Update From Japan: Tetsuzi And Ayumi's Large Scale Project

Don Croft
21 Sep 2008 20:56
Subject: Update from Japan: Tetsuzi and Ayumi’s Large Scale Project
This is a followup on Tetsuzi’s lavishly illustrated report of his initial efforts, putting earthpipes around Japan’s southernmost island. Ayumi came to us through her long time associate in Australia, Hugh Lovel, who has been making and selling orgonite cloudbusters on that continent.

Ayumi Sasaki, who lives in Northern Japan, and Tetsuzi Moriwake, who lives in Southern Japan (Hiroshima) conceived a plan, a couple of years ago, to prevent violent earthquakes in Japan and the following report is pretty astonishing and I’m heartened to know that many other people in Japan have also gotten involved with this! My comments will follow:

Dear Don,

Hello! I have no doubt you are doing wonderful work every day.
My friends (including Tetsuji-san) and I have been setting up many CBs – well over 100 – throughout Japan to save this country from earthquakes and other disasters. Including Earth Keepers (Earth Pipes), I think we placed about 300 orgone generators here.
Thanks to you and gods, Japan has been able to avoid calamities so far.

I am almost certain that you have heard of the danger coming to California. It is rumored that the peninsula of California might sink into the sea because of a major earthquake that will happen at San Andreas Fault.
I want to know if any measure is being taken to stop this. We think many Earth Pipes will be needed along the Fault. Do you know if anybody is doing something to stop this? We think it might occur late November.

Please e-mail me back at your earliest convenience.
Thank you very much.


I agree that it’s essential to put as many earthpipes along the San Andreas and other faultlines. Carol, Stevo and I even dropped a couple hundred towerbusters in the sea on an especially rough day off the Oregon Coast, at the approximate latitude of the apparent terminus of that fault, which is apparently an active volcano on the seabed, about sixty miles offshore. We feel confident that the whales in the vicinity delivered all that orgonite to teh appropriate spots along the fault and around the erupting volcano. For over a decade, that volcano had or has been heating up the sea enough that sailfish, which are semi-tropical game fish, have been seen there. Ordinarily, that water is quite cold.

In late 2004, when Carol swam with the roughtooth dolphin pod offshore in Costa Rica, she said that they explained to her that the entire coast of North America, from Alaska to Colombia, is bound to slough off into the sea within 12 years of her meeting with them but that we can ameliorate that event with enough orgonite so that everyone will have plenty of time to move to safety, after it begins. Of course this should not be considered an authoritative prediction but one ought at least to put it in the ‘wait and see’ file and take prudent action if or when the process begins. We certainly won’t be buying any property west of the Sierra Madre and the Cascades Cool

It absolutely would be terrific if more US West Coast, Canadian And Central American gifters will attend to earthpiping the San Adreas, meanwhile, adn all the other faultlines that run north and south in their areas and perhaps beyond.

We stopped the severe seismic activity in and beside the Yellowstone Caldera with earthpipes and Kelly stopped the same level of activity on Mt Rainier with ordinary towerbusters so we have no doubt that this stuff works consistently well to soothe the earth.


Homer t
22 Sep 2008 10:07
Subject: Re: Update From Japan: Tetsuzi And Ayumi’s Large Scale Proj
Ayumi…Homer t here…because I live right on top of the fault line (san andreas)…only about 50 miles from the Palmdale buldge…I have been working on the fault-line for two years…the Salton Sea area is really close to the Gulf of Baja and that area has been piped and TB-ed…
I have found the vortex here in desert hot springs, close to where I live , and it has been gifted, also…much more can be done…I am only one…if other gifters are in this area please contact me and we can attack the probem with greater gusto…

Homer t

Don Croft
23 Sep 2008 17:27
Subject: Re: Update from Japan: Tetsuzi and Ayumi’s Large Scale Proj
Good work, HOmer, and thx for the report. An unfortunate aspect of this global unorganization is that many prolific gifters are hesitant to network with people (including me) whom they don’t already know. This has taken gifters in entire nations out of the loop, so to speak and the cause of this little problem was some effective activity, in the early years, of agency moles. Australia and UK were hardest hit by agency moles and the German, French, Italian, Spanish and presumably Finnish forums are beleaguered with clever attempted infiltrations, even now. Fortunately, though, this has apparently not slowed the dissemination of this empowering info in any of those countries. Places like Japan are less prone to interference by the $#!+bird agencies for some reason.

I’m happy to report, at least, that these moles fell by the wayside after they did their damage and were exposed, also that we’ve noticed fewer and fewer attempts by moles to infiltrate EW, perhaps because the shifting cleverness of the $#!+bird agencies can’t apparently keep up with the evolution of this vital network.


Homer t
23 Sep 2008 18:18
Subject: Re: Update From Japan: Tetsuzi And Ayumi’s Large Scale Proj
I hope that, in days to come, we can network more effectively…This thing about the fault line is timely and I just got a message from William, a prolific gifter from the high desert…now we are two….and growing each day…I can not accept that we will all be inundated by water…we can and must stop this from becoming…
I also got a message from a lady in Oregon and we are finding more gifters in that state…it’s all good

homer t

Don Croft
25 Sep 2008 17:17
Subject: Re: Update from Japan: Tetsuzi and Ayumi’s Large Scale Proj
It’s good to network, HOmer, and on a broader scale we’re often each guided to do a certain thing at a certain time and place, and when we follow those finer promptings faithfully we’re networking on a less personal level wiht others who are also willing to follow instinctive promptings in a timely way. I remember group meetings in Los Angeles in the early years of this movement when half the people present were either paid agents saboteurs or Monarch Program assets and any time a physical meeting is called together in this movement the same should be expected, at least until the CIA and MI6 are finally thrown down. Hopefully, others can profit from our past misjudgements.

Carol’s experience with teh roughtooth dolphins ought to be considered subjective and I can’t stress that enough. I brought it up for consideration, just as I’d bring up anything that a reputable psychic has to say.

According to her, the sloughing off of the western part of North and Central America isn’t a punishment and would be gradual enough for everyone to get to safety. Anyone who will look at the continental shelf off the eastern seaboard knows that the sea level rose several hundred feet at some point. There are even old river courses on the continental shelf and some evidence of old buildings, apparently.

If some big cycle dictates another rise in sea level or some geographic adjustment we don’t need to be emotionally vested in it, perhaps, and gifting surely softens the blow in any case–preventing traumatic events.

The last time we were with dolphins, they expressed a lot of confidence to Carol in the present course of human development. Previously, they’d expresssed a lot of anxiety. Remember when it wasn’t clear whether or not teh $#!+birds were going to achieve genocide and the enslavement of the remainder of the human race? If teh beaches start disappearing in California maybe that would be a good time for people west of teh Sierra Madre to find another place to live. On the upside, that would sure disappear the US Government, too, because a physical disaster of that scale would also sink the corporate world odor, which is what is propping up this murderous, global legbreaker regime.


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