[VIDEO] Gifting the Canaries

Hello everyone,

finally here i start a video report of the Canaries gifting trip.

Some data about the trip: I left Menorca on August 3rd to return on September 12 so it was almost 6 weeks. I drove 7000km in all and i met Carlos in Jerez, South Spain who accompanied me on this venture thru Canaries´7 Islands. This trip was more ambitious in scope than my last year north gifting campaign and required a better planning and organization to carry it out. With a bit more experience things went well. We had to take between 15 to 20 Ferrys with the car and the boat loaded on top of the car. My little car behaved very well but took much of a beating and it is now close to dying since we went to places that might be even difficult for a 4 x 4 but certainly it was fun. In the future i d like to get a proper vehicle for this types of roads ´do lol

I already mentioned in a post before about the hacking, the boat wheels being sliced by knife (this is becoming a tradition) and the strange coincidence that the whole ferry company servers were shut down the same day i was trying to buy the tickets. I tried in different places with same answers. The day i did manage to get the tickets, the lady at the window was confused as to the extra information the computer was asking her to issue the tickets since it wasn´t customary at all. A guy on my back was pretending to look intently at a poster for ages and i felt my heart chakra being corded the very second the printer was finally releasing the tickets. The month before leaving i remember i had a 90% drop in final sales which is evidently very abnormal number. This is just to portray the resistance i met to carry out this trip and that is common when the parasites fear for their livelihood and purpose thanks to the wonderful healing properties of orgonite gifted in vast extensions of land and in this case also the sea.

In spite of all this, the amazing coordination of many generous souls made the trip possible and it is a wonderful example of people joining force for a good common purpose spontaneously and internationally. I feel humbled and thankful by their trust.

I am thankful to Marc Gaedeke for offering himself to come to Menorca and help me the last days to make 3200 tb´s, many HHG´s and Ep´s for the trip as well as taking care of my dog, my house and also allow me to keep my website open during the trip. There was much e-mail sabotage to try and cut the line with him but he managed to send many kg´s extra at the end of our trip to cover properly the last two islands in our schedule.

We spend somewhere between 500 to 600kg of orgonite in all and we managed to revert about 900 towers as well as to drop many Kg´s on the sea. Also EP´s came in handy for underground bases and rare places which are plenty in Canaries.

I thank Carlos for coming along and help out on such a long trip and effort. He became the navigator as i drove, a good second opinion and helping hand always. It would have been much more difficult doing it alone. Since i drove that meant he had to pound many EP´s on sides of roads in short tops when surrounding an underground area for instance. This is hard in very rocky and dry land but we always managed to find a place for them. He brought an ancient digital camera that i teased him about all the time cause he needed to reach back in the car to get it for a pic and it would do funny stuff during the trip but in the end it served a good purpose cause he has taken many good pics that i would enjoy to see in this report along with his own impressions.

Also my most sincere thanks to Don and Carol Croft, Reinhard Sonnberger, Laurent Pirard, Michele Zovatto, Kuester H, Braikar, Dirk Verelst, Henk VDK, Manfred Hotwagner, Gerhard Huber, Dooney and Stevo, Srta Ch, Maki & Nico in Jerez, and our wonderful hosts Victoria in Lanzarote Island who provided us with great food, comfortable bed and superb company and insight. She gifted with us as well as getting her hands busy making orgonite. We built a cloud buster that is now at her house and left another one at a resort thru a contact that reached us thru her. Also Isabel in Tenerife who provided a very good place for us to come back after a day´s gift and would never allow us to go hungry that s for sure. She also sponsored another Cloudbuster for the Island and we made orgonite together. Her and Maru took it upon themselves to try and arrange as many contacts and accommodations as possible in any other islands and thanks to them we could stay at a place in EL Hierro Island. Isabel also saved us at one point were we did not have any cash and the tank was very low on gas to continue gifting and make it to the next island by sending fast money to us.

