Vendor Chat Session for Wednesdays

We decided to set this up because so many of the vendors listed on EW’s homepage are being interfered with in various ways by the sewer rat agencies of North America, Australia and Europe. For a long time, the only vendors who were being hit were Dooney and STevo, Andy Schwarm, Carol and I, so we’ve had a lot of midweek sessions to help each other keep our monetary heads above the current. It’s really paid off, by the way.

Now, orgonite must be very close to hitting mainstream awareness because most of the legitimate vendors are being hit on several levels (including physical) by the Big Government freak agencies, now, so let’s blow them back a bit.

Wednesdays, 6PM US West Coast Time, which is 3AM, London Time. This is a work day for Carol and I, so it’s just not feasible for us to start earlier–we’re very sorry about that! If you’re a vendor who lives in an inconvenient time zone, just email your problem to me and we’ll work on you, okay?

Also, remember that Steeve Debellefuille in Quebec is still looking for test subjects for his new radionics project and there are some very nice reports coming from thexperimentors! His email address is [email protected] . I’ve invited Steeve to participate in all the chat sessions, by the way. Carol says their central device is pretty amazing and that she’s used it remotely.

If you’re a vendor, listed on EW, and there are extraneous troubles in your life that are stopping you from giving your business your first effort, consider that this undeserved trouble might have been engineered by the sewer rat agencies and/or their alien parasite cohorts and all of them are valid, lawful targets for us. As a rule, I only invite pretty balanced, mature folks to put their business sites on my forum’s home page. I feel that they’re all assets to this unorganized, global movement.

A lot of other folks deserve our help but, unfortunately, we just can’t spend the time that’s required to do them justice. Hopefully, they can learn to do this on their own, mostly, from studying Dooney’s instructions on and they can also seek Steeve’s help for now. Otherwise, I’ll continue to focus on occasionally helping high profile victims, such as this week’s: Dr Rebecca Carley. These are strategic decisions, please understand.

Our first goal in the chat sessions is to eliminate threats to world peace.


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