Want to Help Fix Turkey?

Ismail Basusta is a young man in Antalya (Anatolia) who already has his sights set on gifting Istanbul. He’s a little hampered by an inability to get crystals for the orgonite he makes with his best friend, whose dad is the doctor who keeps borrowing their fresh orgonite to use in his hospital because he says it heals sick people Cool

I didn’t know where Ismail might get crystals as readily as we can in the US but I offered to post an appeal for connections, wiht the caveat that if I put his email addy out it’s likely that some clever exploiters would try to get his confidence, though most of the folks who would get in touch with him will be the good guys, of course, and golden-hearted.

Here’s his response to my comments:

[email protected]

I have no problem at all i’ve been scared of a lot of this stuff all my
life but now i have the the tools the weapons there is no room for fear
for me anymore. and i know when im trying to be fooled. i’m not scared of
anything anymore please do put my email address up.
the sea here is really “dead” it has very little life in it its seething
with DOR.
i have the resources to gift the sea here (canoo+ friend who can spot
energy vortices) if i had the resources i can get all the major vortices
on land and sea out of order. thankfully the doc is really helpful with
how are you doing are they doing attacks against you if they are i know a
way to neutralize.

I sent him a little gift some weeks ago but he hasn’t received it. This rarely happens, and in fact the only two people on the planet that we’ve had trouble getting packages to are Jose in Dominican Republic and Igor in Rome. The postal systems in both countries are pretty reliable and these fellows haven’t had a problem getting packages that aren’t related to the work we’re all doing. This kind of interference is a feather in the cap (a merit badge, if you will Wink) of the would-be recipient because it means that person is a threat or a potential threat to the world odor. Carol and I will boost the sewer rats (probably CIA freaks) who are interfering with our package to Ismail. That usually breaks it loose.

If you’re in Europe you can probably send something to Ismail much easier, since Turkey is a NATO country. Try sending something inexpensive, first.

You can contact him at [email protected]



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