We Call it 'Orgonite Cloudbuster,' Because

I rarely hear from people who play around with their orgonite cloudbusters, so I hope I can inspire you to start exploring the capabilities of yours now.

Since the sun started rising in the northeast and setting in the northwest a month or so ago the weather’s been kind of screwy–way too much rain and it’s too hot, at least in Eastern N America. Typically, we wake to almost clear skies here in the morning, with heavy cloudcover offshore to the east. By mid-afternoon there are thunderstorms all around us and this goes on for a week or so at a time, with a week-long break of normal skies in between.

At this latitude, which is close to the Tropic of Cancer line (the north limit for coconut palms is forty miles north of us), the sun should be rising and setting due East and West this time of year. Before and during the previous axis wobble the moon’s orbit became bizarre and erratic but this time it’s ‘normal.’

I think the present earth-axis wobble is more pronounced than the previous one, which ended last summer. I’d like to get a relative sunrise/sunset compass fix from someone on the equator and post it–would you please do that, Judy in Nairobi? I’ve also got a compass that seems confused about which end of the needle to point north. This one got very, very confused in the vicinity of the Coral Castle last month [Image Can Not Be Found] Maybe in this wobble event or a succeeding one, north will become south ‘pemanently.’ Our other compasses seem to be working right, though magnetic north has apparently shifted west a few more degrees from our position. I discovered that by comparing the boat compass with the GPS when Jeff and I were on our way to the offshore bioweapons dump near Tampa, Florida early this month.

I found out that we can get a little more work done, outside, as the storms close in on us by pointing the cloudbuster at oncoming dark clouds. Invariably, it opens up a bright hole in the very dark cloudmass and gives us another hour or so of dry workspace. We make all of our orgonite on the deck in front of our little home in South Florida.

LIghtning has never struck within a mile or so of a cloudbuster, as far as I know, even when the HAARPies are staining their breeches to smack us that way. There may be lightning in the clouds overhead and lightning all around us but in the 5 1/2 years that we’ve had a cloudbuster around us we’ve never seen it strike, upclose, and we rarely see lighting at all during thunderstorms, in fact. We usually just hear thunder in the clouds; mainly ‘soft’ thunder. Ever since we arrived in Florida, though, the HAARPies seem almost rabid in their attempts to break orgonite’s tightening bonds. I don’t think they’re happy about us coming here to end the HAARPicanes in the region, especially since the HAARP Channel on the What To Think Network was predicting virtual devastation of the region by super storms [Image Can Not Be Found]. Have you noticed, by the way, that the HAARP Channel is entirely focused on a mild flood that’s happening to a town that was stupidly built below a dam in Maryland? I think they’re hard up for weather disasters now and they probably built up their staff exponentially in expectation of the present (already disabled?) HAARPicane season.

They show all the signs of a testosterone-burdened teenage boy whose expectations weren’t met on a date.

Another feature of the orgonite cloudbuster is that there are rarely strong winds in the vicinity. If any wind occurs it’s likely to also be a result of HAARP intervention and in that case you can do another experiment and most likely can stop or dramatically slow the wind by pointing the CB into it, as close down to the horizon as feasible. For a boost, you can put a Succor Punch or Powerwant into the middle of the pipe array, no closer than a foot or so above the top of the orgonite base.

Another feature is that rain is ‘softer’ and hail is rarely seen any more in the vicinity. Soft rain is ionized and tends to soak into the ground more readily. We arrived in Idaho in the fall of 01 and by the summer of 02 I overheard some farmers saying that they couldn’t udnerstand why the ground was wet to a depth of three feet. They’d never seen it get went to a depth of more than a few inches in that semi-arid region They were a little miffed, in fact, because it was July and time to cut the hay but it was all still green and growing [Image Can Not Be Found]

The upside is that many farmers are now getting crops without irrigating.

Lots of people know about these features but if you’d kindly post about your own experiences/experiments in this direction it would greatly enhance the public record aspect of EW and would neutralize some of the public sniping that comes on from cynical, neo-Reichian poseurs who object to our use of the term, ‘cloudbuster.’ That sniping will incease and diversify, of course, as ogonite spreads across the world more. Most folks who have cloudbusters are afraid to stand up to these fakers, of course, and most gifters won’t have anything to do with orgonite forums–who can blame them, based on the history of open-membership boards’ savagery and intrigue?

It seems obvious to me that Dr Reich would applaud this network, rather, and that many of the people who claim to represent him would be shunned by him. He detested sycophants, irrational mystics and fake scientists.

Chemtrails really did stop being a problem in most areas by May of 2002. It’s marvellous that millions of people are now seeing chemtrail remnants but, in fact, most of these alarmed folks weren’t noticing the real chemtrails when they were still making millions of people chronically sick and killing a few thousand elderly and infants every month.

