Us Postal Service: Orgonite Is Hazardous

Hello relatives,

About a month ago I shipped two boxes of tb’s from the post office.
The next day one of the boxes ended up back on my porch in a crate with a hazmat tag on it.
They said that the smell was too strong and the tb’s were hazardous.

The tb’s had been painted a few days before so I could understand why they didn’t like the smell.
I aired them out for 4-5 days then mailed them from another post office no problem.

Three days a ago I shipped two more boxes of tb’s (unpainted this time).
Two agents came by the house yesterday and threatened a search warrant if they wree not told what was in the boxes.
I didn’t see them but they harassed my family and even talked about having the city make me stop making orgonite.

They said that I am forbidden from sending orgonite in the mail anymore and that I would have to come pick up the 2 boxes.
They later came back and dropped the tb’s off.
They said that the tb’s were setting off a hazmat sensor and that tb’s are flammable.

Some of these tb’s were poured on saturday and shipped tuesday so I didn’t think the smell was too bad.

all my relations


btw, they kept my money too……

Thanks a lot for posting this, Marcus. What we’re seeing is obviously the sewer rat agencies’ nose in the tent–a tentative effort to make it impossible for all the orgonite vendors to send our wares to our customers.

It’s a pretty bold effort by probably the CIA, apparently showing desperation, and these felons have made the mistake of assuming that Marcus is isolated Cool

Let’s see what our chatroom efforts will reveal and ‘repair’ on Sunday. Dooney has graciously consented to take up some of the considerable workload on Saturday in her chatroom, thank God (and thank Dooney, too, of course Wink )

I told Marcus that in our experience with the US Postal Service, only individual postmasters can be co-opted in FBI and CIA efforts to sabotage us. We’ve never seen postal sabotage extend beyond a single post office.

Our postmaster(mistress) and the clerks, here in Athol, Idaho, like and support Carol and I and it’s not because we often take them organic coffee creations from DeSofina’z Coffee Bar across the street, either Wink

The US Postal Service is not like the internet, where every internet service provider in the US is easily co-opted by these $#!++y agencies to allow hacking and site-destruction. We had to move our websites first to Montreal, then to Chile, in order to keep them away from the CIA hackers.

In our eight years of sending empowering devices through the US Mail, we’ve only experienced frequent, overt sabotage in three post offices: one of the San Antonio post offices, one of the Chattanooga post offices and one of the Houston post offices. Notice that these are all in the Bible Belt, where nobody gets ahead in corporate or gov’t hierarchies without being a member of Scottish Rite masonry and only white masons generally get appointed to administrative positions. Ambitious, Europoid masons in the South (the fat, greasy Good Old Boys you’ve heard about) are particularly enthusastic about licking the @$$holes of the FBI and CIA and I hope they’ll reap the full ‘reward’ for their centuries of affliction.

We’ll have some fun with this one and thanks again about publicizing the sneaky sabotage, Marcus! I hope it will also generate more sales for you on Orgonite4U ( )


There seems to be a coordinated attack underway as I just got forwarded an email that was sent to my hosting providers saying that someone has trademarked the term “orgonite.”

The strange thing is that the url listed as the infringing website is one of Sherry Shiners bizzare offerings. (

I don’t even think that this website is hosted by my hosting providers.

health, help, happiness




Date: 11/28/2008
Identity Website Hosting, Inc.

PO Box 6885

Lancaster, CA 93539-6885


Dear Identity Website Hosting, Inc.:
I, the undersigned, state UNDER PENALTY OF PERJURY that:

  • I am an agent authorized to act on behalf of the owner,
    of certain intellectual property rights (“IP Owner”);
  • I have a good faith belief that the listings identified below (by url, etc.)
    offer items or contain materials that are not authorized by the
    IP Owner, its agent, or the law, and therefore infringe the IP Owner’s
    rights; and
  • The information in this notice is accurate.
    -Please act expeditiously to remove the listings identified in the addendum.