The results have been great with much rain dropping in all islands and good wind changes from the center of Africa towards the South Morocco and going further north into the middle East. This is my personal opinion of it and it is a rare treat to see the Egyptian pyramids full of snow and heavy snow falling in places they have not seen for 200 years as well as raining in the deserts. Reinhard´s extensive gifting in Morocco with two local friends whose names i can’t remember now as well as our African kikundi´s efforts have come together to make it happen. Also Reinhard mentioned Gerhard having done some gifting in Canaries, Gran Canaria if i remember well and coincidentally i think Carlos and I did get the impression that some parts of the island had already been gifted and i do not recall having that feeling with the rest of the Islands.

In Menorca Island i have observed an amazing calm winter for the sea having had only 3 days in November that i can remember with real ¨Tramuntana¨ north wind, that is how we call it. I face north and daily i have actually seen the wind blow always from the south a 180º change. I shot many many hours of video footage and the intention was the same as last year, to edit a video as an introduction to gifting to the everyone who hasn’t heard of orgonite and just came in contact with the info.

By now Orgonite is close to becoming mainstream. I guess everyone knows about it by now even ´do the media makes their best effort to ignore it and will only mention it to ridicule or attach some disinfo to it. Last year i did not have the knowledge to edit and the computer power to process it. This year i have to thanks Santiago, who spend a week in my house watching tirelessly hours and hours of video and cut it to 1,30 hours aprox. He also taught me to put subtitles and general editing tricks so i ll be able to do it myself in the future. It is shot with a go pro camera which is great for action and at close distances but not so good to show far away places and scenery for instance. I have also learned about some important thoughts on trying to make a proper documentary. Many times i used the camera as a diary to remember at home what happened when. I would have actually liked to have the video of our interactions with some of the local people who offered interesting takes but didn’t even think to ask lol I have always being protective of my hosts showing up.

All in all i hope that it actually satisfies its purpose of spreading the gifting work we do here and many other who do it anonymously around the world and that it portrays fairly well what it is like to cover extensive terrain on a gifting campaign by land and sea. Since 1,30h it is simply too long to watch i have decided to cut it into 10 to 13 parts of slightly 10 to 12 minutes each or so.I will be uploading them as i finish the subtitles for each part.

So here goes the 1st part of Gifting the Canaries: an international effort to revert technological climate terrorism and mind control

I hope you enjoy it.


To give you an idea of the route here you have a map with the ferry trips we took


we arrived in Arrecife (Lanzarote Island) on the 7th night and left inmediately on the 8th morning to cross to Fuerteventura Island. We had to make it as fast as we could towards El Hierro Island, the most western point, otherwise we couldnt visit later since we had to arrange many dates of trips that coincided somehow to a schdule although we knew we would have to change a few dates.

We started gifting always from main roads between ports of the same islands and identified any mountain arrays for future gifting. It took us about 4 days to get to El Hierro and from there we would do several days per island to cover them better.

Here i leave Part 2 of the video where we go thru fast towards La Gomera to finally make it to el Hierro.


Wow, that is some service that you have performed.

If i presented a good copy of this video to the local cable station, Akaku, they would have to put it in rotation.

This awesome video can inspire others in this world gifting project.

thank you for the giant gifting done.

Thanks David,

it happened thanks to all those people i mentioned and we enjoyed the fun part. I do hope the effort of putting the video together will expand the world gifting effort further. Any fancy stuff was done by Santiago who has produced videos for mainstream TV channels and i just added subs and minor edits to it. Currently i am working on the 3rd part subs. It is funny to see youtube video watch counts go up and down as they wish ;-d


The Canaries campaign is probably doing more damage to the ancient parasite’s poisonous global infrastructure than any other single campaign, so far and it’s probably one of those things that are so huge that we can’t yet grasp the scope of it Wink

Thanks for mentioning Gerhard’s effort on Gran Canaria because when he was there, many years ago, he encountered some horrific interference and that’s what first made it evident to some of us that this was a primary target. The interference Francisco experienced while preparing for the trip, along with the problems he and Carlos were experiencing getting ferry tickets was pretty severe but the sewer rats had obviously been unable to prevent their success. The worst of it happened as he was preparing to gift some underground climate-weaponry facilities where the Nazis had been operating (until last fall? Cool Isn’t it obvious by now that the Nazis didn’t lose that war?). Thanks also for posting about the sewer rat who stood behind you and did that juju at the ticket office, Fran. This helps our readers to be more aware of surroundings during their own gifting sorties, I think.

