Unique Powerwand/Dirty-cop experiences ;-)

(Don Croft) #1

Hi Don,
Hope this finds you and Carol in a good place with a smile on your faces;-)
Thought I’d share a couple of incidents that recently occurred.
I noticed a significant increase in the ELF/Dor crap just before
Thanksgiving.Whenever I am being specifically targeted I get a funny sound in my ear.I was
able to thwart a couple of these specific/special attacks by using my PW
,slashing cold water on my face , ingesting caffeine and in general making a real
effort to stay conscious.Yesterday (12/28)one of these attacks occured as I
was online. Then I was aware of a low flying helicopter overhead.Hard to
ignore! From the sound of it it was a black one of which I have a lot of experience
with.I suddenly became extremely drowsy and had to lay down on the sofa for a
minute.BTW, I never sleep in the middle of the day unless I’m very ,very
,very sick.That minute lasted @ 2 hrs.I awoke to my husband coming in and telling
me to call the sheriff as our utility trailer had been stolen from the end of
the driveway. We have a very long driveway.I did and waited outside for the
deputy as I don’t like them on the property much less in the house.I should also
insert that I have no fear of people in uniform as I grew up around them and
to me they are just that …people in uniform.I have been known to approach
them and give them hell…not smart. He finally arrived and just walked in the
house liked he owned the place. It was unusally warm yesterday ,60 degrees he
could have taken his report outside.
He came in sat at the dining table and began taking his report.I noticed he
kept fidgeting and looking around. He even shined his flashlight onto the
chandelier which hung directly over him.Then I noticed my PW which I left on the
dining table turned on and sitting directly underneath a skylight. I had done
that deliberately earlier in the day;-). His radio wouldn’t work in the
house??? so he had to use our phone.He was perplexed.He wasn’t obnoxious but I
recognized him as a predator. As he left the property he shined his flashlight
everywhere as if he was looking for the stolen trailer?Jerks!!
What is frustrating is trying to remember what happened when I was asleep
on the sofa. I know I was taken astrally and for a specific purpose. I feel
they had to send in the helicopter as I was successful previously in fighting
them off.I was trying to converse with my orgonite pal online afterwards as she
was trying to help me recall what had really happened but the ISP wouldn’t let
us. They threw her off etc.
The other incident occured the 22nd of December. I was going shopping with
my daughter, she is 19,so I put a fresh ,out of the package battery, in my PW
made sure it was working and put it in the car. Off we went. She was driving.
I was doing the mom thing and watching her speed etc. She was okay. Then there
was a cop right on our tail. I knew he was going to pull us over for
something,anything,so I connected with my PW. Suddenly he just stopped …in the
middle of the road. Just stopped. We went on our merry way. He caught up to us @
10 minutes later but left us alone. We both got ill while standing in line at
Malmart and when I got home the fresh battery I had put in my PW was dead.
If you have any other suggestions as to how to keep these scumbags away I’m
all ears. More orgonite is on my list and I did receive a nice big HHG from
sonas a gift.He got it from CTbusters.I do believe gifting is our best line of
both defense and offense.
I’m cool with you publishing our communications as you see fit. They have
crossed a line by sending people in he physical into my home.
Many Blessings to you and Carol,
Mary Burton