Video found again showing how powerful simple Orgoniter is!

Unable to find the old thread dealing with this video so posting again…

btw last time I posted it the video quickly was removed from UTUBE this is a FACEBOOK link for it thx to Tom:s

tireless research! You might need a FB acct to view it sorry bout that but how do I post videos?

Thanks, Gare. As far as I know unfortunately it’s not possible to show facebook videos the same way as other videos, it’s only possible to put up the link for it.

Now this particular link is giving me trouble as well… could load it before and now can’t. Seems like censorship indeed.

For those having trouble viewing it, here is a link to download the video:

Link expires in 24 hours. Anyone know of a good place to host it permanently?

Hi guys,

Does the video show a reduction of electromagnetic radiation from the pendant? and the crystals made it increase? Is elec. radiation good or bad? They move so fast it is hard to tell what is going on.

There are videos out there of orgonite increasing negative ions, which are good if i have the right term, on an ion meter from amazon or maybe some other online store.

Anyway you can put public files on google drive. Just click the public button after you upload. i have an orgone sound file there for over a year. Occasionally some one emails me about it because the original orgone in a can files from the Manfred, i think his name is, are only on the rare burned cd that he made for a few people. i made my own recordings. If you have a gmail address, that gets you gigs of free storage on google drive, youtube, and other google products.

I can watch it again on facebook but it’s good to have it backed up, thank’s Yu! I’ve downloaded it from your link and now placed it on youtube - I don’t like google much but youtube was the best video hosting site that I could think of.

David, I could be wrong but I think the video clearly demonstrates how orgonite was the only material which could soften the effects of the dirty eletromagnetic radiation.

Standard electric instalations as they exist today are not very good for us and probably not for any living thing either. An extreme example of this are the higher numbers of cancer for people living next to high power lines, and that’s why I gift them when seeing them go close to houses and know other gifters do too - while it would take a serious study to determine the real value of that gifting, this video is encouraging. In regards to normal domestic electrical instalations, Donney posted a really good suggestion for protecting yourself from this some time ago which involves the installation of an earthing or grounding device (basically a grounding rod, insulated eletric wire and an antistatic wrist strap)…040#p17681

Wonderful! That is the best video I have seen showing effects of orgonite on electromagnetic radiation. Thanks a lot, truly a beautiful thing. Nena and I enjoyed it. Cool

Excellent work, Tom, and as far as I know, you’re the first to pubicize this experiment. I’ve heard from engineers who also use tri-field meters to measure orgonite field effects and Dr Reich used a slightly modified gaussmeter to help people physically see the orgone ‘squiggles’ in the environment that we can easily see when we put our brains in an alpha state and unfocus our eyes. The etheric squiggles in Africa are comparatively huge and vital, by the way. He used a geiger counter to measure the energy of orgone accumlators.

What impressed me the most was the demonstation that crystals won’t distinguish between sickening energy and vital energy; they magnify both. Some people I know found out the hard way that being conned by high profile theosophy/masonry gurus to put huge crystals in major vortices is not a good idea ;-) because it amplifies the sickening effects of the theosophy/masonic blood rituals in those locations.

Carol bought a tri-field meter years ago but we’re still waiting for someone to show us how to use it (pitiful?). When we’re finally schooled I’ll do some experiments with a Succor Punch and the tri-field meter.

Sometimes, hard material science (I think of etheric science as ‘soft’ although Reich and Tesla sure produced some aggressive etheric tech) instrumentation can be useful for dismantling ‘feverish memes,’ such as the now-fading ‘end of the world’ fear porn around the demolition of the nuke plant at Fukushima. I’ve been contacted by several zapper customers in Japan who are dreadfully concerned about it but, so far, I’ve been unable to convince anyone in Japan to simply use a radiation counter in spite of the complete lack of evidence that anyone has radiation sickness around them. It’s tough to persuade anyone to get clear of fear porn because it’s exciting to wake up and the ancient order has always been adept at staying ahead of the process so that the vast majority of people who start to wake up to how the world is being ruled can be manipulated to get stuck at the initial ‘alarm’ stage. I won’t name the high profile disinformation specialists who cash in on this maintained paranoia because that’s bad form but I think that most people who are reading this already got through that stage. I think we’ve all had to endure it when we finally started figuring things out.

Back to Big Crystals: I forgot to mention that no matter how much resources the sewer rats put into stealing the energy of primary earth energy vortices it only takes a bit of orgonite to reverse it all. It’s also probably important to note that sometimes the enemy fail to steal this energy because proactive traditionalists are preventing it. This is the case at the vortex at Four Corners, which is where the American states of Colorado, Utah, New Mexico and Arizona join. When Carol and I went there to bury some orgonite in May, 2001, the energy was already vibrant and several tribes had set up a concession to sell handicrafts. She noticed that the medicine people of those tribes had worked together to keep the enemy from taking the energy and asked for permission, psychically, to bury the orgonite. An old raven then showed us where to put them. The first time I went there, in 1968, there were no Indians; only a small monument and the highway at the time was named, ‘US 666.’ No kidding. That highway is now named, ‘US 85.’ When the enemy change names I think it usually means that they’re losing ground, like when theosophy’s Babylonian publisher of all of the UN’s literature, Lucifer Trust, was forced to change their name to Lucis Trust.

One of the first things I noticed about orgonite when I started experimenting with it in 98 was that it tends to clear cloudy crystals; sometimes even opaque ones.

Thanks again, Tom. The implications of your experiments are pretty big and I wanted to add my two bits to draw attention to their importance. When real historic events take place they’re rarely noticed in the moment and I’ve always suspected is because there’s no Hollywood soundtrack and special lighting effects to accompany them. All we have is words. Cool

Tom’s been successful in the healing trade and any good-hearted person like him who uses crystals will only do good with them. As an extension of the healer, crystals mainly focus and amplify energy and they’re an essential part of computers, too. Orgonite shows us that good can easily trump bad, now and we’re all having fun with that principle.

