Verdun--untold Vryal stomping[under]ground? ....Dooney's Dr

Here’s another case where a timely dream may have provided some needed intel for undermining the world odor.

I’m not going to post the details because it’s better if Dooney does it. It was her dream, after all, but a couple of weeks ago, she and the other psychics ‘went to’ Verdun to hunt for the secret Vryal gathering place that was implied in the dream.

Carolien in The Netherlands provided some very interesting background intel which confirmed the importance of the site to the world odor. A million soldiers lost their lives there during one long battle in 1916, by the way.

It was a pretty amazing dream, full of significance to those of us who ‘heard’ about it in the chat.

I think the psychics nailed down the correcgt spelling, which is more like ‘Vyrdon,’ and has been referred to in German classical literature as ‘Weredun’ or some such.

Combined with the efforts of German, Austrian, Swiss and French gifters our psychics and chatblasters have apparently been chasing the Vryal out of their traditional, primary underground meeting/ritual halls for the past few months and on Sunday the psychics found them gathering under a very remote mountain spot in Southern Germany which isn’t even accessible in winter except by helicopter and spaceship <img border=“0” alt=“Cool” src=“tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/images/smiley-cool.gif” />, then we proceeded to ‘do what we do’ to those old/young blood-drinking freaks, including some pretty fancy dodecoration with the etheric help of some whales and dolphins. One whale (Stevo’s friend, Big Blue) even used a pentagram this time, which no doubt gratified my lovely wife.


Probably one of the biggest mass orgies in human sacrifice. My Grandfather was in that battle and showed me those brown photographs when I was a kid.

I know nothing about the occult significance of the area though. But this gruesome mass murder alone would make it an extremely worthy target.


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