We don't generally toot our own horn, but this is instructiv


I wanted to thank you for providing such a great product. So far my
results have been good. When I first put on the Harmonic Protector I could
feel a warm tingling spread from the center of my chest to the rest of my
body. I felt a relief of sorts, like some kind of weight had been lifted.
The fist night I wore it to bed I was able to see a dim blue glow around my
room when I got into bed. This was strange, because at first I thought it
was just my eyes playing tricks, because it would disappear when my eyes
were closed, (My room is pitch black at night because we live in the

I sat up several times to see where it was coming from, but could not find
the source since it was everywhere and nowhere at the same time if you know
what I mean. Anyway I finally decided it was nothing to be concerned about,
(it didn't feel harmful). I closed my eyes and fell asleep. I had many
strange dreams that night that I think involved you and your husband, even
though I have never met or spoke with either of you.

Since that time I have purchased at HHG and some TB's from CTBusters. The
HHG I bought for my wife for work since works in an office and she is
sensitive to different energies and has some psychic abilities. She noticed
the mood had changed there almost instantly. Her boss had picked up the
pyramid HHG, holding and rubbing it with a big smile on his face! She
purchased a SP for herself that evening, as we have a predator in the form
of my ex-wife's boyfriend who has been stalking us for some time. His vibe
is one of pure hatred and alien if that makes any sense. You can feel it
radiating out of him.

Back to the HP. When I first opened the package and looked at it, it was
smooth all over except for a small patch on the back around where the coil
is. After several days I noticed the whole back has these wrinkly lines,
like you skin looks like when you stay in the water too long. Any idea on
what caused it? I was thinking it could have been the result of energy
transference. I work rotating shifts and have noticed my energy level has
greatly increased since wearing the HP. My co-worker and the contractors
also seem to more relaxed and open around me too. IT seems like people open
up more to what I', saying and vice versa. MY wife wore it to bed one
evening and she said it seemed her breathing was more labored (have read
where others have noticed this also), but could feel the energy.

I have been pouring over Dons writings and have ordered you book. I feel as
if my eyes are really starting to open to what's been going on all around me
and I have been trying to digest it all the past couple of weeks. I hope to
continue in this endeavor of awareness and growth.

BTW, I live in ***** and appreciate any
guidance on areas to gift since we do have several towers and seem to have a
lot of low life that live around here, due to the fact that is a rural area
and not much law enforcement.

Sorry for long winded email and wish love and hope in your endeavors,


Hi Greg,
Thanks for sharing your experiences. The blue you were seeing was your
own aura being healed by the pendant. You were looking through your own aura.
Sometimes there is a dramatic healing in the auric field depending on how much has
been going on in the wearer’s life. I hear all the time how wearing the pendant makes
people dreams vivid and even lucid. They start having very informative dreams.

A slight wrinkling on the back is normal from wearing the pendant against
the skin. The moisture and natural oils from the skin can wrinkle it a bit. But, if
the wrinkling is very bad, I believe that this is caused from the energy transferance
between the body and the pendant, depending on what is happening in your
life at the time…. You can take 150 grit sand paper and sand the back and
put another coat of clear gloss varnish on it.

I hear stories similar to your wifes now and then. The harmonic protector
doesn’t just protect us from EMF. It also forces us to look at and deal with the things
that may be standing in the way of our own individual spiritual evolution.
It protects us in this process by absorbing a part of the experience so we can go through these
lessons in a good way. I seems to absorb a part of the trauma that might otherwise be
there, so that we can learn the most from the experience. Some people go through
big changes when they get the pendant and others don’t really notice a difference. We are all here for a specific purpose. And we are all evolving at different rates.

As for the orgonite at work. That is really cool. People are drawn to the
orgonite because it makes them feel good. They don’t know why but they have
to pick it up and feel it. Or they just stare at it. It’s just the natural function of the
orgonite to absorb negative or dark energy and transmute it and put it back
out as balanced positive energy. Don wears his HP on the inside of his shirt
now and then just to see people stare at it through his shirt. They don’t
know what is under there, they are just drawn to look there.

Anyway I’m sorry this reply took awhile. I tried to answer 2 other times
but when I pressed the send button it would mysteriously disappear. So I’m trying
again. I hope this gets to you this time. I hope these explanations help.