Weather Confirmations of energetic improvements

I wanted to post a report of recent weather effects following the inland lake/river gifting that we (Don, Carol, Stevo, Dooney etc) have completed over the past three weekends. The lakes gifted include: Flathead in northwestern Montana (largest lake west of the Mississippi River), Lake Couer d’Alane, and Pend Oreille which apparantly is a navy base complete with submarines seen by locals (both in nothern Idaho).

Prior to these gifting sorties, I energetically saw a future picture of a huge boost of POR or postitve chi in the pacific northwest extending east and south and west in ever increasing radius as a potential result of energizing vast amounts of water, one of the least understood and underappreciated substances/consciousnesses this planet possesses. I saw vast underground dispersion of this energy via underground rivers, a circulatory system for the planet, if you will. The potential for planetary healing and human consciousness raising from this type of far reaching gifting (via water medium that is alive and traveling) interested me greatly.

With each of the above lakes thoroughly gifted, along with major rivers traveling west to east between our home in Montana and Don and Carol’s home in Idaho we apparantly created some incredible improvements in our rainfall in the region. Here in the Bitterroot Valley, over the past two-three weeks we have had rainfall for several hours in daytime and/or all night on approx 8-10 days. Our summer was drier than I had hoped for but all of a sudden, we seem to be making up for lost time, so to speak. I have a patient who travels from Washington state, west of Don’s location, and she said in just the last two weeks they have received more rainfall than they received all summer. And at 78 yrs old, she’s in a position to know about historical rain patterns in her area.

It will be interesting to see what the next several months hold for us re: precipitation. Perhaps the boar spleen an old farmer (patient of mine) read recently was unable to “foretell” what the winter would be like because he (the boar) intuitively knew change was potentially on the horizon with our large scale water gifting plans, so all bets were off until the deed(s) were done.

Happy gifting……remember to report your confirmations, it builds our database and records the history of our grassroots movement