Water experiment

My friend experimented with orgonite and water last winter on his balcony when it was -20 degrees. Interestingly, the hhg with which the test was made had ccw coil.

I can’t paste the photos here so I give you the link. The two upper pics are of the glass that was under the device which to me seem to have a special structure (the ice that is). And the lower ones are from the glass that was placed above, that one has strange empty space on the bottom of the glass. More experiments like this should be carried out though. Very interesting.


Good science data, Pekka! In our experience, the direction of a simply cone-spiral coil’s winding in an orgonite field device deoesn’t seem to matter much. Cesco’s more complex coil form needs to be wound in the recommended way in order to get the full benefit, though.

Freezing water is probably a good medium for showing energy dynamics, as DB first demonstrated with the upward-forming icycles, years ago.

The type of water used is also sometimes a factor. Kelly discovered through experimentation, for instance, taht steam distilled water is the best for keeping energy.

Joe Blow specifies ‘juvenile water’ for the Joe Cell, saying that this is water that has come out of a spring and flowed downhill for some distance.

I’ve always wondered whether orgonite changes the freezing point temperature–perhaps lowers it. I’m pretty sure that the water in my activated Joe Cell never froze and the cell is a kind of orgone accumulator that uses some of the intherent power of water to run an engine by imploding orgone in the cylinders. I experienced some of that before the center bolt on mine disintegrated, draining the cell

At any rate, water research is perhaps the next level of enquiry for many of us, so thanks again for posting this.