Ending the chemtrail threat was a minor function of thousands of orgonite cloudbusters which were distributed in a timely way before May, 2002. To call this device a ‘chembuster’ is a disservice, in my opinion, because the main use of the device is as an atmosphere and climate balancer. Just as the balanced state of the human body is slightly alkaline (ionized) so is the natural state of the atmosphere, earth and seas ionized, which is to say that healthy orgone predominates. Orgone is life force and life is what this game is all about. The energy of decay (DOR) is naturally contained within its own process–under the paradigm of the ‘World Odor’ the process of decay is un-naturally promulgated and most of the deserts were even formed during recorded history, the American ones apparently being the latest.

If you feel inclined to bury the base of your cloudbuster and/or add a lot of bulky gadgets to it you won’t experience the fun of spontaneously pointing it at a dark cloud to see how fast it dissipates that DOR and turns the cloud white, so why not have a portable one on hand in addition to your big, anchored sculpture? After all, confirmations are what help us develop certitude and confidence, not rote imitation of someone else’s arcane recommendations, many of which are questionable, at best.

I set up EW so that some representative, stable and reputable people in this network can post enlivening personal reports and observations. That became impossible on the open-membership boards, due to the human wave of sleepless sociopaths who flood internet forums to hunt down all substantive people and attempt to poison their reputations with slander and insinuations. There is no defense against them, actually, other than to exclude them from the process entirely. They can’t do any damage from the outside, thank God. You might not be aware that this strange modern phenomenon is mostly confined to English-language forums, by the way.

I’m deeply grateful to the many and diverse people who post substantive, insightful and uplifting reports here–it’s a dream come true for me!


Soft rain is ionized and tends to soak into the ground more readily

Interesting, I always wondered why nature rained like hell for no reason.

Since I put up my first CB about 2 years ago I have been observing the weather to the best of my ability. I have to say I have no complaints any more! Bill Bryson, the travel writer, wrote that Britain was lovely to look at if you like living in a tupperware box, ie the sky was always overcast. Now, the only time it is like that to the point of annoyance was a 2 week spell in mid winter. If we get an overcast sky I know the sun will break through sometime in the day.

That is the most amazing thing to lift the depression in this country, as the tupperware sky had to be the main cause of depression! No kidding.

I have seen more rainbows in the last 2 years than I have seen in the last 40 years! One that I drove towards lasted what must have been 30 mins to an hour. And some of them are special, like driving home and seeing one right over my house, more than once.

Also last year we had a thunderstorm that lasted for an hour or two, and seem to get more of them when they were quite rare. The last big one we had was in 1959. Last night we had a crack that sounded like a rifleshot. Thunder and lightening was rare in the past.

The biggest difference is in the ambience, words that spring to mind are “orgasmic” “sublime”. The sky couldn’t be any better, today for example, nice puffy clouds, and the most amazing mist like you get on top of mountains, I can stand still and you get this amazing chilly breeze cooling your face! Reminded me of a trip up the Pyrennes one holiday, and we are only 300 ft above sea level. Just looking at the mist in the valley below is sublime.

The usual breeze is the feeling you get with a nice Mediterranean breeze. I was driving along after a rain storm a few days back and I felt like I was back in N. Australia after some rain! Never seem to be without a nice breeze, and we have had one heatwave already, which for here is 80 degrees, great in other words. And it hasn’t been too hot either, just right.

Another miracle is sitting out in the local towns drinking coffee, like we were in some med or French town! That is amazing in Monmouth, I can tell you!

As for the rain, it pissed down all May as if to say we aint going to have no droughts here, and the only drought area in the UK is the SE where we never sent any CBs. I love it when it rains, we seem to get just what we want, and I haven’t heard the farmer complain at all about the weather, which is saying something. They ahad a nice 2 week hot spell recently to make any hay or silage which is usually tricky, for hay. I’ll have to ask if he is happy about the rain, but it seems to be just the right amount and it goes into the ground as you say. Gardeners are happy, I know that.

Don, Carol and Laozu sure have taken healing to a new level for me. And it sure lifts the spirit!

Could someone please give me some advice on CB maintenance. We’ve had some pretty violent weather lately, and so I’ve been worried about my CB, obviously, like did I make a mistake somewhere. Well, I’ve emptied out water and the extra crystals, and now it seems back to normal, i.e. as soon as the wind stops the sky clears up.

Any advice, please


Elen, as far as I kinow there’s no maintenance required for cloudbusters, nor does it matter if water collects in them. I’m not aware that more crystals would inhibit the function but ordinary quartz crystals do wear out after a time (a year or years, depending on how much DOR the cloudbuster needs to process) so should either be replaced or more xtals added on top when the function of one’s CB obviously has deteriorated a bit. A cloudbuster works without any crystals, of course, but works better with the crystals. I’ve done my best, over the years, to prevent this work from being mystified because inappropriate mysticism and blind imitation reduces the empowering aspect of this work we’re all doing.

One reason i started this thread is to encourage people who are subjected to strong storms to simply point the cloudbusters into the storm and see what happens. In most cases the wind simply stops. This is one of the encouraging, empowering aspects of working with these simple but powerful devices.

