Viewing the Changes of Our Flying Dolphin Photo

I don’t think I mentioned this in a post, but for a couple of months I noticed lines of apparent energy above and below the flying dolphin at the top of this page and, now, those lines are gone again. I had an impression that Someone is attempting to teach us something with the image.

I have another photo in which a bright, six pointed star materialized, soon after I shot it, replaced a month or so later by a Celtic knot pattern, then after several months that, too, disappeared and the bright spot faded. This was taken in the ancient,j underground Celtic or Druid stone chamber in New York State that Carol and I visited in March, 01. It was a pretty intense visit and other photos of that spot have characteristic white streaks and spots in them that apparently indicate the interaction of departed souls.

I think digital photos are more suited to this kind of interaction with the etheric realm than film photos are, though I think the dolphin photo might be from a film image, not digital. Rick Moors in LA knows the guy who took the pic, five years ago, and Rick sent it to me.

If anyone here has any impressions, information or feedback about this phenomenon I hope he/she will post it in this thread.



Now that you mention it, I see two lines above the dolphin and three below it. Very interesting.


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