Wales Gifting Update + Another Free Energy Site

Don Croft
07 May 2008 06:37

Subject: Wales Gifting Update + Another Free Energy Site

Spent a great weekend gifting the mountains of Wales Wink

Knackered after a 7 hour hike into the mountains yesterday, but pleased with the latest run J

Fresh builds this week coming up and a long term plan is evolving to circle Wales with Orgonite, via Kayak, Ultralight [Welsh Bomber Wing, Unorganized Etheric Air Force Cool ], foot, car and whatever type of transport is available.

As you are posting about free energy devices, here is a guy that is so close to Meyers hydrogen car.

May be worth posting, he is a tough nut to boot and wont take any sh*t off the government… I LIKE him. Kevin another American hero.


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