Weltanschauungskrieg and the Meanie-Memes

If you’re like me you feel repulsed by conformity, so I’m glad you’re reading this but most people take comfort in conformity, as you probably know.

The latter are the vast, vast, vast majority of humanity in most places and these are the ones for whom psychological warfare is designed. It just doesn’t work well on independent thinkers.

Weltanschauungskrieg means, ‘World View Warfare,’ and it was the basis for the Nazis’ takeover of Germany. There are some credible authors who write about it, including Joseph Farrell (who draws heavily from the work of several more) and until I read about it I always wondered why psychological warfare was not a dominant feature of American life until after WWII, when hordes of blood-stained SS scientists, spies, soldiers, torturers, psychiatrists, vivisectionists, geneticists, etc., escaped the noose, swept into the governments of the victorious nations and were welcomed with open arms.

I’m going to finish this later because the electricity went off in our house, so Carol and I are driving to town

It’s a fun topic that takes in an awful lot of corporate/occult high strangness that was puzzling me, before.


Before I take off, though, I’ll suggest that some of the better known psi ops are Global Warming, Muslim Terrorists, Zionism/Bornagain-chumpism’s current incarnation, the Green Movement, Newage Sewage (Theosophy/masonry in sundry wrappings), UFOlogy and Eugenics (that one failed to capture pajama people’s imaginations after 1945 [Image Can Not Be Found] )

I want to talk about the systematic use of memes to create and reinforce these psychological warfare operations.


Have you been reading


as I suggested? Farrell quotes from it quite a bit. Their study of “Elite Memes” is ongoing, errudit, and devastingly (to the Cabal) thorough.

I am looking forward to this thread……


Interestingly on this subject of the Elite’s manipulation of Social Memes, and the disassembly and analysis of these Memes by The Daily Bell (link to article below), I would like to bring attention on where the latest of The Miscreant Elite’s gambits to create yet another excuse to rape and pillage a region and it’s peoples (In this case Africa and specifically Uganda) has utterly collapsed. This latest gambit was the parabolic (up like a rocket, down like an inert heap of metal) phenomenon of the “Stop Kony 2012” video and campaign by “Invisible Children” regarding a campaign against Joesph Kony, and his LRA (Lords’ Resistance Army) a notorious Warlord that has, or had–as he’s not been seen since 2006 and is likely dead–been operating in Uganda for years and which, ironically, has been funded by the very same CIA/M16/Mossad who get their money from the same people (The Cabal’s Black Budgets) that fund those (USAID and AYM) that fund Invisible Children.

This was a very slick production that has now been irrefutably tied to the Cabal’s propaganda organisms (AYM – Alliance of Youth Movements and USAID). The Foundation (Invisible Children) has been exposed, and the Video debunked in an amazingly short period of time. The phenomenon of the initial rise of this campaign, and its subsequent equally phenomenal collapse, is an indicator of how well the Internet Reformation’s Social Meme “Immune System” is beginning to function.

Following is a quote of the first paragraph of the Daily Bell’s Analysis of the “Stop Kony 2012” Video and Campaign followed by a link:

We track dominant social themes here at the Daily Bell, and the spectacular implosion of the “Stop Kony 2012” campaign is a further example of how these memes are disintegrating under the pressure of what we call the Internet Reformation.


I believe this is very good news… As this “Immune System” further develops and refines its capacity to target and destroy these Cabal sponsored Propaganda Gambits, their capacity to slow the inexorable awakening of the PJ people’s slumber will be severely compromised. I also believe that if they attempt to squash this “Immune System” by their desperate attempts to control the Internet, it will blow up in their face in a bloody revolution….

Here is an interesting statistic: In the US, in 2010 there were approximately 20 Million Background Checks for Firearm purchases conducted by the ATF. In 2011 there were approximately 148 Million! I don’t believe they can afford to risk a bloody revolution….

Thanks for the corroboration, Capt, and for the link to Farrell’s blog.

When I was in Uganda Doc Batiibwe and I drove to the warzone, N. Uganda, where these British-sponsored butchers were still terrorizing the countryside, and we flung & handed out a lot of orgonite, including flipping more than a few new death towers. Most of the people in that area can’t afford food and shoes, so of course there are not enough cellphones to justify ‘cell towers’ . The ‘rebels’ left shortly after that. The same happy process began after the ‘rebels’ had moved into Southern Sudan and our African friends then distributed orgonite in that region and the fighting stopped.

