'Vryal are Screaming Pussies!'

Stevo said that the night after we survived the two murder attempts (vryal-supervised and CIA/police/mason-enacted) and I asked him, ‘Do you dare me to post that?’ He said, ‘Sure!’ Cool

The particular Vryal freak who prompted that comment was full of hubris when the psychics uncovered him during a hunt for the ‘nasa.gov’ hacker consortium mentioned by Jacques. That Vryal was hiding from us when we went after the NASA mainframe, NSA jerks and their roomful of booger-eating, hacker automatons (MKids).

That vryal freak completely lost his composure when he got treated by Dr Stevo to counter-rotating dodecahedrons with saltwater swirl Wink

In tomorrow’s chat I’ll ask the psychics to look into Stephane’s hunch that Romanian hackers are involved with trying to ruin EW, lately. Carol and I saw Russians coming and going when we visited a Romanian person, years ago, who turned out to be a mole within the network and they weren’t even introduced to us. I personally like Russians and Romanians but I think KGB (it’s still around–don’t kid yourself!) and their E. European tentacles need to go bye-bye now, along with their CIA, MI6, SS and Mossad blood brothers.


I’m not going to keep posting ‘potty-mouth’ headers but I’m happy to report that the spam content of my email has gone down dramatically, again, since we went after the hacker horde on Wednesday.

When hacking against EW is worst, I get about 150 spam mails each day; after our smackdowns I usually only get around fifty.

These numbers are my personal bellweather for the success of our assaults on the hackers’ NSA, MI6 and Vryal overseers who are trying to take EW down. It’s also very encouraging to know that these little booger-eaters are probably leaving a whole lot of other innocents alone these days, thanks to us. Free communication is essential for taking down tyrannical regimes, of course.


CArol doesn’t usually tell me everything at once. A couple of days ago, she told me that when the car was spinning out of control toward the edge of the canyon she had a clear vision of our deaths, then she saw a big hand take the car the other direction, into the hillside (the dirt piled at the base of the cliff cushioned the blow) on the uphill side of the road–thanks, Operators!

It’s funny, but when Carol, Dooney, Jeff, Stevo and I were smacking the satanic ritual performers in Spokane’s rosicrucian lodge (led by a fake friend of Carol’s, who was ordered to deal with our return to the area) I had a feeling we had initiated a progression of effective efforts to weaken the world odor’s hold on our region further. I had a hunch that doing that weatherball and array, northeast of us in MOntana, was the next step, partly because the Rothschild hive has long had extensive holdings around that mountain. I think they grabbed the land when their railroads were robbing the Indians’ birthright. Carol’s mom was a member of the local tribe, by the way.

The evening we did the lodge ritualists we started out just trying to help Carol feel better, since she was obviously under attack. Dooney was the first to see the fake friend, whom she described accurately and she had the impression that this gal thinks of herself as a ‘white witch.’ I met her a couple of times and she’s pretty full of herself and extroverted, also likes folks to know that she’s very important in the Rosicrucian lodge in Spokane . If you’re familiar with American culture you can understand how someone can see herself in that flattering light even while involved with satanic activities. This sort of schizophrenia is one of the unfortunate aspects of our national heritage.

Yesterday, at breakfast in our favorite egg restaurant in town, Michael D’s, I looked at a tongue-in-cheek print of the painting, American Gothic, and I couldn’t help thinking, ‘I wonder how many Indian kids that pious-looking farmer impaled on that hay fork.’ Wink. The menu covers have an ‘American Gothic’ cartoon of Michael D, as the farmer, standing beside his ‘wife’ who is a chicken in a house dress. Carol and I could write a pretty good dining guide for the region, by the way. We also eat at home, of course.

In between the murder attempts, last Wendesday, we visited with Kelly and Ryan and this probably really pissed off the world odor mavens around here. They really hate it when people in the network successfully get together to share energy and information.

Carol said that her dominant prayer, when she visualized our demise, was that Jeff and I wouldn’t be taken along with her. It was pretty obvious that she was the main target in those attempts. I think the sewer rats know I wouldn’t be much good to anyone without her. At least we’re no longer essential to the expansion of this grassroot movement.

We’ve only got three really dependable psychics in this network for now. I hope to God more will show up before long because that’s a vulnerable link in the chain. This is why I favor spending as much time as necessary to protect these three from threats like this one. The Operators apparently concur. I’m also content with whatever The Operators feel is appropriate for us, having learned that lesson the hard way.

