UK radio and TV transmitters--HAARP maybe

been on a sortie. Done 3 of the big TV/Radio transmitters now. This one, Woofferton, used to be BBC so 2 women told me who accosted me when I was gifting a mast behind their motel. Now owned by company called Merlin. Has quite a few small satellite dishes.

On another subject I guess the huge increase in ME, which the psychiatric lobby are trying to label as mental illness, is mostly due to chemtrails. Their main man is Wessley, and their is a hagiography to him here

causing trouble on the main internet Encylopedia, did a page to Don
needs expanding, but thought I’d get it up there first, most of my pages the pharma boys try to delete, as you can see on my user page under Edit wars
Can’t write to save my life, of course, which doesn’t help, more of an archivist and thinker.

they have managed to use ad hominem to suppress all links to, so don’t try linking there. Getting round that in due course.

If you want to start editing on Wiki let me know and I’ll show you how to avoid the traps

37 on the internet hit counter, so good to counter the propaganda.