Thanks, David in Hawaii, for the great mention of offering these videos to public-access TV stations! More and more people crave genuinely empowering information, now, so any public exposure is going to be productive. When Don Bradley finally managed to get Chemtrails: Clouds of Death to air on a television station in July, 2002, it drove the sewer rats nearly to apoplexy, apparently, because they went after all the people who helped him make that film, which was about how to disable chemtrails with an orgonite cloudbuster. The young fellow who made the music was railroaded into prison via a drug sting and one of the video guys (a professional in Hollywood) got molested by the tax gestapo, then. DB was already under constant assault, of course. If someone were to make a similar effort, now, there probably wouldn’t be this level of interference and I think it’s because the sewer rats are on the run from rising human awareness, finally. They won’t even dare censor overtly, any more!

I posted some helpful and encouraging comments about exposing and destroying the corporate world order on YouTube, today. It was on the page of a video someone had made about the astronomically rising level of disinformation on the web, which link Edu kindly sent to me. I’ve never been able to post a comment on YouTube before this so I take it as a sign that the corporate order is increasingly unable to censor us, even on NSA-owned sites like YouTube.

Note that Francisco managed to neutralize the interference with his business, by the way. There are a half dozen or so of us who have our business links on EW or are otherwise connected and have come under constant assault like this for a few years. The others I’m aware of, in addition to him, are onirocosmos.gr in Hellas (who has been featured prominently in print media, there), ctbusters.com in the US (the first orgonite vendor in the world), donebydooney.com and Doc Stevo’s healing clinic in Montana. There are probably more but these are the ones we’ve been working directly with. To an unbiased observer, our methods of countering these corporate/military/occult wachawi (sorcerers; secret-handshake $#!+rats, mainly NSA, MI6, Jesuits, upper-level freemasons–most of the European sewer rats are also masons–&, of course, the present top $#!+ats: the Triads) might look almost comical but we’ve simply been doing what works. The vast majority of our species probably won’t even know these parasites are a problem, even after they’ve been fully exposed and defeated. A few of us have posted updates along the way, for the record. Our little target audience are the people who actually want to be discerning and self-accountable. PJ folks will all surely have viable orgonite in their homes and at work before long, otherwise. They’ll probably, unwittingly, put the finishing touches on this war against the tyranny of parasites.

Considering how well-saturated the internet now is with disinformation I wake up every day recognizing that it’s a minor miracle that this forum has survived this long with any readership. Even if EW disappeared today this movement will keep expanding and people will make more and more genuine orgonite and fling it at the death towers, etc., until this ancient global parasite has been uprooted and destroyed.

Doing the climate-healing campaigns earns a special sort of confirmation, I think, and I want more and more people to experience this. Thanks to Francisco’s report, this is probably already happening at a faster rate.

When someone has done irreparable damage to the parasitic infrastructure of the planet there’s often a feeling that if we’re murdered or imprisoned tomorrow it will have been well worth it Cool, not to mention the fact that one can turn a million-dollar death transmitter into a healing device with a dollar’s worth of simple ogonite, casually tossed in the bushes from a moving car. That’s like killing a fire-breathing dragon with a peashooter.

The Canaries got well over half a ton of orgonite, which probably compares with the amount Carol, Jeff McKinley, Eric Carlson and I distributed around South Florida in 2005 and 2006 to stop the hurricane agenda but the Canaries were done in a few weeks.

Individuals are capable of impressive achievements with simple orgonite but when a group of people works together to achieve these things, as Francisco’s report has shown us, I think it’s especially effective and enduring. It also provides added safety. The East Africans and Europeans in this unorganized, vital network are providing the best examples of coordinated group effort. Georg in South Africa worked with several others, including an Afrikaaner named Trevor, in 2003 and 2004 to successfully reverse the Kalahari Desert in time to avert a predicted famine for the entire region. I should also mention the group of people in Chile and Peru who have done impressive work reversing the Atacama Desert, which is one of the world’s most stubborn ones. Alejandro, Javiera and Antonio are the only ones whose names I’m familiar with but I think one of the prolific gifters was murdered with fast cancer in Chile, years ago.