I mentioned the 33d degree Scottish Rite jerk who was in the rosicrucian ritual–a sort of world-odor anchor point (women conduct all the high rituals in the dirty secret orders). I won’t mention his name (he despises nicknames, by the way) but he’s over a century old. We’ll keep our ears open to find out if he died that night. The cop who ‘helped’ us was apparently on hand at the behest of this mason’s underling, so it may be that the old 33d degree baby eater was either out of commission or dead, then.

We watch for confirmations like that. A Jesuit pedophile/murderer in Africa whom we sent some love to, in the form of counter-rotating dodecahedrons, died shortly afterward, for instance.

That gal was in the audience (she was in charge, I think–go figure) when I gave an orgonite and zapper demonstration to the Spokane Metaphysical Society in September, 2001, when Carol was in Kenya. They were a receptive and even appreciative audience but none of them did anything with the information I provided, except most of the thirty zappers I handed out for a trial were bought. There were a hundred or so people in the audience and five of the zappers were stolen. I once read in a novel that most psychics can’t be trusted not to steal the silverware if you have them over for dinner. I’ve long wondered why so many incredulous people assume that psychics are somehow more spiritual than others but in my view, the few psychics who also choose to develop their characters and social consciences are real gems–sort of like geniuses, artists and glamorous people who also have personal integrity.


that was the vryal scumbag that showed up when we were blasting the nasa/gov lead that was presented to us. it seems the hacker nest was a make-shift put-together array that was being used temporarily, as all their other sites have been busted up. the vryal screamed like a pitiful hurt spoiled punk, getting it’s just deserts after tormenting someone who had turned the tables on his tormenter.

stevo saw him screaming like that as he was being swallowed up in salt water, filling up a double, counter-rotating dodecahedron. so far, the best etheric tool seems to be the dooney/stevo dodec-ing system. i encourage all etheric warriors to learn or review that systen (on dooney’s website) and use it while blasting. our efforts seem to blend together as the psychics are working, as in chats.

carol’s observations ring true with my experiences in the jeep spin-out fish-tailing event set up to take us out. we spun out in a left-hand, down-hill curve. the violent counter fish-tailing back- ways should have, according to regular physics, sent us over the left-hand side down into the ravine, but it didn’t. we fish-tailed four times, left,right,left and then right, completely backwards, carrening down the upper guardrail as don has described.

the geek stationed at the accident site beforehand said “you all should have gone over the side”, meaning, i take it, we SHOULD have gone over the side.

we waited until the next day to chatblast about it. it was better for me as i was kinda pissed that two staged accidents werre attempted in one day!

i’m assuming we did some major good the previous few days and that our efforts were related in their unfolding but the significance of which was unknown to us at the time.

i’m also taking this time and space to thank the operators for their “hand” in things that day. we all have so much lined up for us to do still, so i thank THEM, who protect us doing our good work.

by the way, the vryal really are screaming, candy-assed little pussies. you should dodec one today!

Right, ‘Dodec a Vryal a Day’ might be a nice motto, since it wouldn’t take a whole lot of days to remove these parasites from the body politic, finally Cool

Now that it’s easy to be in touch with Jacques, again, I’ve asked him to put Dooney’s forum link next to the Gifting Compendium download link, above. Her site is donebydooney.com , by the way, and full instructions are on the site. She’s available for coaching by contacting her at [email protected] and I don’t get a nickel for referralsWink–I’m seeing consistent, huge results from what her students can do and the instructions for the dodecahedron technique came to her in dream/vision from dolphins, by the way.

The Dodec Technique has stood the test of time and circumstances very well. I expect it will become considered an etheric tool for humanity. similar to how the wheel or light bulb have served our 3D needs. With a little practice, just about anyone can cage a murderous predator this way. It’s much, much better than shooting them.

I asked Carol to check on the Rosicrucian gal who conducted the ritual and she told me that this one was just following orders and may have been only vaguely aware of the purpose of the ritual. The guy who ordered it was apparently the centenarian, 33d degree mason freak who might not have survived our expression of love. Carol will keep her eyes and ears open about his condition. Remember that Spokane is the city which produced ‘Holy Foley,’ the predatory Speaker of the US House of Representatives (pre-Gingrich), who literally sued the electorate for not keeping him in office. NOt that he didn’t know that the election was rigged by his masters, of course. Spokane is known as ‘the Inland Empire.’ Yikes.

It was awfully nice to have Jeff around for a week or so during the Xmas break from his teaching job in Florida. There aren’t a lot of people who would take two murder attempts in a day in stride, during a friendly visit with the Crofts, and Carol and I feel sure that if he wasn’t driving during the first one we’d have been flattened by that big, chained CIA truck right behind us. Come to think of it, he was in the $#!+ several times with us in Florida over the past year Cool


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