Want to Poke the Parasite's Baleful Eye in Arlington, Texas?

Years ago I took it on myself to help a targeted Indian activist and Pipe Carrier, Carol Two Eagle, to survive in the face of systematic destruction by the masons and FBI in North Dakota and it’s really paid off. She’s now supplying our Terminator zapper distributors, internationally, with basic zappers.

If you want to do something similar with a one-time chauffeuring event in Arlington, Texas, check this out, then get in touch with Connie:

Hello Don,
I hope all is well with you, Carol and fellow Organite gifters.
I am providing the following information to you to see if you have any contacts/organite gifters that might be able to help fellow TI who is located in Arlington, Texas. Her house is paid off and she needs someone to take her to her house which is approximately 20 miles from the group home where she is currently residing for safety reasons. She wants to try to sell her paid off house before it’s taken for unpaid taxes. She is afraid to go to her house because she was so severely targeted there.
Her name is ***** ****** [Connie asked me to remove the name. I told her that publishing the name actually produces some protection for someone being bullied by the federal sewer rats but I agreed to remove it. ~D]. She was forced from her home due to severe targeting, false accusations, and being kidnapped. She has no one in the area that can help her. Nancy had a good job, several cars, homes, money and a large inheritance, but her money and inheritance were stolen when she was institutionalized based on false accusations and charges. She was supposed to inherit millions because her great grandfather was the owner of Hubbel Oil which eventually merged with Mobile and Exxon.

If you know any Organite gifters or other fearless warriors that can try to help her by taking her to her house to try to get some things and try to sell her paid off house, can you please let me know or I can give you her telephone number if you want to talk to her directly. She doesn’t have a computer or email, can’t drive afar anymore, and is totally dependent on the owner of the group home. When she’s asked him to take her to her house, he seems to be too busy or makes excuses. Her house is approximately 20 miles from the group home she resides at. She hasn’t been to her house since 2012.

If you know of anyone who can try to help her out by bringing her to her house in order to try to sell it, she might be willing to compensate them from the proceeds of the sale of the house.

I’m contacting you because you are very well connected and might know of some fearless Organite warriors or other folks in the Arlington, Texas area willing to help a targeted individual.

I sent Nancy Organite several times for free due to her to her predicament and severe targeting. I also contine to send other TI’s free Organite because most have no money and are suffering from severe electronic harassment and their perpetrators/gang stalkers are usually using direct energy weapons to harm them.