Pursuant to the ruling in the case of Gucci v. Mindspring, hosting companies are now held liable for the illegal conduct of their webmaster clients. In Gucci v. Mindspring, owner of the GUCCI trademark, sued defendant Mindspring Enterprises, Inc. (“Mindspring”) for direct and contributory trademark infringement arising out of Mindspring’s provision of ISP to codefendant Hall & Associates (“Hall”). Plaintiff notified Mindspring twice via email that Hall was using Mindspring’s services to host a website advertising the sale of infringing goods. When Mindspring failed to remove the infringing website, plaintiff sued, seeking injunctive relief and damages from Mindspring arising out of its alleged willful and intentional infringement of the GUCCI mark.

In accordance with International Trademark Law, you must receive notice of these infringements before further action can be taken. This letter is intended to notify Identity Website Hosting, Inc. that these violations are occurring on your server (, and allow reasonable time to address it. Therefore, to prevent potential legal actions from being taken in this matter, it is critical that you immediately take whatever steps are needed to ensure that this egregious violation of International Trademark Law does not persist. Please feel free to forward this message to your attorney for advise. Your attorney may also contact me via email, to discuss how you wish to resolve this matter amicably.

I May Be Contacted At:
Name: David Powell
Email: support [at] thisispk [dot] org
Name of IP Owner: Karl H. Welz
Name and Title: Owner
Company: HSCTI
Address: HSCTI, Box 1298
City, State, and Zip: Woodstock, GA 30188
Email address: karl [at] welz [dot] net
Telephone: 707-924-0223
Fax: (770) 924 0962

Reason: Trademark owner does not make this type of product.

Work infringed:

“Orgonite” (reg. no. 3,033,236 – Registered Dec. 20, 2005)
Item url:

David Powell

Looks like there are two things going on here: Karl Welz apparently got his trademark for ‘orgonite’ and the CIA is showing its hand in the coordinated assault on Marcus.

The only thing Marcus would need to do to get out from under the trademark problem is to remove ‘orgonite’ from his website, I suppose, or just use another server.

We’ll work on his situation today or tomorrow in the chats and let’s see if anyone else will be dunned with the trademark infringement.

We’ve worked on quite a few worse cases in the chatroom–dire situations in which the FBI had formally lined up a police chief and his lt. in a drug sting, a healer in Norway was lined up for imprisonment by the top (sic) court and Doc von Peters (several times) was lined up for prosecution by the sleazy Georgia state medical board and the feds. In each case the molesting agencies simply ‘went away.’ I feel confident that we can help Marcus out of this jam, too.

This is the first effort by ersatz government to shut down an orgonite vendor so we want to nip this in the bud, grid willing.


That really sucks Marcus.

Here are a couple of bits that I do, with regards to minimising the smell.

Firstly, for my pieces I (carefully) use a hot air paint stripper on the undersides of mine, as this completely removes the residual tacky layer, this part of the piece does not have a hard surface to maintain the heat whilst curing, though this also has the side effect of removing most of the smell (plus outgassing).

After this I use organic lemon essential oil to rub around the edge which is filled off to both smooth it and give a nice fragrance. With bigger orders I also dab some around the box and packaging, to ensure the overriding smell is lemon, not resin.

Hope you can get this sorted out without to much stress.

Best Wishes


Very informative, thx Rich.

Considering the tons and tons of orgonite items that have been sent through the mail, we’re going to focus in the chatroom on why the CIA decided to go after Marcus in this case. I’ll post the results of our effort in this thread and will ask Marcus to keep us updated on his situation for awhile after that.

We never take special measures to stop our shipped orgonite items from smelling, nor will we. After so many years of working with resin, of course, we don’t skimp on the catalyst, which is what turns stinky, volatile fiberglas resin into inert plastic. The funny part is that the catalyst smells ten times worse than the resin does Cool

According to the email that the CIA freaks sent to Marcus, Karl Welz had achieved his trademark wish over three years ago but I remember that a year ago he was still sending out warnings to vendors, based on the tentative nature of his claim. I’ve adopted a ‘wait and see’ attitude about this, meanwhile.


Dooney kindly put you on her agenda first, this morning, Marcus… We’re all pretty alarmed that the CIA has done something this overt to the unorganized gifting revolution.

