Using neodymium magnets with orgone/orgonite

I’m relatively new to “orgonite” (but not new to esoterica). It occurs to me that one could crate a genuine power field “pyramid” configuration by including elements such as iron, copper and strong neodymium magnets in different configurations.

You can place these very strong magnets in opposing north/south (push) or in like pole configuration (both pulling) and keep them apart (via wood or non-conductive material). The result is a definite energy field.

Going further, you could create structures with these inside a resin build. I have read that torsion field generators use magnets that are broken up into sections where the opposing poles are inserted.

My curiosity here is whether this is something that would have benefit, but also the correct materials would need to be placed in proximity.

Anyone have a perspective or information about this?


Check out a video by miles johnson, bubble tech.

I learned that the magnet inside the reader arm of old desk-top computers is pretty much as strong as neobydium magnet. and they do have poles. I taped one over an implant in an “abductee’s” leg. the hole where the implant was done had about same diameter as a pencil and was about 1 1/4cm deep. the man set off airport alarms when he went thru security. after being taped on for nearly a week then removed, the hole wasn’t as deep and he no longer set off security alarms. We still use the magnets to neutralize implants. Aside from that, go ahead and experiment! you could develop some more terrific tools for defeating nwo