Not long after that, Southern Sudan got its independence. Christine Anyango was a delegate to the secession talks. Now our wadugu (kinsmen–this word works for me; ‘family’ doesn’t) are performing the same healing campaign in Somalia, successfully. Chistine is logistically helping Fatuma and her Somali network right now, by the way, and teaching more Somali folks about orgonite. Reading these reports one is tempted to assume that East Africa is small, like England, but it’s quite vast and travel there is difficult and often dangerous. Someone once said, ‘It’s a small world, unless you have to walk home.’

Kony is just another SIS-sponsored terrorist, of course. The corporate order are the criminal class but have to pretend to be civilized, so they are kind of mandated to find other criminals, like Kony, to do their wetwork. Heheh, even some the bornagain chumps in Uganda seem to serve the parasitic regime’s genocide policy if Kony’s rhetoric is any indication.

Hyperion has been talking and corresponding with Farrell and found out that he’s been sick a lot, which I assume is due to routine poisoning, perhaps starting last summer when the sewer rats were also trying to destroy our livlihoods. Farrell was hit in the pocket book at the same time. HYperion has let us know that Farrell is interested in orgonite and zappers, so Nancy in Portland sent him some orgonite and I sent him a couple of zappers (he wanted two). I’m hearing from a lot of people who are enjoying his books, which are incisive enquiries rather than confrontational, I think. I had corresponded with him, years ago before he started writing books. I enjoyed our conversation so much that I wrote his email address in my book (found it recently) but I don’t remember the details.

He makes the point that academics who present their weltanschauung are compelled to defend their insistent claims (most often, this takes the form of attacking others’ claims) in order to keep their professional status and that’s the opposite of what a genuine examiner of reality does. I suppose this is one of many good reasons why academia in the West is so hopelessly handicapped. Maybe we can just give them all Nobel prizes and then they’ll just go away.

It’s funny how discernment is becoming fashionable and when attempts are made by the various sewer rat agencies on activists’ life and health it’s seen as an endorsement, now. We’ve come a long way since the inception of the internet, I think.

The lockstep army of clever, charismatic fakers, who are mostly on the web, are just digging deeper holes for themselves, meanwhile, because more and more people are starting to recognize the elements of the tired, old Machiavellian protocols. Seeing the protocols is the bigger part of overcoming their influence on us. It doesn’t take very many wakeful people, in my opinion, to bring down this stinking house of cards but we have to talk about it publicly to get it done, not ‘anonymously.’ Sheesh. Why not stand up instead of just lurk? Cat got your tongue?

The Nazis obviously already had a long-range, postwar agenda in 1943 and they were not defeated; the German people were defeated. According to what some of the psychics in the chats had been seeing consistently for the past six or seven years, though, the Nazi/SS presence simply covers a deeper agenda, which they feel originated ‘back in the day’ that you’re referring to, Azti–prehistoric times. We started out calling them ‘Vril’ in the chat sessions but as some of the psychics began listening to the language of their underground rituals this other spelling seemed more appropriate to them: Vryal. They said that the formal language, too, more resembled Russian than German.

Several of us have had 3D run-ins with Vryal operatives and according to Al Bielek’s presentations Montauk was a German base, even through WWII. His closest friend, the late Phil Schneider, was the son of Ernst Schneider, a German cargo U-Boat skipper who became the ‘medical officer’ and US Navy Captain in 1943 as part of Project Rainbow in Philadelphia. Bielek’s ‘original’ father was evidently a German Vryal who, although an enlisted man in the German Navy during WWI, was wealthy and influential in the US, at the time, and was involved at Montauk.

The CIA can’t be distinguished from the SS but that’s obviously because the CIA was already populated by SS Paperclip criminals when it was formed in 1947. The U.S. Navy’s OSS was commanded by William Donovan. That organization was the predecessor of the CIA was called between 1942 and 1947 and Donovan emulated the SS. The OSS chief in Geneva during WWII and right afterward was Alan Dulles, who ‘hired’ SS General Gehlen. Gehlen ran all the spies in Eastern Europe and Russia during the Third Reich and the entire network was folded into the CIA and was treated with kid gloves.

