We Shall Henceforth Call Windsor's Pindar, ' Banana Pants'

The really old parasites, especially the offworlders, hate to be ridiculed. To disable ‘Count Sainte Germaine,’ four years ago we used some ridicule, along with surgical gifting (the cave near Shasta where he presided over ritual murders, also gifted the CIA’s associated I AM (sure, you bet [Image Can Not Be Found]; ) properties in the nearby town and spent several international chat sessions deflating him and exposing his actual appearance before his alleged names finally stopped showing up, except for a few subsequent fits and starts to revive the old $#!+bird’s charisma.

Pindar is generally considered to be the House of Windsor’s ‘engine.’ Some fairly reliable people have reported that he never seems to age and that he fathered Prince Charles. He presides over some of the worst of the world odor’s terror campaigns, apparently.

When Dr Paul and Rita in Uganda asked us to look into the new Ebola scare, there, during today’s chat session the psychics immediately saw Pindar conducting the campaign, which follows the Whore of Babylon’s visit to that country. Paul told us that it’s common knowledge that disasters always follow a visit by teh Queen of England. In this case, they saw that the agenda is apparently being conducted to bolster an energy source in a small districgt in Southwest Uganda where it’s been rumored that Ebola is suddenly killing a lot of people.

That district is quite remote, by the way, so you can bet that there aren’t a lot of credible eyewitnesses giving direct accounts.

They found a ‘well of souls’ in that district and at the ‘bottom’ of the well, a fallen ego, which is a high (sic) level parasite on the world odor’s dungheap, er I mean ‘hierarchy,’ [Image Can Not Be Found]

Filling the targets with the higher, more refined love disables them pretty fast. Before we were shown how to do this it was really tough to get to the more hardened targets like the fallen egos and Banana Pants but now it’s easier and even refreshing to do the job. It’s easy to learn but for now it might require a little one-on-one coaching. You can get that at donebydooney.com and please consider that since this is heart-based it won’t do much good to analyze the procedure too much or even to rely too heavily on visualization, though some of both is good. I think kids would pick it up fastest.

The psychics found some chambers under Windsor Castle in which children are caged and where large scale human sacrifices are performed. Not surprising when you consider that Windsor is the standard of the world odor itself; it’s physical link to humanity, the dope trade, insurance, gold, diamonds, petroleum and all the other global economic cartels.

Nobody can compute how many little corporate trolls are hiding under the Whore of Babylon’s skirts right now.

Carol joked, when tossing energy at Pindar, ‘Is that a banana in your pocket or is your tail dropping?’ and that started a round of clever comments among the participants. When she said, ‘He tucks his tail around in front to impress the girls,’ we all decided to call him ‘Banana Pants.’

The world odor freaks apparently had surrounded Windsor with a sort of etheric Farraday cage to block people like us from having an effect, there, but the higher love effort cut through that effortlessly and Stevo, with the help of a lot of dolphins and the rest of us, turned a tank full of blood into an orgone elixir. The world odor’s top rats drink a lot of human blood, of course.

It will be interesting and fun to track the possible effects of today’s efforts in coming weeks in Uganda and The City (you know I mean ‘London,’ right?).
It will be fun to encounter Banana Pants again, too, if he’s still around. When Carol looked at him, early in the session, she saw the baleful, draconian ‘eye’ associated with the world odor’s previously-secret sigil, watching his Uganda effort, so if we caused him to fail, today, he’s probably already in pretty deep $#!+.

‘Pindar’ means ‘penis,’ of course. ‘Banana Pants’ won out over my suggested nickname for him, ‘Pindarhead’


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