Thanks for the excellent observations, John!


talking of storms, one blew a few sheets of tin off our barn awhile back so this time I pulled my CB out the ground and pointed it at the wind (much to the amusement of my PJ partner I have to say, who wanted an explanation of how that worked–I told her to ask Cesco!). Anyway it died down fairly quick and we never had anything to speak of although it blew a few cars and trees over around the country. Due another one apparently, so it is staying out the ground.

We had a tornado in one town, a month or so ago, that blew the roof off quite a few houses–in England! Had to be man made.


Thank you for the reply, Don and John.

You see I am being asked a few questions myself and so it would be helpful if I knew what I was talking about.
My brother in Norway wants to build a CB, but the winter is stopping him. He is considering drilling drainage holes at the bottom of the CB pipes because temperatures can be extreme over there. (When you take a pot of boiling water, throw it up in the air and it comes down as snow, you know it is cold outside). As a matter of fact it (the temperature) is being used as a “silent explosive” to remove mountain rock. They drill a lot of holes in a solid, fill the holes with water……wait until spring and can then remove the loose surplus. No flying debris.

On New Years Eve I did hold a CB towards the wind and it did stop it for a while so I will carry on with experimenting. And I don’t think this weather is natural either. We had quite a few slates blown off the roof, branshes flying through the air, as well as buckets of water leaking in, in a very short time.

Other than that, the gifting that’s been done around here is holding up nicely. In the beginning there was a lot of “for sale” signs coming up. But lately there’s a lot of others putting up extensions, re-doing and building generally around the area. Looks like they want to stay in the good atmosphere of Orgone, instead of moving to bigger houses in another area.


Good work, Elen–next time, try putting your Succor Punch or Powerwand in the middle of the pipes of your CB, anywhere from a foot above the base to the end of the pipes. Natural winds die down immediately with just the cloudbuster but HAARP winds need that extra boost in order to be stopped. I hope you’ll experiment.

There was a time when the internet was an effective networking tool in the UK for this grassroot movement, before the MI5/6 sewer rats infiltrated and poisoned the network with a huge amount of clever slander, facilitated by a compromised internet forum that I used to belong to. All of that is what directly inspired me to start EW, by the way, in August, 2004. Now, we only ever hear from a few UK voices, most of whom are EW members.

I think we’ve only recently gotten clear of most of the moles that were thrown at us, mostly by MI6 and the CIA but with a smattering of KGB. Those sewer rat agencies don’t play well together, so it was interesting to see one agency’s moles go after another agency’s. It shows how essentially disunited and fractious the world odor is, I think. You might have thought that the world odor is monolithic; it’s not, any more than worms, fungi, bacteria and viruses in an intestinal tract are best friends with each other.

A good example of proactive networking against HAARP storms was when a call went out from the previous UK-based forum, in late 2003, before the forum turned to $#!+, for everyone in SW England (and in Ireland, I presume) to point their cloudbusters at the oncoming HAARPicane and the storm died in its tracks when it reached England.

That sort of networking is apparently not feasible in UK at the moment because many of our former associates were poisoned against us in private email campaigns saying God-knows-what about Carol, D Bradley and me during the spring and summer of 2004 by the duplicitous owner of the forementioned board and his close MI5/6 comrades. The result of that poison campaign was that Brit gifters now ignore us but mostly work privately, now, or only network among their own offline associates but at least there’s still a lot of gifting, there. I’m really glad that forums are not essential to the expansion of this global effort by now. That coordinated slander campaign spilled over to Australia, where online, healthy networking also suffered a pretty immediate demise.

If anyone in the UK were to entrust me with the specifics of what was said against DB, Carol and I in those days I’d post them, now, along with my rebuttals. Enough time has passed that this couldn’t be used as free advertising by the masochistic, lapwing poseurs who spread the slander against us in those days, since those people are mostly gone and forgotten by now.

The reason you probably never heard of any of this is because sabotage has never stopped the general forward progress of this movement, and that’s because it’s not personality based, after all.

I personally think MI5/6 are worse than Mossad and that the Mossad baby-eaters and bomb-throwers call MI6, ‘Daddy.’ Creepy, but how else were empires ever built?


We still had a stong wind that blew a few sheets of tin off, maybe my CB needs new crystals in it, about 2-3 years old, although it was quite mild compaired to the rest of England.

I have sent 2 emails to you, Don, but presume they aint getting through. I am working out a medical mafia target as they are gearing up here to suppress 3 professional people who have exposed their vaccination racket.


Hi Don,

I cannot tell what has transpired because I wasn’t aware until 2006 about Orgone, so whatever happened here in the UK I’m unaware of. I feel new to this game, but not completely green, old enough to make up my own mind (56). Thanks for telling me what has happened though, I was wondering why not the UK were up to date on these things, now I know.

I’m looking for a boat or something that can take us out to the West Coast of Scotland to gift the dolphins.

In March we’re going to Spain and bringing gifts with us, of course. Looking forward to that a whole lot……sun at last.



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