Water-Gifting Encouragement/Update From HongKong Johnny

Don Croft
10 Jul 2008 16:28
Subject: Water-Gifting Encouragement/Update from HongKong Johnny
On 7/6/08, John Burchell <[email protected]> wrote:


The air in Hong kong has been almost crystal clear for the last 2 months. Granted we’ve had a lot of rain (which cleans the air)…but the sylph activity off the sea just keeps coming and coming…beautiful. I moved my cb yesterday then sat down for a lovely cup of tea to watch the birds and spiders and a chemtrail jet flew over and I thought it may have just been a vapour trail but it was very thick yet disappeared…then another jet flew over and the only place the trail stuck was close to the coal fired power plant on my island.

I must say that I was ready to gift a new batch of tb’s and then I got the message to simply toss them in the sea in pairs in the harbour close to the IFC tower in Hong kong…see link for photo:

Anyway, I continue to gift…boost and hold my own with the grace and beauty of the operators…in the city of Hong Kong. I definitely concur that water gifting particularly around harbours with tall buildings is an excellent strategy since at the top of those buildings are some communications devices.

All the best bro…with love…John