The SS clearly feel that their American, British, Mideast, Israeli, Spanish and French ‘employers’ are their inferiors. Remember that the Nazi regime was founded on both nationalism and racism–a double-god whammy [Image Can Not Be Found] .

But someone evidently has the SS on a leash and I think it’s the dark masters in the Gobi–don’t believe me but do file this away, okay? They were always the puppetmasters hat the psychics kept finding in their hunting sessions; not Chinese and not entirely human but really old. I wonder if they’re the deepest elite of all. We feel sure that these are whom the theosophists and masons are calling the Great White Brotherhood and the Vryal may have originated in Tibet (when it wasn’t yet mountainous), so may have common roots with the Triads. It’s fun to figure these things out if one will be patient and keep clear of fear, prejudice, blind belief and judgement.

Since the banksters of The City and the US were foundational supporters of the Third Reich in the 1920s and 1930s it stands to reason that they would help the SS continue and expand their operations (still funded by their plunder of Europe during WWII) after the war but, I think just as the Triads blindsided everyone in 2004 the banksters, whose bloodlusting Babylon Mystery roots are a little different from the Vryal’s historical roots, were bound to get hoodwinked. Farrell isn’t looking at the Triads much, yet, but he did note the key Triad psi op connection, popular economist Dr David Li, to the manipulation of the Western economic empire, leading up to the 2008 debacle. Dr Li was working for Barclay’s Bank at the time but after the crash he moved seamlessly into position as a top government bureaucrat in China’s export apparatus.

I can’t tell you with any authority that anything I’m saying is the truth but maybe we can create our own, more vital memes to counteract the filthy alchemical physics of the memes that were generated by corporate order’s propaganda engine [Image Can Not Be Found]

The Rabbit Hole needs to become a comfortable environment for anyone who is genuinely looking for answers. Unless one takes that leap nothing, much, is going to make sense in life otherwise and the people who subscribe to disinformants are only fooling themselves about being truth seekers, in my view.

meme |mēm|

noun Biology

an element of a culture or system of behavior that may be considered to be passed from one individual to another by nongenetic means, esp. imitation.
ORIGIN 1970s: from Greek mimēma ‘that which is imitated,’ on the pattern of gene.

I wonder what word the SS are using for this [Image Can Not Be Found]

As an example of how memes are used to undermine the general population’s perceptions of reality, Farrell used George Adamski’s books about his alleged meetings with space aliens, then drew the parallel to the psychological warfare operation centered on the 1947 event near Roswell, New Mexico.

As soon as the press started associating flying saucers with extraterrestrials the memes were set in concrete and have remained that way, even though the present UFOlogy crowd are embarrassed to be identified with Adamski’s infantile claims.

Another example of the successful use of memes to shape public opinion is the hippie movement, which was based on regurgitated masonry/theosophy. If you’re old enough to remember the 60s and were a hippie or were on the periphery (my case) you may recognize that whenever someone new showed up among a group of hippies he/she was grilled with the basic memes in order to determine if he/she was acceptable. These were ‘We are all God,’ ‘reincarnation,’ ‘what’s yours is mine,’ ‘all you need is love,’ etc. I know I lose a big percentage of readers by casting a critical eye at this strange ideological artifact. I wonder if you think it’s accidental that the hippie movement turned into the equally fascist environmentalist movement kind of suddenly in the middle of hte 1970s and that hippies, after they sobered up and finished college, usually entered ‘the public sector,’ which is to say bureaucracies.

The corporate order, as epitomized by the SS, are heavily vested in keeping people polarized and they use memes to con people into assuming they only have two choices to believe in, for instance: communism/fascism; Darwinism/creationism; republican/democrat; churchianity/theosophy. All of this is accomplished by manipulating popular prejudiced that are already in place. That’s one reason I spend so much effort encouraging people to abandon our prejudices. It really is an essential step toward discernment and autonomy and not just because the $#!+birds manipulate us though our prejudices. If there were no $#!+birds controlling our world we’d still be spiritually handicapped by prejudices.