Mary, a prolific orgonite flinger in Canada, sent this very helpful email (my comments below her ms):

Hello Don,

To use your Trifeld meter and get the same results from the videos that show how orgonite reduces EMF you have to use the Electric setting. I have a Trifeld meter and was quite frustrated when I could not get the same results, but I am in the habit of using the two Magnetic settings on my meter. Finally, I switched to the Electric setting and the field reading went down with the orgonite.

Does this mean that orgonite absorbs and neutralizes the electric field but does not diminish the magnetic field? Is the magnetic field 4th dimensional and more related to orgone energy and DOR and POR? If I had the ability to see orgone would I see the DOR from the magnetic field change to POR as it goes past the orgonite?


Nobody has done real research about orgone/ether’s relationship to electricity and magnetism but Carol and I assume, based on simple observation, that magnetism is the interface between electricity and orgone/ether. One of the engineers I mentioned used a magnetic setting to measure the size and strength of the energy fields of various orgonite devices but I don’t know how to do that. Since there were no magnets in the orgonite devices this might demonstrate that our idea is valid.

Hope I’m not doubling up on my posts here.

That’s a very interesting video. What is the meter set to detect, does anyone know? It’s a cheap one, not that that is necessarily a problem of course.

Simplistically, I’d have thought EM waves induce oscillating charges in the metal within Orgonite, which then produces “EM” waves again.

I am compelled by Milo Wolff’s work showing that all energy (actually energy exchanges) are no more or less than a result of the propagation of waves in an elastic medium. The elastic medium is what some have called undifferentiated a ether. Electricity and matter are forms of differentiated ether. Milo refers to evidence indicating that magnetism is a perturbation of electrical charges due to relative velocity between those charges.

Because I’m compelled by this work, I think Orgone energy is likely to be a fine/subtle differentiated ether–a rather special one.

Currently, my working hypothesis is that when EM waves are produced in the air (‘dry’) they tend to perturb and/or expel fine orgone etheric waves; whereas when EM waves are produced in Orgonite, the Orgone waves are either preserved or possibly even carried with the EM waves. If I understand what Don is saying, my hypothesis could be consistent with his comment about magnetism.

I have an EMF meter but not for radiation. I need to get one and start experimenting to see whether I can put some things to the test!

In response to the TriField 100XE meter registers electrical fields as low a 5 Volts/Meter. Biological and psychological effects and risks have been reported starting at 10 V/m fields, a common powerfrequency electric level in most bed pillow sites throughout North America. In countries where the voltage is higher (220V), higher ambient electric fields are noted while in the 110V system, the power- frequency magnetic fields tend to be more prevalent in areas used by the general public.

The top analog reading of the Trifled meter is multiplied by 10 to determine volts/meter.

I have observed orgonite reduce 60Hz electric fields as high as 80 volts/meter when placing orgonite between the radiation source and the detecting meter. See the link video demonstration Orgonite Electromagnetic Pollution Solutions

Thanks for the comments Don, I really appreciate you sharing and confirm with your findings. I have employed the Trifield meter observing; the magnetic field did not reduce, but the electric field reduced and even eliminated. Has anyone determined a relationship between magnetic radiation fields and DOR? Magnetic radiation fields through orgonite and POR?

Revisiting Don’s Comment: “Tom’s been successful in the healing trade and any good-hearted person like him who uses crystals will only do good with them. As an extension of the healer, crystals mainly focus and amplify energy and they’re an essential part of computers, too. Orgonite shows us that good can easily trump bad, now and we’re all having fun with that principle.”

Thanks for pointing out the importance of orgonite and crystals. Nikola Tesla has said that all things have a frequency and a vibration: " In crystal we have a pure evidence of the existence of a formative life principle, and although in spite of everything we cannot understand the life of crystals - it is still a living being." (Nikola Tesla, 1900)

As Don said: “crystals won’t distinguish between sickening energy and vital energy; they magnify both. Some people I know found out the hard way that being conned by high profile theosophy/masonry gurus to put huge crystals in major vortices is not a good idea ;-) because it amplifies the sickening effects of the theosophy/masonic blood rituals in those locations.”

I will encourage the readers that have large master crystals, place at least one orgonite device such as a TB or HHG in close proximity to the large crystal. Since the orgonite is continually transmuting DOR into POR, the life energy circulation will prevent stagnation and prevent energetic blockage. Most healers are aware that blockage of Qi, lymph, blood, body fluids, nerve supply in the body results in disease. I often explain: Where there is pain, there is lack of circulation, where there is circulation, there is no pain. Likewise the earth’s energy requires freely circulating pathways to maintain and support robust health. We can see our orgonite gifting results in the environment when the earth energy is unimpeded the natural weather returns, storms are neutralized, flora and fauna flourishes.

I encourage noble healers to employ orgonite in your healing room. It’s my opinion and direct experience that orgonite made with calming blue celestite, pink tourmaline and grounding black stone such as shungite and black tourmaline supports healing environments. I personally noticed the contrast of no orgonite in the healing room when I unconsciously gifted my treatment room orgonite to a patient and then the energy became extremely heavy and stagnated. I quickly made another 7oz. TB to replace the one I gave away and the light energy in the room returned. I personally feel the orgonite profoundly moves energy dynamically, preventing stagnation. The gemstones that are less dense seem to have a gentle filtering effect such as celestite’s hardness of 3 to 3.5. The experience was a lesson for me, not to give away my personal healing room orgonite.