In late 2001, Carol visited France for the first time and did some gifting of ‘cultural’ sites. That was several years before we learned about the Cathars. Her main purpose was to get to Malta because at the time there was a portal of an enormous underground reptilian hive (some of us believe) that was energizing the Vipers of Venice (The City of London: seat of the corporate world order). She was entirely prevented from going there because the airline refused to honor the ticket that she had just purchased. No explanation was offered. Three from the Netherlands (I can’t remember their names, I’m sorry to say) and Markus from Switzerland then took orgonite to Malta and got it done. Two from the Netherlands were Bosnian sisters who were refugees from the war and this was especially poignant for Carol and I because the other end of that hive had its portal in Bosnia. We later sent some orgonite to an American soldier in Bosnia but he wasn’t able to go to the portal location. It was probably Bosnia’s first orgonite, though.

Note the position of Venice over that area and we hadn’t even learned about the Venetian roots of the ancient, parasitic corporate order, yet Cool . I’ve only started reading about that. I read Joseph Farrell’s The Vipers of Venice , but he mainly references Webster Tarpley’s more in-depth books, which are presently unavailable, probably due to NSA interference with his website. Farrell’s Babylon’s Banksters was the first book I came across that tied Babylon to present-day London. Farrell referenced The Babylonian Woe heavily in that book, which is now available as a free PDF download through a link on this forum. I think it’s a very good primer for understanding how parasites rule the world. This will no doubt be taught in schools after the parasite no longer controls them all.

I want more gifters who don’t know English to post here in their own languages because we have a growing, international audience and it’s a shame not to have those reports on record. Many of our readers in East Africa visit EW to get the Kiswahili postings, for instance.

I’m looking forward to Carlos’ photos. Carlos is one of the psychics we work with regularly and has proven to be reliable for identifying hiding targets. It’s always good to have a reputable psychic along on a gifting expedition because they’re adept at finding the more hidden sources of death energy, which as you can see are most often underground these days. The Hawaiian islands are like big swiss cheeses, for instance, also the American states of Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona and Utah, along with half of California.


Photos from the Canaries

Sylphs greeting in Jerez La Frontera

The life of gifters without ample finantial means includes sleeping on the deck.

[Lanzarote/Fuerteventura] Upon arrival it was very obvious how clouds were being stopped from playing their natural flow by invisible barriers. This was most noticeable when seeing the cloud cover which came from the sea coming only up until the shore. It happened also in some cases the cloud cover being stuck in some location inland, like this picture illustrates. This stagnant, artificial system would be replaced by a much better flow by the time we left.

Right at the start we didn’t have much time to properly gift antennas not on our road, as we were rushing to get to the island of El Hierro. Meanwhile we were flagging the antennas for gifting later.

[La Gomera] What looked like a half-finished military base and its nearby antennas. The Canaries sometimes looked like the most bizarre place on Earth.

More strangeness - a thick copper wire goes from the base all the way to the crown.

More antennas and arrays. That night we would find, almost by miracle and already quite late, a perfect improvised camping place right in the middle of the national park. With its own death towers, which we duly took care of before sleeping. Cool

[El Hierro] There were some obvious "!#$%#"bird signs here and there during the trip. I’m sorry I did not get to photograph even one of the truly sick cabal wall paintings we saw on the islands of El Hierro, La Gomera, La Palma. I’m pretty sure it was the same artist who did them but unfortunately could not find any examples online.

Needless to say that any place that stank of dung-heap got gifted Wink

An interesting beer logo on an ashtray. Please bear in mind the 7 Canary Islands are probably as swiss-cheesed and set up with underground bases as any volcanic archipelago could be, while serving in the capacity of colony for the international cabal.

