'Weather Engineering'

Francisco of orgonita.eu in españa, mentioned Trevor Constable’s four-part weather engineering videos to me because they include some footage of his cloudbuster-type devices attached to airplanes. He said one of the planes flew east for a few minutes, then back to the airport and a rainstorm arrived, right after that.

[I just got this clarifying email from Fran, then corrected the above error: Thanks for mentioning me in the post. My site, though, is orgonita.eu. In south america they say orgonito, so you’re already catching their expressions. eh?

I contrived to watch them all but I first attached my little aerial cloudbuster to the wingstruts on my yellow plane and took off to do a similar experiment. Carol was working in the shop, so I alerted her and she took note of the sky before I took off.

That photo was taken on the last leg. The wavy cloudbottoms were in front of the plane and the opposite side from where the photo was taken. I flew into those higher stratus clouds a few minutes later and there was no turbulence.

Since I live in a north-to-south valley that’s surrounded by forested wilderness I decided to fly for fifteen minutes south by southwest, then reverse direction, fly over the airfield and continue in the other direction for the same distance.

I wasn’t expecting to see anything but as I steadily ascended I noticed, after about five minutes, that the cloudcover immediately to my right took on a wavy appearance on the bottom. The air was perfectly smooth so I was pretty sure it was not on account of turbulence over the mountains, there. On days with the same prevailing wind as that day, when there is turbulence, I’m unable to ascend when the throttle is in cruise position in that area because the wind coming over the mountains pushes me down.

When I flew back over the airfield I couldn’t resist circling and taking a photo because I was four thousand feet above the ground

I didn’t fly for a full fifteen minutes downwind from the airfield because the windspeed at that altitude was about thirty miles an hour so it would have taken me twice as long to get back again and half as long to go in that direction the same distance that I’d travelled from the field in the other direction. Also, I had flown out over the lake, past a very tall mountain ridge that lines the shore. It’s not prudent to fly a plane (with a two-cycle motor) anywhere where a safe emergency landing can’t be accomplished.

That was a fun flight and this Kitfox Light airplane is more comfortable to fly in the cold air than my Phantom, which is more open.

One of the photos I took showed me with the CB in the background. I bravely held the camera outside of the cabin on the other side of the plane. I tried thre times to load that one, just now, and failed, apparently due to hacking. I assure these NSA pedophiles/censors that I’m not too pretty to publish that [Image Can Not Be Found] .

Carol told me that the entire sky in two directions–south and west–after I took off, got ‘bubbly’ after I took off and she wondered why it was particularly bubbly to the west (she pointed to the area where I’d seen the wavy cloud bottoms [Image Can Not Be Found] ) . I’ll try taking a video camera with me, next time. It’s easier to make that out in a closeup film than in a still photo.

A snowstorm was predicted for that night, which is one of the reasons I didn’t want to wait to do this first aerial CB experiment but there was no snow, that night, and the sky was clear when I got up, next morning. More flying! I don’t know whether my experiment prevented the storm but after a whole lot of flights I might see some consistencies that point in that direction–who knows?

I then watched all four of Trevor Constable’s videos. The flight that Fran mentioned was done on the island of Oahu in Hawaii and it was a fine experiment because the mountains on the east edge of the island ‘steal’ the rain so that the interior of the island is almost a desert. An aqueduct was drilled through the mountains so that water for irrigation was brought to the interior for farming, a long time ago. The ten minute flight simply took the pipe device, attached to a wingstrut of a small airplane, just as I did, beyond the mountain ridge to the east, then back again and it rained, hard, shortly after the plane landed. That was pretty dramatic!

Constable is a good inventor and researcher and it’s too bad that he has publicly badmouthed orgonite and especially orgonite cloudbusters. I don’t know if he’s still doing it. I hope not.

I found out in the videos that his first weather engineering efforts were accomplished at sea during his career as a merchant seaman. He was a radio officer on one or two cruise ships and a cargo boat and a couple of the skippers encouraged him to carry out his experiments while crossing the oceans. If you look at the devices you’ll see that he sort of specialized in creating healthy vortices.

I’d read one of his books, written in the 80s, I think, about his use of Reich-style cloudbusters in Israel, where he got rid of the persistent smog. I don’t remember if he caused rainfall but I think he did because he essentially did in Israel what Reich had done in Arizona, thirty years earlier.

