Vo Joanna--Doña Leda Update

Al McAllister is Rio de Janeiro’s premier gifter and we’ve corresponded for about 8 years. He knows and regularly visits a very nice traditional witch in the countryside, named Vo Joanna, who is the ‘horse’ of a departed healing spirit, named Doña Leda.

Vo Joanna practices a form of healthy magic that’s an amalgam of African and South American Indian traditions (enhanced with a Succor Punch that I made for her and is deployed constantly, also some of Al’s orgonite, I think) and she helps a lot of people, sort of like the way Carol does. In my view, any magical practices that get consistent, discernible results can’t be distinguished from practical science.

Whenever I hear from Al, he tells me how she’s doing and I’m eager for her to visit Carol, shortly, because my wife is 9 months into a severe detoxification cycle, evidently expelling all or most of the deadly poisons that agency operatives had put in her food in airports and sprayed in her face in her travels. Each time, the zapper saved her life but she suffered intensely and her health steadily declined until last September, when we initiated some diet improvements after our exposure to the Raw Spirit Festival in Sedona. We also then began a three-month herbal colon/liver cleanse, described on drnatura.com. My own detox cycle only lasted a few weeks during that three months but, of course, the feds mainly want to exterminate my wife, which certainly shows our relative importance in their jaundiced eyes [Image Can Not Be Found]

Carol still participates in the chats, when she’s able, but her psychic vision has been dulled down by the detox process. She reckons that this will be finished in June and even though she’s been feeling miserable for nearly nine months her vitality and complexion are steadily showing improvement.

I know she’ll appreciate Doña Leda’s ministrations.

Here’s Al’s note:

Hi Don,

I was…there to see Vò Joana, today she asked me about you. Vó Joana has not been up to see you recently, so she wanted to know if you are well healthwise, she is going to check you out and I will let you know. Dona Leda just turned 81 and is still working away doing “consulting” work through Vó Joana, her health is fine.

We are all well here, working away. I heard two interviews with Carol on a internet radio program, really great.
I wish you well Don.

Thank you.

I like to share reports like this because I want folks to know that psychic networking exists in our world. Carol and I connect with good people all over the planet in email, personally, and in the dream state (she does a lot of conscious psychic networking, too). I think this sort of coordination is crucial to the current upwelling of human awareness and happiness. The Operators are running this show, in our view, and are showing us some of the unimaginable potentials within ourselves.

For people who have never considered psychic networking and who are reading this, I’m hoping that it will help them become more and more open to these possibilities and to watch for the signs of it already taking place in their own experiences and observations.

Here’s my and Al’s followup email:

From: Don Croft
To: Al McAllister
Sent: Sunday, April 26, 2009 9:07 PM
Subject: Re: Al in Brazil

Thanks, Al–great to hear from you and to get an update about Vo Joanna. I’ll let Carol know that she’ll be coming for a visit. 81 is not old when one takes care of oneself reasonably well.

Our health is pretty good–mine is better than ever but Carol’s going through a very long detox period, getting a lot of potentially deadly poison out of ‘storage,’ now following several poison attacks in past years, mainly in airports during her trips. She reckons that this cycle will be done in June. It started when we participated in the Raw Spirit Festival in Sedona in September, strange to tell. We were inspired,then, to improve our diets in preparation for our golden years. My own severe detox only lasted a few weeks but they had mainly targetted her for potentially deadly poisonings. The zapper preserved her from extinction, each time, but she sure suffered.

A lot of times I wanted to write to you but I’d gotten sort of conditioned by a lot of hacking to stop trying. I can always seem to answer your emails, though. I’ll try keeping one of yours in my ‘drafts’ file.

I got some lapidary equipment and will start turning a lot of those nice crystals you sent me into Succor Punches for distribution–will cut flat bases so they can stand up and polish the point facets. I’ll send one each for you and your friend. I have dozens of broken circuit assemblies from doing zapper repairs over the years and will use them for the SPs. Only the switches are broken.

I’m glad you liked the radio interviews! Andy’s hour-long DVD about us is on YouTube. I’ll send you a DVD version when I send the SPs. It was a lot of fun making that and he’s going to do one featuring Carol, I think in June.



Thanks for the e-mail Don! Great to hear from you, time flies!

Well, I went to Dona Leda’s house tonight… Vó Joana said she has been there to see you recently and asked me to tell you the following:

  • You are well, but not THAT well [Image Can Not Be Found]
  • She asked that you sit confortably and concentrate on your heart chakra. She will do a cleansing on you at that time
  • You work too hard, help out a lot of people and do not take care of your own self. That takes a toll.

For Carol:

  • She is going to contact Carol psychically for a conversation one to one.

Personally I never heard her ever use the term “heart chakra”, that was a first, as is this “one to one conversation” with Carol.
I’m glad that my e-mails get through, the difficulty only happened those first few times. Send me the cost of whatever you want to send, Godofredo loves your stuff, I’ll make you a PayPal money transfer.

[Al and Godofredo, another gifter in Rio, spent a lot of time one day, picking thru barrels of quartz crystals for me, a few years ago, and only asked for the price of the crystals and shipping for the box. I sent them some latest zappers, which took six months to arrive. We had finally boosted the problem in a chat session to move the package along and Al received it a couple days later [Image Can Not Be Found] . I offered to send the SPs because I still feel some debt. This is a practice exercise for me to get familiar with my equipment and I’ll sell the fifty or so pocket-sized SPs this summer for a competitive price but won’t advertise them except on the forum. ~Don]

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