Welcome To The King’s Chamber

Welcome to the King’s Chamber
Orgone plus sacred geometry equals Intelligent Energy

The pyramid (approximately 12 feet tall at the apex)

I had no idea where this project was going when it started but it seems that it turned out much better than I ever could have imagined. A good friend of mine decided to build me a shop to make my orgone in that was shaped like a pyramid, and after I saw it I realized the potential was astronomical!
In addition to the structure of the base pyramid we are using a 108 device plus 6 magnetic orgone earth pipe pyramid devices forming 3 separate octahedrons. (as posted here:
I am told that the 3 pyramids in Egypt are actually octahedrons so this device was designed to utilize 3 octahedrons in a Single device which would contain the entire Egyptian Equation and then some.

This (experimental) ORGONE BASED, pyramid/octahedron structure will be tested over time as somewhat of a modern orgone accumulator as well as a super environmental ionizing apparatus including dissapation of chemical trails possibly on a global scale. ORGONE GENERATORS OF ALL TYPES WILL BE NECESSARY ON A MASS SCALE AND GIFTING WILL NEED TO CONTINUE INDEFINITELY EVEN AFTER WE FIND OUR WAY OUT OF THE WOODS!
Other potentialities of this device include enhanced healing and meditation purposes as this device is expected to exhibit minimum and/or maximum characteristics of the following formula:

Orgone GENERATORS plus Sacred Geometry equal Universal Intelligent Energy.

This said, the pyramid will utilize it’s INTELLIGENT ENERGY TO SOLVE PROBLEMS for the good of All. In other words this device would work DIRECTLY in accordinance with universal principles both known and unknown to man. Imagine what the world would be like if mankind let the universe do the MATH!

The nuts and bolts of this device:

Inside the pyramid

A hole was dug and a (plastic wrapped) 108 device was buried with an extra board on top of it for protection

On top of the 108 an upside down magnetic earth pipe pyramid was buried next for the bottom portion of the (VERTICAL) octahedron number ONE directly beneath the pyramid over the capstone

Each of the 4 corners of the base of the pyramid has 3 sided orgone magnetic earth pipe pyramids located at ground level.

Outside the pyramid

All four sides of the pyramid each have orgone magnetic earth pipe pyramids hanging (HORIZONTALLY) forming Octahedrons number TWO and THREE.

My Theory

What about the fact that this pyramid is not located over a line? Would that not diminish it’s performance? No, because we would increase the geometry to compensate for the location of the device. To increase the geometry could be achieved in 2 ways and the first would be to use more sophisticated geometrical diagrams and the other would be to add additional pyramids, octahedrons, tetrahedrons, and dodecahedrons or other sacred geometrical orgone generator types of devices.

Introducing a NEW CONCEPT

Do you believe the Cosmos knows more about the Cosmos than we do? Could it be that a thing we call the Ego has been getting in our way all along? Why not let the Cosmos handle it’s own problems with limited interference from our ego which has been been our worst enemy for so many thousands of years but we’ve been too egotistical to admit it!
We could act as the catalyst, and then dip out until we are convinced we are on the right track…


I meditated in it today and felt the most incredible peaceful time I ever had in my life and I felt wonderfully energized all day. I hope this feeling lasts forever and will keep everyone updated.

I’ve been getting lots of emails in the last several days and many kind folks have given me valuable ideas I will try also…


Here is a photo updated today.

The state of Alabama wants to personally thank Don Croft for his orgone discoveries and inventions, this orgone pyramid would not be possible without him.



new copper tubing capstone (with red duct tape) placed on top of the existing super steel earth pipe capstone (with black duct tape) to jack up the power exponentially…

The date is 4-11-2013 10;40 a.m. CST and they are moving HAARP storms in our vicinity to test our metal. This is the (fourth?) test so far this year. Below is what the radar looks like at this time.

We expect the HAARPIES to visit the drawing board one more time.


BTW we just added another 108 (and an orgone generated helm inside to experiment directing the pyramid’s energy over distances to erase HAARP storms before they can cause damage and loss of lives) to the configuration and the current quantity of orgone generators connected to the pyramid is somewhere between 911 and 933 pieces.

All is well…

“One of the purposes of the ideas in this experiment is to bring others on board to use their genius’ to perfect this science.”


Most of North Alabama did well when the HAARP storms arrived the other day. Other states and South Alabama were hit hard. BOTTOM LINE, WE WERE SUCCESSFUL.

The main thing I did notice among the residents including many people I work with is the powerful psychological effect that imminent severe weather has on them. I noticed depression, lethargy and overall low spirits in many good folks giving them the feeling of being trapped with no where to run. EVEN WHEN WE PERSEVERE THE PSYCHOLOGICAL EFFECTS PROVE THE HAARP PROGRAM ACTS AS A WIDESPREAD PSYOPS SERVING THE WISHES OF THE ELITE!

From my stand point my spirits were high because I believe I am part of the solution due to my work with orgone for the past 11 years. But even after the severe threat is eliminated the people who felt down seem to still be suffering from the psychological suffering they experience. This is why I will continue my research by spreading orgone to lift their spirits and hopefully remove the FEAR in so many people.

Time will tell…


I have to agree with you there Louis. When heavy, thick, HAARP ripples blot out the sky and a thick, uniform, soupy-grey muck stretches from horizon to horizon I feel the lethargy, muddy thinking, and even irritability that I see in many other people. These DOR waves effect much more than the weather, while they are thick above us it feels to me like they also allow for a temporary DOR environment on the ground, and I definitely notice the Dorknob psy operatives are much more active and much more effective in this artificial environment.

Even here in Toronto where there are many cb’s and just about everything is gifted, this still happens once in a while. When it does it reminds me of the “foul reek of Mordor,” as described in The Lord of The Rings when a black mist emenates from Mount Doom and blots out the sun, and men quake with fear beneath it. I’m sure Tolken knew a thing or two about a thing or two.

Of course orgonite greatly diminishes this effect in both its frequency and potency, so keep on Gifting folks

Yes I fully agree with both of you! The more I think and feel about the chemsoup the more I believe the following:

The sun is the biggest orgone generator near earth. I think the chemtrails main is objective to block suns orgone from reaching the earth surface. This is why the shitbirds have this obssession with whiteouting every patch of sky on earth. They want to cut us from our biggest orgone source!

I think this is why chemsoup will settle over the skyes in the afternoon somedays on not so gifted areas only to be lifted again during the next morning, when sun orgone neutralizes it [Image Can Not Be Found] . I also noticed that its easier for them to whiteout the skyes during the period of time between sunday night and tuesday night. This is also the time where most of the worst psy attacks occur, so I believe that their DOR power is somehow astrologicaly linked with the days of the week. One can also notice that they seldon if ever chemsoup the weather in a well gifted area during the weekend, specially on saturday. This is the same time where I’ve found that their DOR power significantly drops.

It’s definitevely the “foul reek of MoreDOR” [Image Can Not Be Found]; trying to create misery in this world. I rather say that Tolkien did know a great deal of esoteric stuff, being a professor of philology in Oxford univerty, he surelly studied many of the old english mythological texts, from wich he borrows most of what later became the Lord of the Rings. Most of the ancient mythological texts have also esoteric interpretations, which is why most of it makes little to no sense today. They are heavily coded in metaphors for those in the know.