This is what a half-set boat looks like. Neither good for traveling nor for sailing - an example in how not to use your inflatable boat! (we learned our lesson) Confused

[La Palma] How to combine tourism and brain-whashing/cancer causing/drought inducing technologies? Build an asphalt road to a death tower or mountain array and call it a tourist viewpoint! These guys are truly bona-fide entrepeneurs!

They call these markers “geodesic vertex points” and supposidely use them to make maps. There were also other ones that were much smaller, metal and painted black. These things would sometimes be placed in actual “energetic points”, often near or on top of piles of stones or hilltops.

[Tenerife] Lighthouse of Punta de Teno.

We saw many signs like this: “Don’t enter”, “Don’t come here”, we even saw several signs saying “Danger: Bees” in the middle of a desert like setting. In Teide park we saw one that said “Danger: dogs are being trained” and the dog picture was a dobberman eheh so we joked there were actual SS around Kiss Apart from the genuine examples it’s obvious they sometimes use these signs whenever they don’t want people snooping around.

Miam Miam Nice juicy targets!

Some locals were really against the antennas. We found inclusively at least a couple of initiatives to take antennas down. The right-side sign says “antennas + local government = cancer”

Some mountain array around Santa Cruz. As I remember we didn’t do all of these as we were pressed for time and had a lot of the island still to do.

After some days of gifting the first sylph showed up Smile

Before and after. Pictures taken over one week. (1) arriving; (2) after some gifting and before making the CB for our hostess; (3) after most gifting was done in the island and we made the CB it rained and this is how the sky looked like afterwards Wink

[Gran Canaria] We didn’t do much of Gran Canaria but at least we hit some important places like this military base and huge (more than 20 towers) mountain array nearby. This is one of the several places in Gran Canaria we felt someone had already at least partly gifted. So I guess that was the last nail in the coffin eheh.

Tragsa is a private company involved in a crapload of “development and sustainability” projects. We found a lot of their people, along with a lot of park rangers, specially in the islands of Hierro, Gomera and La Palma.

Just before we left Gran Canaria we were a little disappointed as we were about to leave the island having done less gifting than we wished due to time and orgonite constraints. Interestingly the sky started getting very ugly with DOR and we agreed they were trying to make us feel powerless. At this point Fran had the idea to gift the hell out of the harbour where we were Wink The 4 series of photos were taken every 20 minutes or so. All the pictures of it can be found here https://s418.photobucket.com/user/quasar277/library/Gifting/2013%20Canary%20Islands%20part2/09%20Gran%20Canaria/sky?sort=2&page=1

[Fuerteventura part 1] Another strange structure, part of a water networks. A water networks in the desert island?! That was one of the contradictions we found in the Canarias, there were complaints of drought and yet we saw and heard many water reservoirs and man-made water channels and they were far from empty. At least they got a good pouring this winter so no excuses Kiss

[Lanzarote] In Lanzarote we had a great time with our hostess Maria Victoria that even came gifting with us a few times. Here are some more antennas you must be bored with already. Doing this kind of work so intensely over a long period can feel a bit like a marathon but it’s completely worth it, specially when you start witnessing the positive effects of the work.

One of the few turisty pictures.

Another military area. 2 locations. These antennas in the lower 2 pictures were a first for us.

The military lookout point at Mirador Del Rio, wich had underground parts we did not investigate much due to having gone into the area without lights.

One of the “needle” antennas, which were at least once found in the great numbers, one after the other.

More mountain arrays.The one at Mount Mina (middle pic) was pretty impressive and, together with the military area with the strange antennas, it was an area where some gifting had already been done by Maria Victoria and her cohorts.

The symbol of Timanfaya park.

Sticking pipes in less than adequate conditions. The ground was often hard but we developed a keen eye to quickly find suitable spots Laugh

Power plant in Arrecife.

[Back to Fuerteventura] A housing development under construction having its road blocked by a couple of cops? Another bizarre note.

