Update From Kathi, A Resolute Gifter In Arizona

Don Croft
30 May 2008 08:26
Subject: Update from Kathi, a resolute gifter in Arizona
Hi Don. Yeah, I remember when that little corner of Idaho tried to secede. Of course those guys were all white supremacists, so they were mostly just scary to anyone who wasn’t bright white.
A quick update: I’ve been doing some more traveling around. It’s really frustrating to see those mtn top arrays, & not see any way to get up there. A couple cool things- I was on the Navajo Rez, trying to figure out how to get up to a Haarp array. drove up to some guy’s house, told him what i was doing, & he agreed to take a hhg & some pucks up there. I told him to research org on the web, also that we have had rain & snow ever since i got a biggie near here. The other is that someone found out that I’ve been steadfastly gifting, & they asked me to teach a workshop at a metaphysical bookstore. Totally cool to have someone besides me driving all over the SW throwing pucks, etc.
I drove thru a big New Mex city & saw a set of 6 right in the middle of an interstate exchange! all I had time to do was throw 6 pucks out. hope it made a difference. was that a harp? I put out 60 pucks on the way, always run out before we get back home. Man you should see Flagstaff!! 3 separate mtns beside each other with whole huge arrays. what the hell do they need so many towers for??? By the way, near Santa Fe it felt like someone has actually been gifting there. Are you aware of anyone busy there? If so, it didn’t feel like they’d gotten anywhere else.
As always, my question is how do i get up to the big arrays that are on mtns set way out in the distance, with no roads visible to even attempt to find the access roads? Drives me crazy. I’d be hiking for days thru rattlesnake country, & most likely lost, trying to walk there. Kathi

Good job, Kathi, as usual! Sure, towers in a row are always HAARP weapons and one TB per tower is always enough for them. Driving across the northern states has shown Carol and I, this week, that the HAARPies are working harder but are getting less results, now. It’s wonderful to see their current decline! We still need to disable all of their weapons. though.

Flying sure is the shortcut for disablign a lot of mountaintop ‘deathray arrays’ in a timely way and the world order seems to be putting a lot of their remaining eggs in these hard targets, now that so many people are disabling the neighborhood death towers and the more accessible arrays. Andy’s recent experience with those mountain arrays in Riverside (east of LA) confirms this, I think.

I wish I could be everywhere to do this from the air but hopefully somebody else will be also inspired to get up there before long—it’s the next gifting frontier, after all Wink and flying kind of like a bird seems to bring us closer to the dolphins and other nice ETs in a good-weird way. Ultralights are so much more fun than flying those bigger, enclosed planes and it’s no wonder that ‘somebody’ essentially destroyed the grassroot ultralight movement.

There are a lot of sometime gifters in that part of New Mexico. I think that newagers in general are full of good intentions but just don’t have a lot of gifting stamina because of Theosophy-derived commitment issues and/or pot addiction.

The ‘Aryan Nation’ was apparently just a CIA shill designed to frighten people away from teh concept of secession. They were hermits. actually, afraid of their own shadows and when their grand poobah finally expired (from syphillis? Cool ) they all just sort of wandered away. Their little compound was surrounded by California- yuppie estates, by the way. I think the Lakota are finally giving ‘secession’ a respectable profile Wink