Watching Out For Our Dolphin Associates

Don Croft
25 Nov 2008 16:56
Subject: Watching Out for our Dolphin Associates
The dolphins and whales usually show up during our battles in the chatroom, eager to help us with specific predators in the corporate world order and also help us destroy their weaponry infrastructure. We also look for opportunities to help them defeat the US Navy and other predatory agencies when those agencies implement their cetacean-slaughter campaigns in the seas.

Not long ago, the US Navy apparently slaughtered some orcas near the submarine base in Puget Sound and we haven’t yet sought ‘balance’ for that crime on the orcas’ behalf. Marco’s report of possile dolphin murders in New Jersey’s coastal waters may be another heads up for us to get busy for our dolphin and whale friends in next Sunday’s chatroom. Thx, Marco, and I’ll ask for help to get the federal freaks off your back, too:

Marco in NJ here . … .

We’ve had a dolphin drama here since springtime
when a pod of bottlenose dolphins swam up a
coastal river system to feed on the lush stocks of
baitfish to be found there. The media made a fuss
with concern about their welfare, but they weren’t confused or distressed,
they seemed healthy and hungry, and, knowing that key parts
of those waters and the surrounding
coastline have been fairly well gifted, I didn’t worry about them.
In fact, my guess was that the appearance of feeding dolphins in these
rivers indicated a healthy and vibrant environment.

However, events have taken a turn: two common dolphins, not of that pod,
have turned up dead, and the bottlenose pod is still in the river,
prompting concern that they may not find their way out (article attached).

I’m concerned about these recent deaths and, was wondering,
if they had the time, if the psychics might look into these dolphins.
If the sh*tbirds are involved, perhaps some focused blasting
will fix the problem. Bear in mind, between Dave Rusin
and I, lots of orgonite has been tossed in the water in that vicinity.
Maybe they’re back for more? Any information you can offer to help
the dolphins is appreciated.

By the way, my gifting efforts have continued, this past year focused mainly on
the waters, and the results of years of gifting in this region continue to
add up: beautiful weather, rebounding wildlife populations, bumper crops,
a drop in the crime rate, cleaner rivers, and on it goes. I laugh and
wonder how much longer they can try to convince people that the “planet is dying?”

(I’ve taken some lumps for it too. Any assistance from the chatblasters to
help get the scumbags off my case – they’re messing with my businesses,
as usual – is most appreciated. I fight back but sometimes get overwhelmed. :-’ )

Anyway, best to you and Carol and all the etheric warriors,
Yours in the orgone,


30 Nov 2008 10:13
Subject: Re: Watching Out For Our Dolphin Associates
80 whales die in stranding in Tasmania

These were long finned pilot whales and they died quickly and painfully on sharp rocks and reefs. Rescuers were unable to help them in time, unlike when they get stuck on a sandy beach. Apparently a lot of strandings occur in Tasmania for mysterious reasons, with more than one species of whale.

Also :

US Navy says they will limit underwater exposions in Puget Sound

04 Dec 2008 07:34
Subject: Re: Watching Out For Our Dolphin Associates
The stranding in Tasmania has now claimed the lives of 150 long finned pilot whales. Something rotten is going on.

Tally increases in Tasmanian stranding

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