He and a crew set up several of these simple devices around Los Angeles in 1993 and got rid of most of the smog for a period of several months. Their success is recorded as ‘smog day’ statistics. Alejandro and associates have gotten rid of Santiago, Chile’s smog and offer the same official evidence. It’s funny how a lot of people will pay more attention to a printed page or TV screen than to what their own eyes witness in the world around them [Image Can Not Be Found]

Constable evidently feels dismayed that no wealthy sponsors or government agencies took note of his success with the smog or hired him to do it permanently in Los Angeles, which resumed it’s characteristic, choking smogginess within a few months after their experiment ended.

Don Bradley and a few others (including a bit of help from Carol and I) essentially got rid of LA’s smog before 2003 and when you go to LA, now, you’ll likely see Sylphs in a blue sky over the city and only a few patches of low, whitish smog (Carol feels sure that these mark the un-flipped underground bases). Eight years after nearly all of the new death towers and weather weapons have been flipped in and around LA (around ten thousand of these weapons) the environment, there, is still as lovely as it was in the 1920s, before the smog arrived.

Here’s a significant difference between a proprietary effort, such as Constable’s, and a grassroot progressive effort (ours, collectively): proprietary efforts invariably need a lot of funding from others; most of us pay our own way and only a few rely on donations from others–the donations are usually measured in hundreds of dollars rather than millions, which is what the proprietary efforts usually call for.

San Joaquin Valley in California used to produce most of the fruits and vegetables for North America but in the 1800s it was a bone-dry desert. Some people approached President Theodore Roosevelt for federal funding to irrigate that enormous valley from the many lakes and rivers in the mountains on either side but his response was to strongarm Congress to declare the San Joaquin Valley a ‘national park.’ [Image Can Not Be Found] They didn’t do it, perhaps because some very wealthy enterpreneurs were filling their pockets with bribe money. The enterpreneurs had bought the land, cheap, then built dams to make reservoirs and a network of irrigation canals throughout the valley, which they already knew had rich soil.

Carol and I did something one day, in conjunction with Reno Richard, that immediately got rid of the dense smog throughout that entire valley: we flipped a massive HAARP array near the southern end of the valley and Richard flipped another huge one up near Sacramento, which is the northern end, about three hundred fifty miles away. We didn’t know he’d done that until we saw him in Reno, some weeks later. See how The Operators often guide our steps? We rarely drove along that highway but on that day we’d decided to toss orgonite along the length of it, as we’d done earlier along the highway that runs the length of the valley on the other side. We happened to notice the huge HAARP facility, so detoured to flip it [Image Can Not Be Found] and I think Richard also wasn’t particularly looking for weather weaponry, either. He was on his way from Reno to somewhere else at the time. There’s a new gifter in Sacramento, by the way (finally!).

We’ve driven through San Joaquin Valley many times in the following years and never saw dense, brown smog there, again. Before, it was torture to drive through that valley, as you may remember.

I deal with lots of sick people in our business and noticed, early on, that unless I ask someone how they’re doing with a zapper I’m not likely to get any feedback. I learned that it’s human nature for us to happily forget that we were suffering after we get well. A small percentage of customers who get well from using zappers send a ‘thank you’ email afterward but I get quite a lot of those, thankfully. Also, some of the millions of people who were sickened by repeated exposure to bioweaponry in chemtrails between 1998 and 2003 are spontaneously recovering, now. Zappers generally won’t cure these sufferers because in order to get well they need to have all their vital organs functioniong and the aim of the corporate order was evidently to target these organs with specific bioweaponry so that they would later be susceptible to murder by anthrax, smallpox, etc. I’m glad the chemtrail agenda failed before it became deadly.


Constable’s YouTube videos brought up a whole lot of ideas for me and I don’t have enough time in one sitting to write them all down. I want the fellow to get all the credit that’s due him, by the way, in spite of his past, expressed attitude toward our work. If you get a chance to read his book about large, organic but etheric entities in the atmosphere, captured on infrared film, please do! I think he wrote that in the 70s but I noticed some titles about that on YouTube, too.
He preaches Theosophy openly in some of his books but I can’t see that his ideological strivings have colored his experimental observations.

I asked Carol whether having a CB on a plane is particularly better than just having one in a car and we both have the impression that the main advantage of having it on an aircraft is that one isn’t confined to highways. One can fly in a huge circle, for instance, but can’t drive in a big circle [Image Can Not Be Found]

I made this little CB, which has a Succor Punch between the pipes, almost four years ago and intended to put it on my first plane, which I wrecked in May, 2008. Before the crash I was too unsteady to feel confident about putting something out under the wing but I didn’t hesitate the other day. I had forty hours of flying, then, and now I have around a hundred fifty and in various aircraft. Cheetah, a professional pilot, told me that the next stage of confidence for me will probably happen at around 300 hours. It takes a long time to become competent. He’s the one who helped me stop having rough landings a couple of summers ago by giving me some timely advice. I always aim for very short landing distance, in case of emergencies, but have learned that this is mainly a function of the type of aircraft rather than pilot skill, alone.