I was pleased to see that my initial hunch was correct: that the CIA accessed a masonic numbnuts postmaster to get the ball rolling. The psychics said he’s barely human; a vacant bureaucrat without a conscience, eager to please his masters. It would be fun to post his name in the thread.

Karl Welz’ name didn’t come up and I didn’t suspect that he was involved, anyway, though they used his alleged trademark complaint as a convenient excuse.

When we first started, Dooney saw a lot of protection around you by the Lemurians, making you essentially untouchable by the felons at Langley. Stevo came in after that and they both said that the native Americans are close ‘cousins’ to the Lemurians.

The intention was apparentlty to frighten you and to thus start a panic among all the vendors and they didn’t count on your resistance or your posting about it–congrats on that! In other words, they did a lousy job of profiling you, which tells me that the CIA is losing its grip, overall.

The NSA is apparently overseeing this effort, which is a nice flower for your buttonhole because they only deal with potent threats to the corporate world order.

Carol had seen Homeland Security jerks involved with the local government threats in your case but that’s not surprising, since the FBI typically does that sort of sabotage and these thugs are all pretty much sucked up by ‘HSA,’ by now, more than the CIA is. Stevo and Dooney also saw their involvement.

The psychics worked on your energy field and found the weakness that was apparently used as the felon’s doorway into your energy field, though of course they didn’t get far with that. Dooney particiularly got the impression that you’ve been on the threshold of a ‘growth spurt’ so in that context the sabotage effort is probably helpful in the long run.

Apparently, their failure to stampede you guarantees that this won’t go any farther so we probably didn’t need to do anything but the only way we could determine that was to do something, after all Wink

Stevo gets that they sabotaged your car to make it look like ‘deferred maintenance,’ so that you would assume you were responsible for the failure. The saboteur got a special measure of our love Cool as did the entire chain of command and the postmaster.

I think we’re going to see how and if their sabotage against you is related to the concurrent sabotage against Frode in Norway.

Keep me posted, okay?


By the way, the CIA has aimed at Marcus through his website’s domain registry and I mentioned to him in email that it might be useful to move it outside of the US under the circumstances. I think all US-based internet companies gleefully bend over for the NSA and CIA.

Does anyone know whether it’s easy to move the registration of a domain outside of the US? We had to move our sites to Canada, then to Chile after several destructive hacker assaults but the sites are still registered on a US-based host and I got the impression that the location was shifted several times. They’re still using the mailing address that we had seven and a half years ago, when the CIA forced us to abandon (hosted on their Yahoo domain, then locked up right after I posted instructions for disabling their then-new death towers with orgonite) and set up

I’d REALLY like to move and out of Utah and outside of the US as soon as possible.


Marcus, You get all the fun ! If I were you I would take the local postmaster’s mugshot and post it here, but I’m not you, just saying, if it was me. Believe me I would if it was Laughing .

Don, Sweden has little or no anti-pirating laws, that’s where the best free file sharing(torrents) movie downloads are hosted and the Netherlands are lax as well when it comes to bending over for the nsa/cia. These guy’s are in Holland, but they are pricey. I do like their disclaimer though Cool .


hello relatives,

I let the orgonite cure for an additional 2 weeks then shipped them off two days ago at another post office.
No problems this time it seems.

Once orgonite is fully cured there is no way that they can say it is hazardous of course.
They did profile me poorly if they thought I would roll over with the threat of some trumped up charges.

Thanks to everyone who helps out in the chat sessions.

all my relations


Good job, Marcus, I think that the felons who pretend to govern us have recognized that you’re a hard target and have moved on Wink but we also sent special measures of love to that stinking postmaster and his Langley lords–will certainly send more if necessary.

We simply use more catalyst than is called for, adjusting for low temperatures when necessary (more catalyst in winter than in summer–simple).

The corporate guys (CIA is a corporation, of coruse) are still poking and prodding, looking for ways to dun us over copyright issues but if that makes anyone in the US nervous, just move your site outside the borders–probably beyond Mexico and Canada is prudent if the Amero thing turs out to be genuine. I’m awfully glad we moved Etheric Warriors from Canada to Chile.