Water Charging

Made a small CB some time ago (designed by Cesco/Laozu) of 15mm pipe to charge water, new distiller bottle just fits nicely. Cesco makes a minature one which is cheaper, smaller, and looks better in house .http://materiaetherica.com/aquaetheric.html


Charging water has been our research project lately too. Mostly we have orgonised drinking water in our CB which has rather a large crystal from Himalaya with double mobius coil and a zapper. The small pipes in diameter each have Herkimer diamonds and below them is a small agate plate. I’ll add photos later on.

During a visit to last week we energised some water in the CB we made there on summer and brought some of it to a psychic we know there. She has the psychic abilities in fourth generation in her family, passed down through and inherited. She could feel the field of the water already in three meters. After drinking just a small amount of this water she said it very much empowered her.

As for myself, I can say it feels that I can sense energy fields stronger now without letting them influence my being. Especially with other people, I seem to feel rather strong their reactions etc. This happened as instance when the psychic I was referring above was tuning into the field of the orgonised water. I have been thinking of fasting and drinking only this water to prevent the effects of other sources of physical energy. The interesting thing with our device here is that it shoots scalar waves. I hope the psychics on EW can give some feedback about it. As instance, does the length of time needed to empower the water get shorter when we have the micro circuit running etc.

Now I am in the process of finding 100% pure silver cord, and obtaining distilled water, in order to make colloidal silver water energised with the CB. Also, I have been thinking what kind of effect this CS water would have when used in making of orgonite. I will post more on this when I manage to get the needed material.

Another thing concerning charging water is, that if I am not wrong it was Victor Schauberger who discovered that the water should be kept in dark and unexposed to the sun light. Also, apparently when making CS water it should be done in a glass container, not plastic which might have an ill effect on the behaviour of the silver in the water. At least, we have been using glass containers when charging our water. I was also thinking of creating orgone accumulator around the water container using aluminium foil and sticky plastic.

There should be a signifigant change in the consciousness of human beings if they drank only very highly energised water, as the percentage of water in our bodies is at least 70%. The water does indeed have memory. I think drinking this kind of empowered water will have an elevating effect on anyone consuming it. I like to test this on myself [Image Can Not Be Found];

I just poured this Charger CB for curing devices on (thanks for the design, John):

It has the same 15mm pupes as John’s but these contain Cesco coil/DT crystal blocks that were cured on a CB before being slid down empty pipes.

It also has a larger (CB-cured) Coil/crystal block set into the middle of the base between the pipes.

It’s a lot handier to use than clambering up on a chair to cure small devices one-by-one on the top of my Croft CB.


Your creation feels powerful Dan, I had to take a long and deep breath when I first saw it, this usually happens when I see devices that are doing the job profoundly. Congratulations. I received your PM too by the way.

Out of curiosity, although I doubt, the plate atop of the construction looks like copper. Can you confirm which material it is made of? This because I heard there should be no extra metal (non-organic material) placed atop in connection with the pipes. If I am wrong please clarify me.

Here is our mobile CB, the pipes are only 5mm I think, but each one has Herkimer Diamond inside. I already explained what it has eaten in my previous post. We used rather alot of coil in this one. Made also a tightly coiled small Hhg that has Lapis Lazulis, snow quartz, rose quartz and selenite I think that we inserted right below the Himalaya crystal that has double mobius coil around it. The device also has pyrite and hematite. The agate plate should be adding some additional energy to the construction. As for the non-organic material we used mostly iron but also brass which is my favourite. Being a mobile CB it is still rather heavy so I am not carrying it around everywhere I go.

Actually it was my graduation example last spring when I finished my school. The subject was of course orgonite. You might wonder in what kind of school you can do such a thing? The school is based on Rudolf Steiner’s ideas, but I only studied there one year. No one should call me an antrophosophist either as I do not share many of the ideas he expressed. Anyway, I explained the meaning of orgonite and gifting to our class which means 30 people. Some of them have orgonite now. Now the piece of art. I sprayed a picture on the side of the device. In Inca tradition it is called Qoriq’ente, the golden hummingbird which my friend from Peru explained is their Holy Spirit.

[Image Can Not Be Found]

In the picture below we are charging our daily portion. After I read about Cesco’s experimentation drinking only water that has been charged in CB I decided to do try it and highly recommend for everyone. Much more sensitivity to energy fields and clarity that I’ve never exeprienced before. Of course, I am not saying it is only because of the water but it surely has been a strong catalyst for this. Try it and you’ll know for sure.

[Image Can Not Be Found]

I am not sure if we have the zapper running in these photos but I’ll add later a clear comparison set where it can be seen and felt how it is different when the scalar waves are being emitted or not.

Please feel welcome to visit my EW gallery which still does not have much to offer:

The CB we constucted in Jyväskylä. Right after we finished it, two spiral clouds could be seen above us. Because of some strange blockage in the brain, no one took a photo.


Please feel free to give feedback. That’s how we learn.


The plate that forms the top spacer and charging platform is nothing more exotic than 5mm varnished plywood.

I also set up a Personal Gallery:



very nice charging platform you have there.
I have lately read some books about discoveries of Viktor Schauberger, free energy inventor who learned everything straight from nature. He studied maybe most of all water, implosion, vortex and that thing how in nature water is in its most energetical state at temperature of 4degrees celsius just when it comes out from the depths of the Earth. He pointed out that in daylight water loses some of its energy and thus i have started to use black water container for energizing drinkingwater.

Here are two of the latest orgonite plates:

Jukka. How did you make the orgonite plate on the left?

I made the coil first and poured some resin to the mold, added the coil, four pieces of quartz to the sides and some brass, then added iron enough to fill all the resin and then added the crystal+selenite+lapis+aventurine to the center and added resin and more metal and then put the hematite and pyrite and still added little metal and resin and made it even…
What you think about it?

I have noticed that the water charged on it has some ´springwater qualities`

Thanks Jukka. It has a softly positive feeling, with POR flowing moderately, counterclockwise in a circle.

Finally I managed to obtain a chargeable battery so the photos of charging water with the CB can be posted. I would value psychic feedback about them, since I don’t know presicely how the scalar waves are aligning with the basic construction of the device.

In the following photos the current has been turned on for a few hours so we are witnessing scalar waves having been emitted through a rather good sized Himalaya crystal over a time period:

Here the scalar charged water after one night from charging. I would like to know if the energy level has decreased or not:

Your perceptions are welcome,


My impressions of Pekka’s photographs:

The water in the three taken at 9/25/2007 at 10:32, 10:33, and 10:34 feels quite nice and positive.

The water in those taken at 9/25/2007 at 22:41, 22:42, and 22:43 (after several hours of scalar waves) is of similar intensity, but is no longer positive, and there is a painful feeling in the middle level of the bottles.

The water in those take at 9/26/2007 at 9:47 still has a touch of painfulness in the middle, but has a general positive feeling again. It however is not as positive as in the first three photographs.