USDA Injunction Against Reich

I knew that when I started putting orgonite in my zappers in 1998 that it was against federal law to sell them because the sewer rats created that law in order to imprison Reich and publicly burn his books (sieg, HEIL!). Cool Karl Welz had been selling orgonite for some time before that–I don’t know when he started.

I still feel confident that the enemy are afraid to draw attention to any of us by publicly prosecuting an orgonite seller on the basis of that alleged law but Francisco of tried to set up a merchant account, last week, and the bank requires documented assurance that his trade does not violate that 1950s US Department of Agriculture injunction against selling orgone-related products across state lines. He’s still the most overtly oppressed orgonite seller among us all but he’s doing much better, now, than he was before we traveled to Belize together last year so I think it’s just a matter of staying in the game long enough for the enemy to finally realize that sabotaging him produces diminishing returns.

Orgonite is gaining popularity in Spain, meanwhile, and he’s still the only reputable, established orgonite manufacturer in that country.

Ever since I started making and selling zappers as ‘Guerilla Manufacturing and Marketing’ while living in my car in 1996 I’ve known that the market ultimately rules in spite of the wishes and ‘intentions’ of the baby-killing oligarchy. Before I had that realization and after I saw these little devices routinely curing cancer, AIDS, etc., I was shocked that the feds didn’t suddenly stop making the parts available at RadioShack. I think I finally gained confidence in the market’s power about a year and a half later when I got my first website.

When Carol and I were flipping all the then-new death towers in and around Atlanta in 2003, though, the FBI evidently went around to all the machine shops to tell them not to sell us any waste metal. This was after the FBI overtly threatened our black sponsor and all of his friends whom we’d taught to make orgonite. I certainly broadcast that news and the FBI stopped their overt thuggery and had to resort to more covert assaults, including the use of poisonous metals on a few of us, which also stopped after we advertised that and the cure (Dr von Peters’ services).

The tax gestapo in Spain were tightening a noose around Francisco by late 2014, hence our boat trip at the end of that year and he hasn’t been molested by them since then. I consider that a major victory on our side. Over here, federal taxes are voluntary so the only ones among us who get molested by the IRS Corporation’s ‘licensed to kill’ agents are the ones who respond to threatening letters. Francisco is quite knowledgeable about personal sovereignty issues.