Vendors Forum rules

The vendors forum is a place for users of the main forum who make and sell orgonite to advertise their products.
In order to keep things as simple and organised as possible, we have severul rules in this section:

  • This is the only area of the forum that vendors can advertise their products, please do not disrupt other threads with advertising.

  • Vendors must be active in the forums; vendors only posting in the vendors forums and not participating in the main forums will not be permitted.

  • Vendors must be actively making and selling orgonite products (a 50/50 mix of resin and metal).

  • This isn’t for general metaphysical products, so vendors using crystals and stones cast in resin with little to no metal are not permissible.

  • To keep the forum tidy, each vendor has one topic/thread. Any updates, developments or offers are made to that single thread.

  • A vendor thread title should be formatted as follows:
    Vendor name - Made in Country - Delivery region
    A couple of examples:
    Acme Products - Made in USA - Delivers to USA and Canada
    Orgones - Made in UK - Delivers worldwide

  • Vendors must provide an external website where the products are clearly listed for sale; business must not be conducted on this forum, as we are not a marketplace.

  • Vendors may only reply to their own threads to answer questions or to provide meaningful updates or offers; replying to just “bump” the thread is not allowed.

  • All users may reply to threads with questions, comments and reviews.

Violation of these rules will result in repercussions ranging from removal of posts or topics, to account suspension or banning.