The last antennas photographed on this trip. In the 2 days between the 2 pictures from above my camera broke momentarily and we had really nice rain for a day. Rain. In the desert. In September. Laugh

On the way back home there were more sylph greetings Wink

All of these images and more can be found at the following links:


Photos part 1

Photos part 2


A few days ago I spent a couple of hours writing a post in support of Carlos’ photo exhibition and it all disappeared when a window popped up for me to log in. We had a good chuckle over this. I had gotten out of the habit of saving my drafts in my word program so the joke was on me.

Yesterday, when I was flying my weightshift trike in a very turbulent atmosphere (this is sort of like mud wrestling) I noticed that a bolt had been removed from my seat back support and that was another joke on me, since I never checked those bolts during my otherwise exhaustive pre-flight exams. Like with the past aircraft sabotage events it was pretty obvious but not life-threatening. I occasionally fly that one in rough conditions just for training. Any pilot who intends to survive is always in training.

Carol had lost a bunch of keys several weeks ago and we hunted everywhere for them. A few days ago they showed up in an open spot where we had searched several times. I had told her as a half-joke,‘The feds probably stole them,’ though in fact the federal felons had done this a few times to us in the past, probably just to remind us that they’re still thinking of us. We both thought this was pretty funny. It wasn’t as funny when I had to pay $300 to replace a stolen key for my car last year, nor was it funny when they remotely locked her car door after she left the keys inside one day. Annoying stuff like that just makes me a little more determined to destroy this parasitic world order with orgonite.

Some projects, including the Canaries campaign, are so big in terms of long range benefits that we’re probably too close to them to appreciate the scale, sort of like when we stand on a very high plateau it just looks like we’re on flat ground. Talking about it improves our awareness, though, which is why I so often bring up the successes like desert reversals on several continents, famine prevention in Africa and stopping the hurricane agenda in the US.

Flipping the primary weather warfare apparatus on those islands is probably producing and will continue to produce such grand-scale, positive effects down the line (Mediterranean Sea, the Middle East, North Africa and Southern Europe) that people might miss seeing the connection unless it’s mentioned sufficiently in the meantime. The sewer rats really knew what they were doing when they set up all that nasty stuff in the Canaries and I suspect that before there was electrically-powered weaponry there was sorcery there (based on human sacrifice) to accomplish some of those ends. A lot of reputable people feel sure that even ordinary warfare is part of ritual human sacrifice, by the way. The corporate order feeds on human chaos and suffering the same way that their Babylonian banksters feed on usury.

I do what I can to draw attention to the miracles that we so casually produce around the globe with our simple orgonite and anyone who is energy sensitive will get more from Carlos’ photos than others might. I became aware of this curious dynamic when Don Bradley was posting photos on previous orgonite forums I was on. Carol was seeing all sorts of things that I couldn’t see and so were other psychics who saw the photos so I feel that it was productive and good for the record. I hope you can see what Carlos saw when he snapped some of those. He or Fran had sent me some photos of the results of heavy, unseasonal rainfall when they were there. Like in most other very arid regions, people weren’t prepared for but at least nobody was harmed.

When we made an orgonite cloudbuster for Kizira Ibrahim in rural Uganda during a severe drought it rained so much that his neighbors insisted that he put it inside his house after a couple of weeks. The dirt roads and footpaths had become sticky mud. Putting a CB under a metal roof does dampen the effects but flipping weather weaponry starts an irreversible process of atmosphere balancing and that often involves heavy rain at first.


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I think it’s going to be easier for us to appreciate the magnitude of the Canary Islands success with hindsight but when that comes around I believe we’ll see the persistent flooding in Saudi Arabia that followed will be the most dramatic immediate confirmation and I also think that we’ll all understand that Jane Ngugi’s effort, flipping the death towers in and around Mecca and Jeddah in the months previous to the Canaries campaign had ensured this crowning confirmation.

By then, I suspect that dozens of us around the world will have been selling our services to reverse deserts, clean harbors and rivers, replenish depleted agricultural lands, reduce crime rates in inner cities, etc., and I’m betting that the people who hire us will be private individuals and private organizations rather than governments.

