Under attack! Can someone help me with some maps?

My mother has been under heavy attack for the last 2 weeks. She has intense pain in different areas of her body during night and she’s currently blind of her right eye. She has poor energy during the day. Some days are quite miserable for her. We went to a medic and she said that there was nothing wrong with my mother’s eye and that the problem was psychological, in other words, energetic.

To help counter the attacks I need to bust again the underground bases near the city of Itapeva, around Itangua Canyons. The general area of the bases is at the link bellow.


I need help locating the spots from which the attacks are launched. I have to hire a motorcyclist to take me there, the area is rough to ride and the number of EPs I have are limited, so I really need help to find the spots as accurately as possible. I can’t dowse no matter how I try it, I hate it. I have few resources so every EP pounded must hit a target. if you are good at spotting underground bases in a map and is willing to help, please help me.

Somewhere under this base there is a portal to an insect alien world. Dooney spoted it a couple of times during coaching chats. Shutting it down would help me a lot. I heard some UFO reports from the surrounding area. One eyewitness, which I do not personally know, saw a rock wall of the canyon open in the night, revealing a bright light from inside it. An UFO them flew from it and the wall shut itself again.

How many EPs do you have ? Let’s say you have 10 EPs, then you can put a string of them across a stretch of 20 km, every 2 km for instance and cover a lot of ground.

Putting a string of them across the landscape I’ve found to be very helpful, it will trigger a cascading effect of clearing deadly orgone as you move along.

If someone can pinpoint locations that would be good, but that is an idea.

I’m about to receive material for 30 EPs and plan to use them in triplets, so I can hit 10 spots. Underground bases can house whatever DOR machinery they can build. I found that gifting them lightly is unreliable and inefficient, as they tend to upgrade their weapons after a while. They must be completely overpowered. Smaller earth pipes like earth stakes are not reliable and will be overcome by them. One must hit underground bases heavily. It’s not about covering large areas, it’s about hitting the right places with enough force, otherwise the relief will be short lived and the effort will be wasted. The area is rural, big and hard to navigate. Many private properties are closed, the roads are poor and it’s easy to get lost.

We are under heavy attack all the time. Things are bad and getting worse. My mother has a bleeding inside her eye, in her retina, and her vision gets worse with the attacks. I can’t sleep during night most of the week. They are dumping a lot of DOR in my home right now. Only busting the base properly can make things better. I must gift the places in this reptilian hive from where they are launching the attacks.

That is my experience too unfortunately, that they will shift things around. So from that perspective my advice wasn’t completely sound, more based on the statement that you didn’t have lot to work with. I’m glad you have 30 EPs to bring, it evens the odds in your favour for sure.

I’ve personally gotten the Bilo orgonite in my house. I’ve had it for three days and I’m in recovery from all the negativity. I will share share my experience in more details soon.

Hi Edu!

Follow your intuition! Be unpredictable!

You might just drop one tb and then hit them hard much later or a bit later, or you just change the direction while busting, making a fake trace. All this is done mainly by your intuition. (The operators?) I always felt that I’m being instructed in my dreams and all was right in the end, even if there were targets not done or only partly done for a long time. If a target isn’t done entirely, it will give you some relieve anyway. You won’t forget it and finish it later.

In this special case you should weaken their position fast, so I would recommand to use some ammunion soon, following and trusting your intuition to make them weaker. Always think about your position first to operate from a secure base. Look out for targets with a long range like ground water, rivers, electric lines, whatever…

Dangerous targets were very often sourounded, hit a bit here and a bit there - I came fast and left fast to avoid risk leaving just one or two tbs. Like that they cannot track whats going on. When a potition had lost all the protection and layers around, I tend to hit the center hard, but not always! Never give them a pattern. They mustn’t know whats gonna happen next.

I hope this helps.