Constable started out by repeating Reich’s cloudbuster experiments, I gather, then wanted something more portable. The pipe devices he shows in the videos, from the 1980s and 1990s, on top of cars and on airplanes are single, very wide diameter pipes with what might be an orgone accumulator at the back end (he’s not telling, I’m guessing). Reich found that if one didn’t channel the DOR into moving water it would accumlate and poison the environment around the CB. When DeMeo was attempting to reverse the Namib Desert in the early 1990s he evidently didn’t know this. He was financed by a wealthy German businessman in that country, whom Carol and I met during our visit there. He happened to be our friend, Kerstin Roloff’s, landlord and he came over to Kerstin’s place to see why a big hole in the coastal morning fog had opened up, there [Image Can Not Be Found] .

It’s too bad that he was disappointed in DeMeo, I think, because he could easily have sponsored the building of hundreds of cloudbusters for the desert. At that time we were just starting to experiment with flipping the new death towers (December and January, 2001/2) and hadn’t yet flipped any weather weapons. The rich guy’s wife took a shine to Carol when she found out that Carol is psychic and she confided that one of the cloudbusters that DeMeo had set up was draining DOR into a cattle watering pond, which is also where big game came to drink. After a little while the cattle on the ranch began to die of thirst because they just would not drink that poisoned water, nor did the game come around but her husband had the sense to dismantle the CB and then all the animals returned.

You might remember that in 2002 DeMeo travelled to Europe on a lecture tour and was warning people not to make ‘Croft-style cloudbusters.’ Fortunately, this was just what some Germans and Austrians evidently needed in order to commit to building ordonite cloudbusters. There was only one of them in Germany, before that, then shortly after DeMeo left there were about a dozen. There were already a bunch of them in France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, The Netherlands and Finland, then.


If you still have contact details of that businessman, maybe we could still get him to sponsor a few CBs to finally reverse the Namib desert?

Georg, I only heard him referred to as ‘Baron Rostov’ [Image Can Not Be Found] and was told that he owns a huge share of Namibia’s real estate so if you were there you could probably ask anyone how to reach him. He might like you better since you’re a fellow Prussian. He knew for sure that the orgonite cloudbuster at Kerstin’s house had poked that huge blue hole in the coastal fog, so he was at his daughter’s house in Swakopmund, that day. Kerstin’s house was in the same compound. It was the daughter who liked Carol, by the way–sorry for the memory fart. We didn’t meet The Baron’s wife.

I don’t know how many of our readers know that Georg Ritschl has done an enormous amount of work in the deserts of Southern Africa and is mostly responsible for the current reversal of the huge Kalahari Desert. An African whom we both know is a professional pilot and has confirmed for me that he sees green throughout the Kalahari, seven years after the rains first started, there. Georg and a friend in Botswana had placed 20 orgonite cloudbusters in key vortices in the Kalahari before that but this didn’t bring the rain. Carol had pointed out the locations on a map for Georg and his friend in Botswana knew people in every location (if memory serves) who were happy to host the devices.

It was after Georg and Trevor, an Afrikaaner gifter whom I met when I visited Georg, later flipped all the death towers and weather weaponry along the Indian Ocean shore from Mozambique to Capetown and that’s what immediately brought regular rainfall throughout the Kalahari. Some high-profile academic ‘global warming’ whores claimed, a couple of years ago, that ‘The greening of the Kalahari is due to global warming.’ I think it was just a few months later that all of the academic whores were ordered to reverse the boilerplate corporate claim to ‘global cooling.’ Then a little later a lot of the scientists in academic and corporate employment who chose to remain silent rather than to point out the intellectual prostitution behind the global warming/cooling scam got the courage to start spilling their guts about it. They evidently kept their jobs after that, so here’s probably another good instance of the dissolution of the corporate world order. I think academics are still getting blackballed for saying that they believe in God instead of Darwin and Marx (Karl, that is–it’s still okay to believe in Groucho and Harpo). [Image Can Not Be Found]

You can read full, illustrated reports on Georg’s site, orgonise-africa.net but those same reports on EW were casualties of subsequent NSA hacker assaults against this forum, unfortunately.