I’m happy to tell that a wealthy Arab has been in close touch with someone whom I know well about getting the desert around him reversed. It seems likely to me that the only thing he’s waiting for is a more weakened corporate world order that is no longer capable of reprisals against people who act on their consciences. Being wealthy, he would be a target for annihilation, unlike any of us. Assassinating wealthy people barely makes the news but if they killed any of us the sewer rats know that news of our work would suddenly be featured in their own media and that would really speed up their demise Cool

Carol and Dooney got the impression, when Mrs O and Fatuma were still in that Kenyan jail, that British MI6, who we assume is responsible for arresting and charging them, are kicking themselves for their own stupidity and over-reaching. Let’s see how many East African death towers are pulled down or flipped with orgonite since that arrest Laugh but I hope people will mainly choose to just turn those weapons into life force generators with the kikundi’s orgonite.


Don, I think this is a good metaphor for an “etheric warrior” or in other words - anyone who stands up and decides to make himself an instrument to end tiranny. We are always in “training”, often being tested and also often flying by the seat of our pants Smile Trying to listen to one’s intuition and the clues the Operators leave us, as best as we can, goes a long way in making things easier, of course.

There does seem to be some very old death technology in the Canary Islands. I suspect they identified and then hijacked certain “arteries” they considered more important with particularly nasty sorcery, as they did in the SW United States - Dr. Wilhelm Reich had started healing that hotspot all those years ago and now you have been doing your bit of pioneering with arm-guided, precision-gifting TBs from the air Laugh Of course, what we are all doing is nothing but reverting things back to it’s natural state, doing some spring cleaning as it were (after a long winter).

I’m very happy to hear about the wealthy Arab. As usual, it’s the people whom the mainstream media would describe as “needing saving from themselves” that lead the way in showing the world the way to go, as the Kikundi have been doing from East Africa.


Good point about the training, Carlos, and it’s also nice that we can assure everyone who joins us that we’re all still neophytes, so aren’t superior in any way Cool

The Nazis were devoted to all kinds of sorcery and they were probably very pleased to be able to move into those islands when Spain also fell to corporate fascism. The only difference between the NSA and similar secret handshake groups is that they now bolster their sorcery with high tech stuff like the death towers and whatever they get from offworld parasites.

Al Bielek claimed that the Germans operated the base under Montauk originally (known to be in operation since the late 1800s) and handed it over to the US air force in the early 1980s. He said the Krupp family were some of the prominent financiers. U-Boats supplied gold to the inhabitants of the base throughout the war and some of the townspeople remember waving to the German sailors on deck from the beach. After the war there was evidently an underwater entrance for subs. The last time Carol and I were there (3 yrs ago) I dropped 20 or so earthpipes in the sea around Montauk Point, also around a hundred of Eric Carlson’s donated towerbusters. Carol sensed that the Montauk base is so huge by now that it connects with the bases under Plum Island (there’s a bioweaponry lab there) and the New Haven US navy submarine base across the sound in Connecticut.

I bet the Canaries are also riddled with underground bases. We discerned that a lot of weather weaponry is now underground, for instance, and Al Bielek confirmed that in his later lectures. The Hawaiian Islands are like swiss cheeses with massive underground developments, evidently. The first gifters in Hawaii encountered a lot of grief and most of them were quickly discouraged by the sewer rats from continuing. Now, prolific gifters (including David R) are pretty much left alone, there.

There has probably never been a modern war that wasn’t initiated and controlled by the corporate world order, I think, though Peking (the new global corporate master) has forcibly damped that down, dramatically, since 2004. The best way to understand how this is still being done might be to read a comprehensive history of Venice. The Venetian (Babylonian?) financiers, who are exemplary global parasites, created this worldwide regime after they moved their headquarters to London in the middle 1600s. I think they choked on Mao Tse Tung Cool


Some observations about the gifting trip to the Canary Islands:

I’d like to start by underlining something I said to Fran during the trip. I said to him that if 1000 people from the Canary Islands busted 1 single death tower each, they would probably do more damage to the corporate world odor than the two of us and our gifting marathon. Independently of these great initiatives (which in this case combined the goodwill and resources of dozens of fellow people to allow the two of us to drive a few more stakes through the heart of the beast) the success of this gifting movement would probably be much reduced if not for the thousands of anonymous people who quietly chip away at the cabal’s death infrastructure they encounter, whenever and however their means allow.