It was said, long before the Russian ersatz revolution (read: bankster-sponsored bloodbath) and the rise of the Third Reich (with generous help by the same banksters), that ‘There are three false gods: communism, racism and nationalism.’ The Third Reich and the present day, greatly expanded SS ‘breakaway civilization’ is founded on the latter two false gods and they actually believe in that crap.

The parasitic order is afraid of people getting interested in genuine history on account of their need to hide their origins and agenda. Before I read Jim Marrs’ Rise of the Fourth Reich , last year, then Farrell’s Babylon’s Banksters after that I was assuming that most of the poison in the body politic since the 1600s comes directly from The City and the Venetian families who founded it in England in the early1600s but the SS (ancient Vryal order) fills in a lot of gaps for me.

The Triads suddenly (since 2004) seem to be the overarching secret order in both cases, though, and may have blindsided both The City and the Vryal/SS in recent years–legbreakers for an unspeakably ancient agenda? Our psychics were seeing the strongest of poisonous etheric influences from the Gobi some years before they started encountering the Vryal in the etheric realm. All of the ancient order’s operatives are weak in the etheric realm, by the way, and have to rely on hiding and camouflage. Our main efforts in the chatrooms have been spent on ‘target acquisition,’ then boosting and otherwise treating these depraved entities was easier and usually faster in most cases. Yes, some of us actually fight back in this old war against our species and anyone can do this effectively, which is one of many Big Secrets that the corporate order is so intent on stopping you from seeing.

The problem for people like Farrell, Marrs and all the rest of the credible research journaliss (there are more and more of them as the years pass) is that academic standards require them to corroborate their claims with elements from the public record or at least a substantial amount of circumstantial evidence. If they didn’t do that, they wouldn’t have any credibility. We, on the other hand, on this warrior forum are allowed to share our personal insights and observations in the spirit of consultation but we have absolutely no academic authority, meanwhile. The reason it works is that there are enough of our readers who are also independent seekers and have similar insights and impressions, so there’s resonance and that’s powerful in another way. There is little or no evidence, even circumstantial, for some of the deeper agendae of this parasitic order but we do share battlefield intel publicly.

A point worth making is that a meme isn’t necessarily a lie, though lies do catch on faster, or did in the past, and professional liars within the parasitic order are adept at establishing memes, such as the fascist ET agenda, and the hippie/environmentalist movement. Are you as amused as I am that the word, ‘propaganda’ was invented a few decades before the word, ‘meme?’ [Image Can Not Be Found]

Propaganda is another, fairly new word:

propaganda |ˌpräpəˈgandə|

1 chiefly derogatory information, esp. of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view : he was charged with distributing enemy propaganda.
• the dissemination of such information as a political strategy : the party’s leaders believed that a long period of education and propaganda would be necessary .

2 ( Propaganda) a committee of cardinals of the Roman Catholic Church responsible for foreign missions, founded in 1622 by Pope Gregory XV.

ORIGIN Italian, from modern Latin congregatio de propaganda fide ‘congregation for propagation of the faith’ ( see sense 2). Sense 1 dates from the early 20th cent.


It’s funny how Europoid sewer rats like the ‘SS’ letter combo–like the hiss of a snake: OSS, SS, SIS

Two interesting things. Each unrelated other than by being two examples of, what is apparent to me, as indicators of how the Elite’s Memes are being disinfected.

  1. The public is abandoning MSM Cable TV in a BIG way:

  2. The following example of the Alternative media, using Comedy, Satire, and Ridicule (Saul Alinksy’s Rules?), to unravel the Nazi influenced (if not Dominated) EU movement’s Memes:
    Mr. Panos on “The Greek Financial Crisis”



It’s wonderful to expose their memes, thanks!

