Whale Gifting, Etc., Down East and Beyond

Mary Anne, on the Maine Coast, has conducted an ongoing gifting campaign in the sea, including dropping a large number of orgonite devices from the ferry that runs from Bar Harbor, Maine, to Yarmouth, Nova Scotia (there are some good gifters in Nova Scotia, too)

I offered to ask Carol to track the range of her offerings and, in this case as in Carolien’s case with the humpback whales in the North Sea, maybe a lot of the distribution was done by whales rahter than dolphins. MA did interact with a lot of dolphins while gifting from her kayak, though.

Here’s what she just emailed me, and I’ll post Carol’s comments later:

[Sent this to info@wordwithout… as requested in your ew post.
Apparently encountered interference patterns, as it was spit back as
undeliverable. Flea spleech [free speech ~D] lives; will try again.]

Don, appreciate the offer of Carol’s eagle view of ocean gifting. Many
hundreds of tb’s have been spread along downeast maine coast and toward
the maritimes. Have not found a good map; there’s this:

Every ferry/mailboat from Mt. Desert Island (MDI – Acadia National Park)
to outer islands, Schoodic Peninsula
Weather balls, Prospect Harbor Light
Kayaked harbors, coves, strait around MDI
Kayak from Lamoine
Boat, Machias River & Machias Bay, 26 vlf towers 800-1000’ high
3 whalewatching trips in last year from Bar Harbor ~30 miles out on the
Gulf of Maine
Highspeed ferry from Bar Harbor to Yarmouth, NS.
(Also kayaked large fresh water lakes on island)

Porpoises, whales, sylphs, sprites and the most interesting water
adventures of my life.


Madam Carol says most of the orgonite Mary Anne pitched was carried by dolphins. Most of that apparently was carried to the area off the African coast where HAARPicanes get generated but a lot of it was taken about 3/4 of the way to Greenland.

She said the whales distributed some of this but that migratory dolphins took it very fast. We encountered some of those in Florida.

Carol also told me that since our Thursday night initiation in STevo and Dooney’s parlor she gets this information very fast.

As soon as Dooney posts more about this new information on her and my board I think lots and lots of people will experience this gentle initiation and flowering process, as the participants in the international chat sessions have done Saturday and Sunday.

These initiations are getting more frequent for anyone who’s particularly interested in personal development and public service these days, I think.