Planning is very important, specially when you are constricted in movement by operating in islands, but I think Fran handled this very well. The importance of logistics and planning even go down to the choice of “do we save our TBs a little or do we gift every Km?”. We actually ran out of money one time and owe much to our hostess in Puerto de la Cruz (Tenerife), who got us out of a tight spot by providing some very precious gas money.

Another thing which cannot be understimated is stamina. Trips like this try to maximize the avaliable time by trying to hit as many targets as possible with the available orgonite. Orgonite was made during the trip too, as our hunger for it seemed unending Laugh
Also, it’s best to have as many drivers as possible. We only had Fran – it’s quite the achievement all the kilometers he was on the wheel.

We would start around mid-morning and finish when it got dark – from a car you really can’t properly gift an area you don’t know if you can’t see in the distance. So night-time was “time to find a place to sleep”. We got into some interesting trouble a couple times related to the camping place. Once we stayed in very beautiful woods in the central mountains of Gran Canaria but the dirt road was too steep for the overloaded car… we had to empty it, pray and I pushed while Fran pressed the gas pedal. It seemed as if we didn’t get stuck there by a hair and it’s great to feel the Operator’s help at crucial times like this Smile

I’m not kidding when I call this a “marathon”. A one-month long campaign wears and tears you, tests you both physically and otherwise. It’s also kind of liberating in a way because all that is not related to the gifting work sort of gets chucked into the background. Pretty much all there is is gifting, eating, sleeping, rinse and repeat. Sure, we also got to see great vistas and meet interesting, like-minded people and even have a mini-holiday in Lanzarote, thanks to our hostess and fellow gifter Maria Victoria Wink

Overall we did not encounter any trouble during the trip. No broken car parts, at least not the essential ones. Poor “guy” (we called the car “guy”) was having its plastic and electronic parts slowly falling apart, though. Engine kept great – it’s a Mercedes ahah.

No parasites caused trouble for us either. Don, Carol, Dooney and Stevo kept their eye on us and helped a lot through the etheric too, even though we didn’t feel it directly at the time. Maybe this was one of those occasions where “no news is good news”? Dooney related how they felt we were very well protected by our Operator friends.
When someone takes on this responsability there are also some “perks” that go with this work, one of them being a very high level of protection from the higher realms – it’s great to be on the same “team” as those guys Cool

Probably the most we noticed trouble was getting through Customs in the Spanish Mainland, before embarking on the ship to the Canary Islands. I think Fran already told this story, but basically the man in charge of inspecting the car found it all very odd that we were carrying such a great ammount of… a strange material. After some explanations about orgone and life-force we offered him some orgonite. The Customs agent turned out to be concerned about EMF so he graciously accepted our gift and that cleared our way in.


Well, here again with some more videos. As you can see i am having lots of free time due the latest round of sabotage on my livelihood. If any reader may feel inclined to support a bit i could do with a little busy time to continue making and offering orgonite at orgonita.eu

I have been able to add more subtitles to the video and finished our part in El Hierro Island, La Gomera and also La Palma. The 1st two parts show us going as fast as we could to reach El Hierro simply because we had to coordinate it that way. From this 3rd part on, we could spend a few days on each island to gift them properly. El Hierro had an underwater active volcano which ¨experts¨ were following closely hence our concern something was in the planning. It was good i could get out to sea near the area were the volcano was. I also did my best diving in the Canaries there which wasn´t recorded due to low battery.

Here also started our particular mountain dance with the park rangers, Tracsa company(environmental gob mafia company) , an antenna ¨repair¨teams scratching their heads as to why their death radiation wasn´t working anymore ;-d

My youtube channel name is orgonita.eu

so here they are, watch while i fix the next chapters ;-d




I am on an editing roll lol

Here is the 5th part that shows Tenerife & Gran Canaria.

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