Vinegar, Burying Orgonite, Etc


Since I can’t see energy I rely on my eyes for confirmation, so when I put orgonite out there I look into the sky to see if chemtrails are disappearing or if the weather is changing.

I am pretty sure the people who maintain the bushes and trees find the orgonite and throw it away so I think I’m going to start sneaking putting orgonite under the ground. I saw something on ethericwarriors about vinegar getting rid of chemtrails. That sounded really interesting so I started leaving some in a bottle outside. Cleaning the air is my main focus. They say the air in Sacramento is 10th worst in the country so it would be nice if I could find a way to change that.



A***, I didn’t know you’re in Sacramento. There are more death towers there than in any other city in CA, I think. YOu’re seeking validation for orgonite the same way I did in the very beginning. I intentionally did the test cities on my own, without Carol’s help, so that I could advise people about what to expect, visually.

The vinegar claim should be taken in perspective, since it hasn’t yet been validated. Years ago, when someone made a claim like that a whole lot of people blindly accepted and then broadcast the claim, which caused a lot of confusion. These days, I think that most of the participants on EW will first validate a claim before broadcasting it. To validate any claim it needs to be tested in varying circumstances to find the parameters. This is what we did with earthpipes after someone invented them seven years ago, for instance.

Chemtrails are entirely harmless, due to the distribution of many thousands of orgonite cloudbusters in the affected countries, but in conjuction with the disinformation sites they produce psychological effects in people who first notice them. Almost none of those people who are starting to notice the harmless, seeded clouds noticed chemtrails back when they were sickening millions of people, between 1998 and 2003.

If you want the chemtrail-seeded clouds to disappear faster, just flip all the death towers and weather weaponry with orgonite.

I doubt much or any of your orgonite is being taken. Where did you get the impression that it’s happening? I remember taht Don Bradley showed us that bushes that had orgonite in them were healthier than the surrounding bushes after several months but I doubt this is a factor in terms of the feds hunting for the stuff. You can flip any death tower by putting orgonite within a quarter mile and if you stop to bury them, the feds are more likely to find them if they’re following you. We always toss except in rare cases where tossing isn’t always possible, such as downtown districts. In that case we do our gifting on a Sunday morning when just about the only other traffic, besides us, are sewer rat feds.

Also, is there smog where you are, now? If not, it probably means that someone else has been flipping the death towers on a large scale. There hasn’t been dangerous smog in LA since 2002 or so but that’s never been mentioned in the media. The only way to track that is to look at the record of ‘smog days’ since then. The only smoggy cities we’ve seen west of the Rocky Mountains in recent years are Salt Lake City and Las Vegas and we had done a lot of the gifting that got rid of Las Vegas’ smog, earlier, so the people whom we were gifting with may have enabled the feds to find and remove most of that. Salt Lake City is a special case, I think.


I think that it bears repeating, too that on days when you see the chemtrail-seeded clouds lasting longer than usual (this most often is in advance of a weather front, due to the increased, available water vapor in the upper atmosphere during those times) also watch for chemtrails that disappear very fast. Those are probably the toxic ones; the rest are probably being spewed for psychological effect and/or to prevent rain (that’s not working so well for the sewer rats, any more). The sight of fast-disappearing chemtrails among the seeded clouds ought to be encouraging for people who assume that the chemtrail disinformation sites are legitimate. A little bit of objectivity and rational thought can put the Chicken Littles to flight in one’s mind.


Regarding TB’s being “disposed of”, though I’ve never witnessed it myself I can tell you the design of the stuff lends to making it nearly completely invisible to the naked eye in the field. I put a ring of them around my property and went back a week or so later to “plant” them and it took me an inordinate amount of time to actually find them and in some cases I was damn near stepping on them and still couldn’t see them. The random pattern of metal in the resin mimics nature and as such, it blends in.

Do a test if you’re concerned your gifts will be found. Toss a few somewhere and make note of where you put them. Go back a couple days later and see how easily you can find them. I think you’ll be surprised at how difficult a task this is even knowing where they are.

Worst case, if you want to darken the resin to make them disappear better, buy a pound of black iron oxide from a pottery supply place (place that sells clay, glazes, chemicals and similar things to potters and artists). It only costs a couple bucks (its cheap), is an intensely strong black pigment and that pound will last you for many gallons of resin if you choose to color everything. Just mix what you add in well before adding the hardener. You will be surprised at how little you actually need to use.

In addition to what Gene said about black iron oxide coloring you can also get brown or red oxides (Cement coloring) from any building supply store.

Another good solution to making sure the orgonite will stay where you put is making TBs out of toilet paper rolls and deploying them inside the pipes of the sign posts. I did this after I found that two towers on my neighborhood that i had previously gifted two months ago where back, with a dark patch of DOR smog right over them and a ripple wave pattern expanding from it to the clouds around it. I doubt that, even if they find it, they will make the effort of trying to recorver it.

Here’s a method of puting the plugs there…php?t=1999

Tossing the TBs over flat rooftops is also an option, just try to figure out wich rooftop will last longer before it’s owner decide to clean it and dispose the TB

Thanks for the good tip, Edu. I made a special tool for taking the tops off of fenceposts in order to drop those orgonite plugs in them. This is so much easier, cheaper and faster than pounding earthpipes into the ground.

Good observations, too! We always need more reporting like that, here. Most people, even some consummate orgonite-flingers, never pay much attention to their surroundings.

You’ve reminded me that sometimes it takes more than a single towerbuster to flip a death tower, thanks. When Carol and I developed the basic toweruster in 2002 it was configured to flip the average tower. Some towers need two, three or more TBs in order to be turned into healing instruments, of course. Carol told me that I need to mention that as many times as necessary becuase on our trip acoss the country in September she saw a lot of big death towers along the highway that didn’t have quite enough orgonite near them.

I sort of discouraged overgifting in the early years because people were using up all their ordnance to flip just a few towers. Actually, the more orgonite you toss into the environment, the better–none of it is wasted and there has been enough gifting that the sewer rats are evidently unable to use their death towers to enforce martial law (leading to genocide), any more.


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