Weather Predictions for 2006?

(louisonder) #1

I just read an article where Accuweather is predicting more bad storms for this year(2006). They say it will not be as bad as last year, (2005) but it will get everyone’s attention nevertheless.

How could anyone accurately predict whether or not the continental United States was going have a good or bad year when it comes hurricanes and tornadoes without a sudden or dramatic change to physical, meteorological, oceanic, or geological conditions? Trends come and go all the time as expected. Environmental warfare is one of the most popular technological sources many of us have been reading about in recent times. We all know environmental warfare is a substitute for conventional weaponry, but it goes much deeper than that.

HAARP weather control towers as well as other types of ELF/microwave technology often referred to as silent weapons plays a big part in the physical aspects of weather control but what about the mental aspects? WHAT IF THE PUBLUIC WAS UNKNOWINGLY TAKING PART IN IT ALSO? FACT-A-MUNDO.

They have managed to use mind control through a host of different techniques to control the population. This is a known fact.

The thing most people are not talking about is good old fashioned BRAIN WASHING (Mister Wilson).

Anybody who has ever studied how the human mind works knows we attract that which our mind dwells upon. Another words every thought we think becomes REALITY in our lives.

Remember GIGO garbage in, garbage out? Wherever we focus most of our attention especially when coupled with EMOTION becomes our master.

So what the heck does all this have to do with the weather? Come on, tell me!


The movie industry has a habit of making things attractive to sell to a gullible public in the way of EYE CANDY, PLUS SHOCK AND AWE!

With the release of movies like <em>The Day After Tomorrow, Twister, The Perfect Storm, </em>etc. it seems the public’s mindset is thoroughly saturated with thoughts of WEATHER DISASTERS!

Personally, I never watch them, honest.

All of these movies when viewed by any audience are sure to draw emotion from the most skeptical participants. I say participants, because they are made to make you feel like a participant, like it or not. I’m not saying to stop watching movies, I’m just saying to understand the theme of this post about HOW our minds work so we understand the responsibility of the individual. You are the creator of your own experiences from what you <em>habitually</em> choose to experience in your life. (I wonder who said that)

Another reason I say this is because these types of movies produce the same results expected from a military PSYOPS. Turn on the weather channel and they constantly advertise a program called, It could happen tomorrow. I like to look at tomorrow with the thought of all the tremendous beauty this wonderful planet has to offer. If I wanted to throw up I’d watch “It could happen tomorrow.” I have a hard time getting our regional forecast because they are always showing documentary style weather disasters from the past. The point I’m getting at is the public is already very well conditioned to accept the worst due to the massive public relations campaign from media, cinematic and other sources involved. It’s a known fact that GROUP MIND has a tremendous effect on the earth’s condition past, present, and future.

Now, this is where the ETHERIC WARRIORS come in! YEAH!!!

We must maintain or exceed our gifting efforts to and continue to produce the wonderful positive effects on the weather and other critical areas such as the cell tower network. Using orgonite and (heart chakra) etheric blasting efforts will eliminate the threat of these planned storms and make us victorious. Maybe, before too long the public will wake up and see these threats from disaster have subsided and they will focus their attention elsewhere. Good things happen when good people focus their good intentions on the good of all.

Daily practice makes perfect.


(jackson) #2
hope this works

(jackson) #3

and now from the whether or not desk:

"hello louis…… jack o. phearts of whack-u-weather with the 2006

advanced forecast for the upcoming haarpicane season. we are able

to make incredculously extended forecasts into our future by utilizing

our recently-guided- to-stumble-upon ‘impatended’ manufactured

weather predicting invention called rexnad dabbler rayed-art. yes,

weather fans, these royal balls, correctly played, send blue beams

future-predictably up the anoles of associated lizardry, producing

amazingly accurate models of weather premodifications. our 2006

season will produce a continuation of mild tropical disturbances

similar to last year’s will-Ma , a very pushy mother-in-law type,

who forced her way onto relatives and friends causing much

harrangue and indooring of canaries, but we see a decidedly

maritime theme in this years orchestrations, louis, with the advent

of newly arrived and allied elements of chance and the greater good.

the steering aspect has taken a turn for the better and our lovely

models can now predict harmless ocean swirls and rain in texas,

where it is so sorely needed from midland to texas city.

we go now to

Elektra, an inside model, for a report on the tactical infrastructure

mitigation efforts underway so far this season……

…….Elektra?..……Elektra are you there?

                 hold it! …………..this just in- the weather channeling

anole forces have just predicted a mild gulf season and are

concentrating their predicting technology on the east coast of

the un-tied states of remerica ,subsequently sending sleepy battery

hoarders into frenzies of spontaneous line forming and

commiserant twittering within the corporate coffers of home despot,

sponsor of inanities and campaigns pastiche.

this breaking news news-breaking, breaks news into new breaks for

braking newsbreakers newsbreaks.(i mean it) battery buyers beware,

the rexnad dabbler rayed-art predictions also include mild swirls for

the front coast too. mobile agents and their flexible orgonite

extention service vehicles can reconfigure local predictions in a matter

of hours by a unique longitudal pumping action reproducing with

local fairness favorable outcomes from vile terra-disarray

dire televisory misguides.

fear not, as eight gangs engage allied elemental emergents who

predict and produce massive outcomes for mildness, rebalancing and

a general tropical demeanor for all anticipated conditions. louis, like

grabbing the pump lever, etheric warriors have it ‘well in hand’ for

this upcoming tropical weather event season.


check local listings here on ew and as events unfold, we can chat

about it.

(louisonder) #4

It sounds to me like you have made the most SIGNIFICANT DISCOVERY in the way of eliminating environmental warfare period. We may very well learn alot more about how the elite operate in other areas with your discovery.

My hat goes off to you and anyone who works with you. Please keep on posting.



(Don Croft) #5

Louis, you’re largely responsible for the HAARPicrats abandoning their Gulf Coast destruction agenda, I think. We in South Florida are maybe putting the cap on it, though we’re going to play safe and erase the rest of the HAARP facilities in our region, including one 50 miles out in the Gulf from the Everglades and some very, very remote swamp locations, too, in coming days (after the boat’s out of the shop

Problematic for the HAARPicrats is the fact that there are a lot more cloudbusters along the Front Coast than there have been along the Gulf Coast, also more coastal gifting was done. Adding to their woe is the fact that the farther north they send their HAARPicanes, the harder it is to keep them in shape.

My God, Jeff–what you wrote is so hilarious and insightful that I hope it will goad Genghis Kilroy into picking up his pen again.

Pretty soon we’ll be experimenting with some new kind of networking capability built into Jeff’s brand new technology and perhaps involving Mr Soggiu’s creative genius and some timely distribution feats.

Elektra and El Jeno (‘The Genie’) are solid indicators of a new, real-time partnership between people and elementals in our progressing effort to disable occult/corporate tyrants, as well as pressurizing HAARPicane eyes. Carol feels that we’re simply ready for this. Our (Jeff and my) first impression, which we got when Carol was not available, was that these enormous, ancient elementals were simply waiting to see if we have the scratch to win this war before deciding to support us in our intel/blasting sessions but apparently Jeff and I were attempting to assign human values to elementals in that case.

She’s going to finish her Hawaii dolphin report and post it, by the way–before long.

Overgifting in the ocean is a good idea because, according to what Carol’s seeing in the region between here and the Bahamas, teh dolphins have been taking some of this to disable the deeper death transmitters on the seabed. We’ll confirm that first hand on our trip across the Gulf Stream pretty soon. The next boat we get will hopefully have that expensive stereo sonarscope which shows the underwater death towers in 3D.


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This sounds like a job for me,