One reason Carol and I enjoy watching DVD movies is that they’re chock full of propaganda and memes and these often show what the corporate order are afraid that we’ll all ‘know for sure.’ We were unable to finish watching ‘J. Edgar’ last night, though, because the lies about J Edgar Hoover were just too blatant. It was like watching a 1930s Hitler-promotion film–really freaky. I think Eustace Mullins knew him better than anyone, partly because Hoover said Mullins, who styled himself a ‘bookworm,’ and was employed as a librarian at the Library of Congress before being fired on political grounds, was ‘the most dangerous man in America.’ The Library of Congress was where Mullins got nearly all of his documented evidence of the criminality of people like Hoover. He wrote a very fine exposé of the horrific nature and practices of the US system of law and the courts, which really are at least as bad as the ones in Nazi Germany and Communist Russia. Communist China under Mao might have been worse. The fact that so few white Americans realize it shows how successful the collection of memes and camouflage is, in spite of us having the biggest slave labor Gulag Archipelago in the recorded history–chock full of ‘Enemies of the State.’

Black Americans mostly know it, without a doubt, but the FBI will certainly go after any Black American who effectively speaks out against tyranny, usually immediately and with force or extortion, as happened to our friends in Atlanta in 2003. Local cops are 90% likely to plant drugs in his/her car if the FBI is afraid to go after someone. If the FBI did this as routinely to white people there would be a public outcry and the FBI would be abolished. We ‘ordinary people’ are in charge, after all.

I feel like I’m living in the Twilight Zone, sometimes, due to the willful ignorance of the Europoid Americans and the white northern liberals are the worst of the bunch, by the way–pinning all their strange, lockstep socialist/greenie hopes on Obamunism [Image Can Not Be Found]

Grid willing, some Black Americans will bite the bullet and start using the internet to fix this problem. Blacks are the wild card in America–unpredictable and uncontrollable. Al Bielek told Carol and I that the one reason the corporate order favors Nordics so much is that they’re the easiest to control with mental programming; blacks are the hardest to influence that way.


How about the exciting soon to come ¨world planet hour¨ where PJ people get to turn off the lights as a concious exercise of Global Warming…ups sorry… now it is climate change. but a few decades back it was the ice age we were going to… which one is it?? [Image Can Not Be Found];

anyhow, it seems a trainning exercise for the masses and a conditioning one that all media whore channels will show to asleep people as famous buildings all over the world turn off the light to help earth recover from so much C02 spilling?
i wonder ´do how bad is CO2 since it is actual food for plants lol

The earth must be protected yes, but not from regular folks rather a few parasites who are creating all havoc for the rest. I would rather celebrate the world´s 1 hour free parasite day and keep extending it by the day.

You also have the ¨earth day¨ where you can see new age hippies in parks drumming their love to the green tune as Mr Rothchild´s sponsored pamphlet is read outloud. The same guys who the new age-green nazi-hippies are critisising (the system , corporations, the bankers) are actually paying for their show and entertainment unaware that what they mean by taking care of the earth is carrying a genocidal program with that excuse as well as trying to hold power thru the 1st world tax collected by the criminal international bankers, the carbon tax.

This world day thingy is also PR for the world government wanna BE´s (UN) who are always in for a good cause to save us all lol

Nature has the amazing ability to regenerate well in proper conditions and with little help it does. it is good obviously to take care of your environment but it´s not humanity at large the cause of this but a few corporate criminals. If it was up to me, they would all be in jail by now, along with all their collaborators and i would have already allowed for free energy funding and other great things that they ve been trying to hide for so long.

that will be a great moment, no parasites, peace and abudance.


Good points, compadre, and these things need to be said more often, publicly.

I think the reason they have abandoned ‘global warming’ is because of the positive atmospheric and weather changes that thousands of orgonite flingers have initiated. We shouldn’t underestimate the significance of what we’ve each accomplished and it’s good to remember that most of the people who do this work don’t post on any forums. I hear of informal groups doing excellent, large scale atmospheric/enviornmental healing work from time to time wth the orgonite they make. Massive projects such as the recent campaign in Japan, for instance. I want to help Tetsuzi-san sell his incredibly fine orgonite products in the West, by the way, but he doesn’t know how to set up a payment method.

