Underground Bases in Africa

This is the info that brought us 9 days in Zimbabwean police custody and ruined our orgone safari.

A map of a lot of underground bases in East and Central Africa. maybe not complete but the best we have at this point.

I received it anonymously from a person who claims to have been a high operative in the secret mercenary NWO armies.

Now this alone would not yet be exciting.

But all the places we visited before we were violently stopped proved spot on. So I insist the info is red hot. Our 9 day detention in Zimbabwe (more about that later) is clearly related to this info as well.

Here is an overview map:

The more detailed map is here.

please save the detailed pic immediately and store it in a safe place even if you are not planning an orgone safari in the near future.

In order for this information to escape supression it has to be widely distributed and fast.

Take it on my word for now and just save the detailed map. then store it on a disk or stiffy, not only on your computer, ok?


Have you saved it yet?

Yes, but the “more detailed map” doesn’t come up.




Thanks Rich. I have now found why it did not work. So both links work now. One must chose “open link in same window” when inserting the link.


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