if it’s natural or not, but it seems slightly ‘encouraged by artificial manipulation’ to stay drier right now

Again another 20kg of TBs dropped [Image Can Not Be Found]

And if you see the brown layer, enlarge the pictures…

Haarp waves breaking up when I was waiting to get in the ship…

Is that DOR or petrol polution, with brown smoke coming out from the middle of the sea??

A panorama of the sea with the sky, looks clearly like some HAARP waves…

Other pictures of the brown layer… enlarge them.

And a panorama of the sea with this layer of brown stuff…

Also a clear shot of ONE chemtrail being sent to target me?

Is that brown stuff just polution, or some evidence of DOR and underwater stuff? It’s the first time I see it that bad, sometimes I did see a tiny layer, but never that bad…

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