Later, Georg flung thousands and thousands of orgonite pieces from the decks of cruise ships and from rented airplanes in the sea along the Indian and Atlantic Ocean shores of Southern Africa. I think he covered more than half the coast of Namibia, finishing from the plane that he hired. That stretch of

The Namib is an extremely hard gifting target, as you can see. The only other desert on the planet that’s as dry as that one is the Atacama in Chile, I think, and Toño, Alejandro and friends have been steadily reversing that one. Alejandro was taking a truckload of orgonite to Argentina to flip the weather weaponry along the east side of the Andes cordillera in order to speed up the reversal of the Atacama but he was prevented from entering the country, unfortunately. I think it was a year before that when He, Kelly and Javiera did some gifting along the east side of the Andes through Argentina but Kelly only gifted the vortices he found; they didn’t have time to do the weather weaponry along that highway.

Grandpa Kelly is a peerless finder and healer of major vortices throughout the world, including China and Tibet. I’m sure that their effort in Argentina is largely responsible for the greening of the Atacama and that one day the old SS (Vryal), who still run Argentina, will have to stop suppressing the online orgonite activity in that country. The only other country on the planet that has a population as terrorized about self-empowerment and free speech as Argentina’s people are is China, I think.

The pattern of the greening process coincides directly with the gifting efforts in that desert, of course.

Joseph Farrell and Jim Marrs have a lot of good, current and historical evidence in their books about the current reign of the SS in Argentina. I hope you’ll check it out. Farrell is the only credible author I know who also documents the current domination of China in a realistic way. I think that people like Fulford are thrown at the internet to discredit that enquiry by association, the same way that the plethora of agency-infested faker gifting forums and chemtrail Chicken Little websites are supposed to do to this unorganized movement. None of that is working so well for the sewer rats, now, because personal discernment is becoming fashionable, strange to tell [Image Can Not Be Found]

Alejandro told us, when he was here, that one of the border guards in Chile was wearing an orgonite pendant. The Chilean officials were sympathetic, there, but were unable to persuade their counterparts in Argentina to let him in. I think (hope) I remember this correctly.


Here’s that photo of me that the NSA dung eaters were hacking repeatedly, an hour ago:

[Image Can Not Be Found]

Go figure. I never understood how their toxic heads work and I probably shouldn’t understand [Image Can Not Be Found] but at least these state-sponsored terrorists are not shooting me or railroading me into their gulag at the moment. I get a sense that their frustration and vitriol levels have topped their complacency level by now, generally. I bet they hate taking orders from the Triads, too.

Francisco’s reference to South American Spanish is in response to me telling him that in a few more months I’ll get a Rosetta Stone language course for Central American Spanish so I can go to Costa Rica next year and be able to talk to ordinary folks like myself. My Kiswahili progress is satisfying, meanwhile. Later on I’ll probably learn to speak Castillian Spanish with an elegant lisp.


nice Don! i see you already got into it. I think many interesting things can happen with this CB flying experiments judging by Constable´s work.
I downloaded his video Etheric rainmaking with Trevor James Constable produced and presented by him.
I have not been able to find it again on the net but i found this other which i havent watched yet ( a presentation by other)

This is a caption of what the ¨modified CB¨looks like

can’t wait to hear of your experiences with this

Thanks again, compadre–

Constable was doing that work before anyone but Welz knew about orgonite [Image Can Not Be Found] and also before the death towers and weather weaponry arrays were thrown up all over the globe. So he had a clear field for observing immediate effects. We had that happy circumstance during our cross country trip in the middle of 2001, when most of the continent was encased in dense DOR/smog and we could also plow blue furrows through serried rows of dark, murderous thunderheads in our path with the world’s first orgonite cloubsuter pointing out the front windshield of our camper home, The Zapporium.

I’ve never thought of asking rich people to sponsor any of this because all of us seem to be able to afford our own efforts and The Operators seem to be coordinating it all quite nicely around the world, from the finer realms.

The reason I encourage people to read his older books is so that they can see how easy it actually is to improve the climate, even without orgonite, though orgonite makes the improvements permanent. I haven’t had a chance to look at his later efforts.

I’m really just farting around with a little orgonite CB on an airplane, here, but it may be that when I’m reversing the American/Mexican desert it’s going to pay off to have that CB under the wing because the conditions in much of that region are still pretty horrendous. Deserts are artificially created, after all, and the Old Villains don’t take kindly to anyone ruining their felonious fun.

It’s not a wasted effort, even where I live. I’m glad that some observable results were produced during the short flight, and also observed by Madam Carol.

I’ve always wanted to fly toward a black helicopter with a CB under the wing but I never see them, any more