There’s quite a large group of gifters in Croatia and one of them, who refers to himself as ‘Red Pill’ on a private forum for gifters, there, has been committed to translating material from this site that is basic and empowering–swallowing that red pill no doubt enables him to cut through the horse $#!+ that is generated as an effort to drown out the reality of this work with frenetic etheric masturbation and chest pounding by a dozen or so fakers who keep an awful lot of potheads and self-doubters spinning their wheels. Those folks could each get busy and do something useful with simple orgonite but not as long as they are content to be hypnotized and are chasing that CIA/NSA carrot on a stick. I think EW bores them. I can’t seem to persuade any of them to try simple orgonite [Image Can Not Be Found] but it might be that you and I are being protected by their yammering, for now. I want the few balanced people to keep finding EW and feeling inspired and enabled by the reports, here.

For many years a bunch of Italians in the south part of the country have been systematically flipping towers, cleaning up the sea, etc., but none of them know English so I don’t hear from them. I would love to know if anyone is doing this work in Israel/Palestine. Anyone visiting there would be able to tell if it’s being done because the entire region was a brown, deadly orgone radiation saturated $#!+hole not long ago and the sea in the area was dead and filthy. Most religionists, of any religion, are too complacent to get off their butts and do something useful and a little bit risky. Everything worth doing is risky right now because the corporate order is desperately vested in poisonmongering and suppressing this rising tide of human awareness and accountability and they’ve got a lot of resources for the moment [Image Can Not Be Found]

I’m patiently waiting for more greenies, perhaps even in Europe, to recognize that we’re doing the work that they only dream of accomplishing and we’re doing it without fanfare, without getting Rockefeller/Rothschild cash (or Monarch/Tavistock programming) and extremely efficiently while paying for it ourselves. And, unlike those goose-steppers, we don’t want the governments to get involved and we certainly don’t want governments to punish or tax people for not getting with the program. Shades of American-style Stalinism of the 1930s.

I know that some greenies are closet orgonite-lovers but they know that they would be aggressively censured if they stray from the party line when talking with other environment nazis. Independent thought and expression is severely verboten for them–just like with bornagain chumps and vacuous theosophy drones. The liberal brain police are a terror to behold [Image Can Not Be Found] and I often thank my Maker that none of them have intruded into our personal and family life. They wouldn’t be welcome here unless they leave the dogma at the curb. That sort of Weltanschaaungskrieg operation is well designed to make the participants feel that exile equals death–worse than death. It’s time for all of us to get past the herd instinct, which is so easy for the ancient order to manipulate, after all. It’s no more useful to us than a tail or a sixth finger.

Spain was supposed to be the showplace for global desertification and the corporate order had made great strides there in recent decades. The ‘spiritual’ center for environmentalism was going to be the bullet-shaped sky scraper in Barcelona, most of which might be underground. I remember that basilisk, Al Gore, being omnipresent in the media before Je Torres’ resounding ‘climate change’ operation, pimping the ‘carbon tax’ and the weapon-looking, bullet skyscraper was showing up a lot, too. They were planning to raise the price of water astronomically in Spain (first) as they continued to turn that part of the continent into a new Sahara. The cancer rate among people working in the building is sky high [Image Can Not Be Found] which shouldn’t be surprising, since corporate spirituality is based on decay and parasitism–an ancient masonic delight.

It was mainly Jesus Torres who turned the tide on the corporatea ‘climate change’ agenda (striking its black heart!) a few years ago and they came down on him (psi corps and agents provocateurs) like a ton of bricks. He kept gifting but became discouraged about having a public profile and networking. I hope he’s okay. At one point, a CIA schmuck had attempted to publicly get him imprisoned for flipping death towers. That’s when it became apparent that Je was really savaging the desertification agenda in Spain. It’s one of the few times that I named a detractor but I’ve forgotten the jerk’s name by now. He was a psychologist and media personality. Go figure.

According to the protocols of this psychotic weltanschauungskrieg operation it’s become politically incorrect to criticize corporate-sponsored environmentalism. They want us to believe that challenging this agenda is like race hatred or violence against children. We obviously love our planet because we’re healing the damage done to it by the people who sponsor ‘environmentalism.’ Orgonite simply restores the globe’s and our species’ naturally positive state. So thanks for poking your finger in this behemoth’s eye, Fran!

I want ethericwarriors.com to be a place where people who might be afraid to be accountable for their own rational faculty (I call exercising this particular birthright, ‘independent investigation of reality’) to feel supported in challenging these disgusting and insidious institutions. Grid willilng, we can generate a few new and useful memes, this way