Want to Participate in the Next Stage of African Gifting?

David Ochieng, in Western Kenya, contacted me a couple of years ago and indicated a strong desire to gift his region.

One never knows, simply from email, whether a person is genuine or just a very clever faker but I had a sense about this fellow and decided to back him. My wife, who had visited that area to help out at a village AIDS clinic during September and October, 2001, felt skeptical about the situation, having encountered the entire gamut of characters in that extremely depressed and disease-ravaged part of Kenya but I persisted in helping David, then Mrs Odondi, in nearby Kisumu, to achieve some economic stability so that they could carry out some gifting campaigns with orgonite that Georg of orgonise-africa.org began sending to them on a regular basis. I spent a couple thousand bucks so that David could purchase his wife (they already had one child), some property and money to build a house, also helped Mrs O with her hospital bill after she was shot, helped her son, Billie Kibiator, with school fees and helped her get land and build a house after her village was destroyed with a flood. It’s very tough for widows in Africa and Mrs O, who is a very diligent gifter, earns her livlihood selling merchandise from a pushcart. Kisumu is a very tough place. Carol visited there and said that murder is committed almost as casually, there, as corporate employees steal pens and paper clips, here. Orgonite can and will change that situation. The American police, who all now look like they’re SS stormtroopers, ready to invade Poland, are some of the worst offenders, though, so in that way Kenya is the same as here, sad to tell.

Here’s the report of their January, 2006 trip to Mombassa: http://ethericwarriors.com/main/index.p … 0&menuid=0

These two and their families were thus able to carry out the first successful dolphin gifting expedition off MOmbassa’s coast (Eastern Kenya–Indian Ocean) and, eight months later, our Sudanese gifting associates, Salva Kirr and his wife, Christine, were able to accompany them on the next successful dolphin-gifting trip to Mombassa. David had earlier taken a load of orgonite to Yei in order to do some gifting with Salva and Christine and here’s his report: http://ethericwarriors.com/main/index.p … 2&menuid=0

On the second trip to Mombassa, David was severely poisoned on the eve of their first trip out, so was bedridden but insistent that the rest should carry out their purpose. He had to be carried to the bus, then spent a couple of weeks recuperating at home. We boosted him in a chat session as soon as we learned about the incident and he recovered very quickly, after that.

In our book, that level of attack is the best indicator of a gifter’s worth. It’s an odd thing to strive for and, in fact, I hope that very soon the world odor’s agencies adn secret orders will lose their ability to even do that much harm to any of us.

Christine Oginya, who teaches school in Yei, Sudan, eventually wrote a full report, which I posted, here, last May:


Sadly, David’s cellphone was inoperable during that time and Judy Lubulwa, who had been visiting Georg and Friederike Ritschl during their gifting campaign in Zanzibar, not far south of Mombassa, was unable to connect with the gifters in Mombassa. Now that she’s back in Nairobi, though, we’re hopeful that she can finally meet the other gifters in Kenya, soon.

David now knows how to make his own orgonite and has successfully sourced resin and appropriate metal but lacks the money to buy any of that. Finding a source of metal for orgonite is no small feat in rural Africa, by the way.

About a year ago, after our business was hit several times, successfully, by the world odor I was unable to finance their expeditions or even Billie’s school fees any more, though I did manage to scrape together most of the money they needed for their second dolphin trip. We’ve only lately begun to recover from that sabotage with a lot of help from Dooney and Stevo in a series of private chat sessions–Steve’s livlihood as a natural physician was also being severely interfered with but he, too, is getting out from under all that entropy (mostly generated by CIA radionics in both cases, apparently) with our help.

After our unfortunate circumstances developed, several generous folks began contributing to David’s, Mrs O’s, and Salva’s specific efforts–mainly by wiring small amounts of money to David–and some misunderstanding developed, which I’ve been careful to explain to David, lately. The bottleneck, in that case, has been David’s lack of accounting for how the money was spent. I think that it’s natural to assume, under the circumstances, that someone considers you a cash cow and that deficit in communication causes some pretty hard feelings for some. I know that there are very, very few Africans who are completely fluent in English, which shouldn’t be surprising, since each of them need to master several tribal dialects and Swahili if they ever hope to venture beyond their own villages. Most East Africans have a functional ability to communicate in English but we Westerners expect fluency, of course, and need to train ourselves to take real conditions and limitations into consideration.

Judy Lubulwa, the Ugandan gifter who edited my book, is more erudite than most of us but she’s quite exceptional. When we first started corresponding, I assumed she was a Canadian, living in Kenya <img src=“tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/images/smiley-undecided.gif” border=“0” alt=“Undecided” title=“Undecided” />

I’m ‘interviewing’ a Kenyan journalist, an aspiring gifter, who lives near David and Mrs O and have suggested that he contact them both, soon. He would be capable of writing detailed, very descriptive reports of African gifting campaigns.

Dr Paul Batiibwe, who posts on EW as DrP, was my companion for a couple of weeks, including a gifting trip to the then-wartorn north part of Uganda, beyond the Nile. He, too, is quite fluent in English but he runs a district hospital, commutes to see his family a hundred miles away on weekends, and does his own clinical studies with alternative healing applications, so he doesn’t have a lot of time for posting.

Georg of orgonise-africa.net has been an absolute champion about sending substantial shipments of orgonite to rural Africans for gifting. He makes no money with this, by the way–your contribution to his sponsorship programs are not charity but are simply a way of extending your ‘gifting reach.’ Fortunately, money goes a lot farther in Africa than it does just about anywhere else.

You probably wonder what I mean by ‘next stage of African Gifting,’ so I’ll tell you that I feel quite sure that after making and distributing orgonite has caught on, among Africans, our friends will eventually be able to earn a good living by selling orgonite to their tribesmen and countrymen. I hope that more Western gifters will visit Africa and witness how readily the people recognize and appreciate orgonite’s ability and purpose. That recognition has a whole lot of market potential and I want the first African gifters to also be the first to prosper this way, as many are now doing in the West.

If you’ll help out with a little seed money–fifty bucks is plenty, for instance, and David has given me his guarantee that he’ll give you a good accounting for how the money has been used, nor will he hit you up for more. He’s taken responsibility for teaching the others how to make orgonite and for helping them find the materials.

If this seems like a good idea to you, contact David at [email protected] . Please CC your email to me if you want to be sure that hackers won’t interfere with the process, okay? [email protected] is my email address and if you don’t hear back from me within a couple of days it means a hacker has interfered, so please try again unless David has responded to your original message. We’ve never been completely blocked by hackers from finding a way to reach someone, though sometimes we need to do a little pathfinding during the worst of the interference periods.

The world odor operatives, especially the Jesuits, are desperate to prevent Africans from achieving freedom from their oppressive yoke and even prosperity. That deadly, previously hidden agenda ought to be confirmation enough for anyone to do something effective to rather bring those happy results to pass.


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