Unusual Radionics Considerations

Radionics is an orgone-based technology that’s quite powerful. The bad guys use it just as well or maybe better than teh good guys do but maybe that’s because the good guys are subjected to so much interference when they try.

Carol and I played around with it, several years ago, in conjunction with our kinetic vortex-generating backyard pyramid, which we gave to Dooney and Stevo befofe we moved to Florida.

The subject came up for me, recently, when I made the acquaintance, through email, of a new gifting friend who uses radionics to earn his living.

Interesting timing, because for the past few years several agencies, mainly the CIA and NSA, have been directing radionics assaults around the clock at several of us and we’ve spent countless hours in the chatroom countering those efforts in order to remain in business. I’ve posted about this often enough but the four targets have been: Stevo’s doctor business, Andy’s ctbusters.com, Carolien’s orgonite.eu and our worldwithoutparasites.com . It’s nice that we got immediate confirmation, each time, in the form of restored trade but we got really sick of getting attacked.

Enter Kelly and Cesco’s marvellous 108, which seems to dissolve radionic assaults. I say this tentatively because even though it’s evidently working around the clock to accomplish this (and we don’t need to put any effort into it after setting up the device!) there isn’t enough data to base a specific claim on. I made 8 copies of the 108 to send out to people who are either under radionics attack or may be liable for it. I especially want to send one to my new buddy who depends on radionics for a living, of course. I bet it actually boosts legitimate radionics, the way sending heart energy to a predator with an atrophied heart chakra might cause his earthly demise but sending the same energy to each other just makes us feel better and happier. How cool is that?

Our friend, Stan Cayer, who has busted all the death towers and mountain top death arrays over a huge region of British Columbia, was selling a radionics ‘amulet’ that was evidently causing people to get greatly increased gas mileage when the thing was attached under the gas tanks of their cars. For several weeks he was emailing his list to report updates of his personal experience and the shared experiences of other reputable people. I’m always a little skeptical of stuff like this, so I wait until there’s enough data available to warrant the investment and in this case I sent Stan a couple hundred bucks for one of those amulets.

We weren’t planning any trips but Kelly was about to go to New Mexico to put earthpipes all around the central underground base near the town of Dulce, so I asked him to stick it under his gas tank. He didn’t put his full attention into it but when he got back he told me that his gas mileage did improve. We then put it under our own gas tank in the Jeep, right before a trip, and our gas mileage actually decreased.

Someone else might have blamed Stan for this but I believed his data was accurate but that the feds had sabotaged the business with their own, more powerful radionics. When Carol took a look she saw the same thing.

Stan may be the first gifter to use sacred geometry placement of orgonite pieces to generate large results. Though the city of Vancouver, where he lives, had been thoroughly gifted, in terms of busting the thousands of new death towers and weather weapons in and around town, a HAARP whiteout still persisted, which is also what happened over thoroughly-gifted Toronto around the same time. In Toronto’s case, the psychics saw the problem originating under the coastal waters of Nova Scotia and Newfoundland and when someone gifted those waters Toronto’s whiteout disappeared and has not significantly returned. In Vancouver’s case, Stan specifically told me that when he was sitting on the roof of his RV he felt inspired to place some TBs in a geometrical arrangement, then the whiteout suddenly dissolved, beginning right overhead.

Stan is a skilled, reputable psychic, by the way, along with being a successful businessman and an exceptionally healthy octegenarian. He loves to charge up mountains, on foot, to disable the death ray arrays on top. I didnt’ deny his claim but I did put it in my ‘wait and see’ file at the time. A couple of years later, Kelly discovered that putting six TBs in a close circle over an especially disrupted ley line immediately cured it. Putting TBs along the line hadn’t affected it. I still had Stan’s earlier claim in the ‘wait and see’ file but after Kelly and Cesco’s 108 demonstration, last year I’ve taken Stan’s claim out and dusted it off [Image Can Not Be Found] . I don’t remember if Stan made a hexagram or pentagram but I hope to ask him. He hasn’t been in touch for some time and I don’t have his current email address. Hopefully , he’s reading this and will email me at [email protected] or someone who knows him and is reading this will give me his email address.

If the 108 can’t be countered by the $#!+bird radionics specialists it bodes well for anyone who earns a legitimate living with radionics and thus attracts the baleful stare of the parasitic corporate world order.


There’s so much new information coming to people in this unorganized effort that it’s a challenge to keep up (seems impossible, sometimes).

This isn’t a problem except in terms of integrating the material in a positive way. You might have seen a progressive business grow to a massive scale, almost overnight, only to collapse. Maybe we can assume that the collapse was engineered by the $#!+birds and when they can’t do it quickly, they’ll try it through infiltration and corruption.

Consolidation is the companion process to growth. Fortunately for this unorganized gifting movement, the interference by the agencies, mainly through their search engines in conjunction with their faker forums, has ensured a pretty slow but steady growth in terms of attracting substantive people to this effort and building up a formidable public record of our collective accomplishments.

The volume of new information that the psychics are uncovering in the chatrooms goes mostly unreported, though Dooney does her best to ‘catalog’ all that on donebydooney.com . A lot of this challenges most people’s credulity but since we keep it in the ‘subjective impressions’ realm our readers can look at it without feeling obliged to believe or deny it and their value in the record will probably increase at the rate that general human awareness continues to expand.

So, I’m asking that anyone who will be posting his/her notions of possible new approaches, of which there is a shipload right now, will extend the courtesy of specifying that this is all suggestive, rather than authoritative. This is what we’re now doing with the 108, for instance. I feel a need to post this reminder from time to time because it’s so easy to fall into the sleepless sycophants’ trap if one is especially gifted and can be swindled into agreeing to be placed on a corporate/occult pedestal